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  1. Fear, I seem to have no motivation. Not going out, no ones coming over so what’s the point. Right now I’m laying on my bed surfing the web! At least the dishes are done.
  2. My life seems like the movie “Groundhog Day”.
  3. I get the feeling that Clay was well liked by the Pittsburgh peeps!
  4. We’ve had two deliveries of groceries because the one store was out of bacon and flour! Wiping everything down with disinfectant wipes is a right royal pain! Now we have a method worked out so next time it will be easier. My daughter got a new phone today. Watching her opening it up with plastic gloves on and wiping down the case was quite interesting.
  5. Well our Governor just announced we’re to stay in until May 3!
  6. Glad you’re safe. Now if you just had an oven......