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  1. Word of the day is 'exsibilate' (17th century): to hiss a poor performer off the stage.
  2. “One Day More” from Les Miz is running on a loop through my mind today!
  3. Word of the day: MOORK (19th century Scots) - to work away quietly and painstakingly at work you would rather not be doing
  4. Thanks! I’m just happy they got as far as they did. In Cleveland there’s a saying.....there’s always next year. But we got pretty darn close.
  5. In the 1500s, a person who spent so much time worrying they made themselves ill was said to be THOUGHT-SICK
  6. Word of the Day: GOLLUMPUS (18th century slang) - a large, loutish or clumsy person.
  7. Today’s word: ipsedixitism (insisting that something is the 'truth' because someone, somewhere said it was).
  8. Word of the Day: AGELAST - a person that never laughs. Should a smile be needed, I offer a quick reminder that penguins were once known as 'arse-feet', your eyes were your 'ogles', and eggs were 'cacklefarts'.
  9. Word of the day is ‘circumlocutionist’: one who consistently speaks in a roundabout way in order to avoid addressing a question directly.
  10. Hee! In 1895 the New York World published a “list of don’ts” for women cyclists, including “Don’t go without a needle and thread”, “Don’t ask ‘what do you think of my bloomers?’ and ‘Don’t scream if you meet a cow.’”
  11. Word of the Day: BLATHERSKITE - a person that talks nonsense.
  12. Two adjectives from the historical dictionary for possible morning states: panurgic (19th century): ready for anything. ramfeezled (18th century): exhausted, befuddled, and overcome
  13. From Dan Rather on Twitter: I heard this Twitter thing wasn’t working for some people. Just came here to check... and it seems to be working for me. Oh well.
  14. Word of the day is ‘malace’ (17th century): a dead calm; an absence of wind.
  15. It really is thrill to hear him say your name. He called me during a concert and said hi Linda! I was a goner from that moment on!
  16. I really liked the podcast. A little bit scary at times but very informative. Though clays sponsor (a vpn provider)was a little badly timed
  17. It’s good! Aaand ny daughter got an appointment fora vaccine shot next week.
  18. Word of the day is 'ochlocracy': mob rule. Other -cracies: kakistocracy: government by the worst of citizens. aristocracy: (originally) government by the best of citizens; later by the elite. idiocracy: government by idiots. democracy: government by the people
  19. Word of the day is 'uhtceare' [uht-kay-ara, the 'h' as in the German 'ach']: Old English for 'sorrow before dawn', when you lie awake in the darkness and worry.
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