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  1. Clay is hysterical. So I'm curious if anyone was watching ABC last night. I'm just now reading all this stuff about Diane Sawyer. As one of Clay's first celeb supporters I've always had a soft spot for her. What was up with her?
  2. Wow, Liney. Thank you so much on your kind offer. And I will likely take you up on that. I should know more about things in a couple of weeks if that's ok.
  3. Glad to hear Playbiller is ok. What a difference a week makes! Well I have the day off for the concert. That's the first step. Now I have to figure out the rest.
  4. Wow is the sky falling. Clay is coming to California. Now granted it's 6 hours away on a Friday but yay. I'm not going to buy a ticket until later once I know I can go but this is the best opportunity I'll have to see a show. Anyone want to do a road trip? Tree? Where the hell are you. In shock over the Giants?
  5. I am still on vacation with only my phone to communicate. Bit wanted to say how much I enjoyed the gala and seeing everyone. It was so good to hear clay sing live again. Every song was perfect and he sang songs that I love. To love somebody is my favorite idol song. The songs are what I cherish. Everything else is a delicious side dish. I hope that makes sense. I wish I could attend the concerts this year but it seems unlikely unless they add CA or Reno or some place nearby. Thanks for all the recaps. It was fun to relive it.
  6. I'll just co-sign on Luckiest post. Will never watch Apprentice again and looking forward to the gala. And I'm LOL at Penn. He seemed so bitter after. And he's going back?
  7. Well I can admit that the last thing I want to do is sing in front of Clay LOL.
  8. Happy THanksgiving Canada! I can't believe the gala is so close. It's seems like everything is trying to get in my way but I am determined to take this trip.
  9. Amy that is so sad and somewhat rare these days. So sorry about your friend.
  10. Thanks Desertrose. I'll pass that on to my friend. Thanks for all the info.
  11. So if anyone hears about an extra gala ticket floating around, let me know. Is that group still around that helps people out who want to go. I know someone who would like to go, can pay for one ticket but not 2. I'm having fun planning my vacation.
  12. Birthday celebrations. Anniversaries. Hope you both had a great day. Finally got my air ticket last night for the DC/Virgina trip. I've been smiling all day. Now the planning can REALLY begin.
  13. Can't wait to see everyone! I'm getting very excited about this trip.
  14. Ticket fever in full swing I see. Good luck everyone and congrats to those getting great tickets.
  15. I'm having my own phone issues but one more month and I can drop att on the cell phone. Looks like I'm living on the wrong side of the country for a concert this year. Don't see me making a trip across the country twice in a 3 month period. On the other hand if I had the schedule a few months ago, which I know is impossible I probably would have chosen the concerts over the gala. But either way. I'm thrilled to be able to do something this year.
  16. There are idiots everywhere. But Clay has the right attitude. The person shows their stupidity and Clay gets his point across.
  17. Luckiest that sounds like a lot of fun. I also want to visit every state. I still have a lot to go, about 18. Have fun. I have to say, and I'm sorry if I offend, out out of all the states I've visited Vermont was one I didn't particularly care for. I don't like the landscape and the signage stinks. Well better get ready for work. Not sure yet if I have Monday off. All depends on the workload.
  18. It feels official now that I have paid off my gala layaway ticket!! Thank you friend. Now I'm trying to plan my vacation around the gala. Can not wait.
  19. Hey nobody gives a damn about California and I'm still sick of the ads. Congrats on everybody that got good concert tickets and concerts near them. I guess it's safe to say we won't be seeing him in California this year.
  20. Is Sharon leaving the show mid season? Isn't that show on already? I don't see them going to 3 maie judges.
  21. That is a wonderful gift. Is this a different one than the one that was anonymously announced a few months ago? I taped but didn't watch the closing ceremonies. Surprisingly LOL, I'm just not a popular music person. So once I heard it was more of a concert I didn't watch. But despite my massive frustration with the horrible gymnastics coverage, I enjoyed the Olympics very much and am going through withdrawal. Track and field coverage was fantastic so it ended on a wonderful note for me. I actually went back and watched the entire gymnastics even on the live feed (replay) and those commentators ran circles around NBC's coverage.
  22. Yay it's the weekend. Hope everyone is doing well. Kinda quiet with Clay but that's fine. I'm going to finally start working on my trip to the gala and my vacation that I'll attach to it. It's not that far away now?