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  1. @clayaiken: What if the state of Virginia passed a law allowing Virginians to sue any other citizen who owned a firearm, and told the Court to award the plantiff $10,000 for every firearm owned by the defendant? 🤔 #SB8
  2. Ah a nice quiet day today. Slipped on mud ended up in the er. Dislocated shoulder and slightly chipped bone. Sorry for the bad punctuation but it was my right arm. God I can’t believe the pain but they gave me something lovely when they pushed it back! Now I just ache.
  3. What kind of a Clay fan are you? Tsk tsk a real fan would have stopped everything to see him! 🤪
  4. He redeemed himself very well. The guy lost the $50000 himself not because of Clay. You could tell he loved the game. You have to admit he is soooo butch now🤣
  5. Hi there! Just hibernating for a while. I have Alexa in the software embedded in my fridge and I asked it to play 90s music. It sounds great except one slight glitch……it’s playing music from the 1790s. I love classical music so I’ll just keep it on.
  6. No excuses for my friends! She’s unemployed and had time to go shopping for school clothes and groceries!
  7. Can I vent? A friend of mine is sick with Covid. Another one that went to a funeral last week. I chose not to go just because…. That’s 2 I know of. I just found out another friends son and hubby are not vaccinated. The son is 17 and has been recruited to play college baseball. He just is ambivalent. He’ll get it if he has to to play ball. Why not now? I’m just sick of people who don’t get it cos they can’t be bothered. It’s them that are spreading this. My friend idolizes her 13 year old who was a 1lb preemie. If that child got sick my friend wouldn’t survive. Did she not care enough? And yes I’m judging! I just don’t care anymore! I’m going to not watch the news or check messages. I’ve had enough bad news for today. I’m going to watch the guys build my pool. It’s only been 4 months. omg she went to a gun show expo unvaxxed and unmasked! I have no words.
  8. She’s seen most of the 80s bands. When she was 15 she made me drive her to a dodgy part of Houston to see the Sex Pistols! We even went to see Michael Jackson……50,000 screaming pre-teens! She loved it and guess who wished she had ear plugs. More recently she’s seen Beyoncé and Adele and her favourite group…They Might Be Giants.
  9. I had a weird coincidence today! I’m trying to get a receipt for a donation and having a bit of trouble. The woman called me tonight to apologise and she mentioned that her ex was British. It turns out I knew him back in the late 80s. He worked for my husband and he took my daughter and I to a Rolling Stones concert! (Where my child of 11 got a contact high and was quite ill). What a small world?
  10. My daughter just shared her apple tv app with me so I finally got to see Ted Lasso. Imagine my delight when Clay’s friend Hannah Waddingham shows up!
  11. He has the best suits to perform in! Oh and his insurance is now good for another year Hee Hee!
  12. I did sing Happy Birthday to Clay once and he just rolled his eyes at me!
  13. I wonder if he’ll be on talk shows promoting it? Andddd the Pyramid season starts tonight!
  14. I have another bed on order that will go in the middle. That one will be flowers. I want to attract butterflies! Everything else is on hold
  15. I also never got the $600 one so that came off my taxes. Because I sold stock last year it took me over the limit so I think that now I have filed my current taxes and I’m way under they sent it to me! Well I think my hunt to put in a pool maybe over! I’ve narrowed it down to two people and now to see which is best! Meanwhile this morning I planted a few perennials in the back and set up my trellises for my veggies. I’m going to eventually have paving or something around but can’t do that until the pool’s in.
  16. Well surprise, surprise! I finally got my $1400. I thought I would never get it.
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