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  1. Thanks everybody for all the birthday wishes. One would think I'd get off on time on my birthday but no -- I just got home at 8:15. Someone did buy me sushi lunch which I ate at my desk and as always the cake which I could only eat a sliver LOL. This week so far is just as busy as the last two weeks but at least I'm on familiar territory again. All of the high maintenance specialty ships have left! Thank god. I'll take regular old busy anyday. Good for Arsenio. I think he went on the show with the intention of getting a show and he did it. Just can't get bent out of shape because of it. I have much respect for Clay. Bitterness would eat at the soul. LINEY! So nice to see you. Hope you are well.
  2. Ha ha I'm the same way. Don't understand the twitter messages at all.
  3. Awww it's awful that one crazy person spoiled your trip Lucky. Sounds like a blast LdyJ.
  4. If I survive the week I will have aged 5 years. I hate cruise ships.
  5. I'm still overwhelmed by work. Just checked my email before I leave home and there are 5 quotes waiting for me. And I'm sick. Just want to crawn back under the covers. Sigh. Have fun on your trip ladyj. Amd ues Gbmifan makes me feel like a huge slacker!!
  6. ha ha... but if they worked Clay Maybe if we just ignore them they will go away..... ha ha...but clayzedover..I could have saved 5 seconds of my life by clicking Like on your post.
  7. Too funny. I tried to do something adminny like and see how to fix that. I give up. Ha ha.
  8. Hey I learned by the second tour that front row seats are great (only twice) but I also enjoyed being further back with people who weren't part of the online fandom. I remember taking my sister in law to a concert at Pala and we were sitting near jaded seen the show 5 times people who held their own conversation during the entire show. I was so pissed. And for Spam I think my favorite seat was front row Balcony. Some shows just scream to be further back. Of course this is a different animal but I'm grateful just to be in the house. No way could I think to pay 2500 for a ticket. LOL...hmmm how long have these like this buttons been here.
  9. I have a friend whose husband has caught the storage wars wave. They had some sort of huge sale this past weekend. Hope they got rid of everything. I am SWAMPED at work. All of a sudden I'm dealing with two French Navy ships and now an Australian military ship. I might not have my head above water for a week. Wonderful gesture giving half to NIP. I couldn't honestly say I'd do the same. Hell I know I wouldn't LOL.
  10. You have to click on SHOW ALL to get the emoticons . Does anyone remember what this means?
  11. Happy Birthday 00lsee! Well this looks different.
  12. 3 day weekend! I usually have to be part of the skeleton crew on all holidays not named Christmas or Thanksgiving day. SO whoo hooo for me. Hope you all have a great holiday.
  13. Nice article. I agree with him and he points out all the reasons he's a winner. I'm glad he did the show.
  14. Well good for her if she gets her priorities straight because she does seem like someone who lives in the past. Hopefully in another 2 weeks I can get through the day without hearing about this finale. I frankly don't want to hear about it again until Clay is making jokes about it on tour. First year I got through AI since season 3. I won't put spoilers for anyone watching. Let's just say my favorite comes in second again LOL.
  15. Whew on the Lisa front. ha ha. Yes I wanted Clay to win but I don't want or need anger in my life. Not over this. It's not a travesty. Clay is a survivor. A month ago I went to the doctor and basically she had absolutely nothing good to say to me. So I'm concentrating on that now that all my major money stresses are behind me. Finally got most of my debt under control. My birthday is next month and I turn 50. And all I can think about lately is my doctor's warnings, the fact that I have 2 aunts that died in their 50s. I've been spending an hour every night thinking and working on my bucket list LOL and thinking of all the things I want to do in my life. There's LOTS of travel involved because that's what I enjoy. I want to just enjoy life, my family and friends. Everybody has the right to react how they want to react. I don't mind anger, disappointment, pissedoffness but damn I don't want to participate or even watch petty. I've had enough "idol" wars to last me a life time. Clay looks great tonight.
  16. Hey if someone wants to bring down Trump and his stupid show go for it. I think if Arsenio has a show with an NBC related network then the decision probably goes beyond Trump. Wasn't he negotiating for renewal of his show recently? But I'm not going to start howling at the moon. Life isn't fair and they can't put the genie back in the bottle. And this time there will be no aha moment from the general public and media like the record sales were for Idol. C.A. is not even in the same stratosphere as Idol was in 2003. It is nice that Clay has gotten support from his fellow apprentices though. It's only Tuesday!
  17. I see there is a lot of fresh hate out for Arsenio. The funny part is that Arsenio has been accused of being a fawner for 20 years, or an Eddie Murphy hanger on. So he's heard a lot worst than what he's hearing now. Whatever. Not going to hate. I've always been a fan and I'll continue to be so. His show was must see viewing for me because back then it was still hard to see black actors, singers, etc on late night tv. I'm not sure if he fits into today's landscape but who knows. I wish him the best. I hope the friendship with Clay is genuine. I think it is. But really deja vu with the Ruben/Arsenio hate. Thankfully this time there can be no "contest" to carry that hate on for years. This show was just completely arbitrary. I saw that week after week. So happy to be free of it. I really hope he doesn't make future appearances. But I hope he will get some opportunities out of it as well. And more money for the charity. Wish I had something to donate right now but I don't. But I'll be going to the gala for the first time and am looking forward to it. I know there is no silent auction...but will there be the regular one? I've always wanted to see that in person.
  18. good post aikim. I know it's all about Clay tonight but when the dust settles I plan to make a small donation here. Ooh some nice bags in the store.
  19. yeah I feel the same way LadyJ. Only question for me now is when will I get around to watching the finale. If it's like Idol it might be months. ha ha. As for the other players.. I knew who a lot of the men were although I wasn't big fans of any of them but Clay and Arsenio. I came to appreciate Paul and Dee. Not enough to buy his album but he seems like a very nice decent guy. On the women's side the one person I was most negative about going in, Theresa, I ended up liking the most. I also liked Dayana but I'm sure a lot of that had to do with her arch enemies Aubrey and Lisa who yay I will never have to see again as long as I live. (and I'm trying to ignore the voices in my head telling me Lisa will show up at the gala). Trump. Hated him going in. Nothing's changed on that front. And to make the night worse, my mom is watching Billboard awards to see the Whitney tribute. I hate this show.
  20. He does get to keep the money he raised right? That's all I care about. I knew the winner wouldn't be picked on merit but whim.
  21. Good news. I was never really worried about the money. I knew Clay had deep pocket loyal friends.
  22. I'm very happy to be on the west coast today. I'll know the outcome before the show airs here.
  23. Finally heard the song. Very different for him but I liked it. Not worried that there will be a steady diet of it so I'll enjoy it for what it is. Went out with my lurker friend tonight. Hadn't seen her in a long time. Had a good time. And she's probably going to the gala! Well it will soon be over. Can't wait to see what's next. Damn! Too bad I don't know my gala/vacation plans yet. There are rt flights available right now for 316. Damn!