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  1. Word of the day is 'exsibilate' (17th century): to hiss a poor performer off the stage.
  2. “One Day More” from Les Miz is running on a loop through my mind today!
  3. Word of the day: MOORK (19th century Scots) - to work away quietly and painstakingly at work you would rather not be doing
  4. Thanks! I’m just happy they got as far as they did. In Cleveland there’s a saying.....there’s always next year. But we got pretty darn close.
  5. In the 1500s, a person who spent so much time worrying they made themselves ill was said to be THOUGHT-SICK
  6. Word of the Day: GOLLUMPUS (18th century slang) - a large, loutish or clumsy person.
  7. Today’s word: ipsedixitism (insisting that something is the 'truth' because someone, somewhere said it was).
  8. Word of the Day: AGELAST - a person that never laughs. Should a smile be needed, I offer a quick reminder that penguins were once known as 'arse-feet', your eyes were your 'ogles', and eggs were 'cacklefarts'.
  9. Word of the day is ‘circumlocutionist’: one who consistently speaks in a roundabout way in order to avoid addressing a question directly.
  10. Hee! In 1895 the New York World published a “list of don’ts” for women cyclists, including “Don’t go without a needle and thread”, “Don’t ask ‘what do you think of my bloomers?’ and ‘Don’t scream if you meet a cow.’”
  11. Word of the Day: BLATHERSKITE - a person that talks nonsense.
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