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  1. Ldyj. There’s a retweet by Clay and I’m having trouble bringing it over. Thanks
  2. Yeah something good-school is closed for 3 days. Right now it is a gorgeous day but we know what’s coming. We’re staying home. We have batteries, groceries, water, have made ice and finally money! I can’t remember the last time I used money!
  3. And It just gets better! The principals had to switch to a remote meeting today because too many are in quarantine!
  4. Oh and she just got a text to let her know there is a get together breakfast in the cafeteria on Wednesday! But, but, but that is off limits to students!! Give me strength!
  5. I wish I drank! Honestly who’s funny idea is it to have 2 hurricanes in the gulf at the same time? What with that and Corona I’m done! My daughter is going back to her school on Wednesday where they have in person meetings regarding the school year. This could have been done remotely but no. The district does not require masks in the classroom! How she is going to cope with her students I have no idea. Yesterday she was sitting on the stairs crying her eyes out. She is so scared but has no alternative. She loves her job and her kids but has been looking online to find another job. I t
  6. I watched a documentary about Clive Davis and there in the middle was a shot of Clay on Idol. They were discussing A I but not him so I was pleased to see a pic.