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  1. ha ha. LadyJ knows I LOVE the twins. I may have to join that pool Luckiest. I've watched every season of Survivor but the first one. I've checked out of a few of them. People like the twins and John Rocker may be the first gone because the "regular" folks will want to vote them out. However, the twins will probably do great at challenges and one of them may survive awhile. I think they will be ok for the social game too.. they did have "partners" on TAR. Unfortunately they are including the exile island twist again which I hate. I don't know much about Reed - too bad he won't be able t
  2. So Clay will be in Napa this week. Unless the winery itself sustained damage I'm sure it will go on. Sometimes when these quakes happens it appears the entire ctiy went down when you watch the news. Napa has definitely suffered damage but it's localized. A lot of it is property damage in the downtown area. City officials are really trying to make it clear out here that Napa is still open for business. One of the buyers is on vacation this week so definitely can not leave work early to get to's about an hour away from me with normal traffic. Probably need 2 hours for weekday traf
  3. Clay should officially be the face of the selfie! I bet he's great at it by now. san Francisco? Hmmm. I'll wait for details. Fundraiser usually means lots of money and I'm low in that department. May have to send my mom to DC for a funeral. That's up in the air because I"m not really sure if she is up to it just yet. I just read that Josh Gracin posted a goodbye (suicide) note on facebook? Anybody hear about that? He's ok but has been placed on psychiatric hold?
  4. Wow Clay has really been pounding the pavement. He's definitely putting in the work.
  5. JMH so sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a great one. I'm just so thrilled to see you back. I missed your voice. But take it easy now!! Too funny that I read about Ellmers on my facebook page - a Maddow blog - and came here for the details. Good to hear about Clay's fundraising.
  6. Congrats to Disneykid. I remember her and I saw the pics of the beautiful baby!
  7. JMH! Wow, so happy to see you back. I'll take it as a wonderful sign. You have a lot of knowledge..someone may need a campaign aid. I thought the story that Merrieee posted was rather tame. Hope it's not working everyone up. My first inclination is that we don't need a private place but then I thought more and realized we got through a tough period in clay history by not bringing things over at all. So I guess after rethinking, if it upsets any of the regulars then we could just post it in the thread Merrieeee created. And that's with me totally agreeing with Merrieee that anything post
  8. ha ha I'm so far to the left of Obama and Clay. LadyJ.. wow that was a lot of work.
  9. Welcome back Lady J. Sounds you have been having a great and busy time. SO exciting for your hubby and his band. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
  10. I heard Arsenio got cancelled. I watched a couple but it's too old school. Time for all the old timers to go. And Looks like David Letterman is leaving as well. Good for Clay. That's high profile. LadyJ...enjoying your vacation picture. I'll be there in exactly 4 months. Definitely going to Hoover Dam. I've been to vegas many time but never managed to do that. Looking forward to it. Have a great weekend everybody.
  11. Hi Everybody..It has been one hell of a week. Merrieeee it's the equivalent of your Open I think. A Japanese cruise ship with an apparent unlimited budget. Had to pull my 100k order together in a week. The Japanese items weren't too hard since IH ad two great vendors but tonka beans and passion fruit seeds for the pastry chef? Head ache. Glad it's almost over and hopefully things get back to normal. I see Clay is still out there pounding the flesh. He just needs to keep it up. Like the article says you never know what could happen. Hugs to everybody. Have a great weekend.
  12. I see that gala tickets are going on sale tomorrow. I got an email. Who's going?
  13. Mine as well. Merrieeee, take care. We are all thinking of you during this time.
  14. that little girl is adorable. Hope everyone is having a great 3 day weekend..well in US. I of course have to work least I get to do it from home. Not sure why I got the short stick. Only 3 of us working tomorrow.
  15. Hi Merrieeee, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Cancer is such a taker. My family is devastated by the loss of 2 aunts in their 50s. They were the glue that held my dad's side of the family together. It takes a horrible toll. The worst part is the hope you get when someone recovers because sometimes it just comes back stronger. I wish you and your family just everything you need to get through this. For your husband and you. Make sure that you are taking care of you because I know that sometimes you just forget to do that which of course is very understandable. No gala for me. I'm
  16. strange turn of events...and I watch too much Discovery ID because my mind is racing.
  17. So I guess they are still in counting stage. While I haven't followed closely I do want him to win. So here's hoping. I know many have him winning already but I remember going to sleep and having California's new Gov Bradley and waking up to Gov. Dukemajian. And we won't get into the falling chads of Florida. I always love it when the rich folks who try to buy elections lose.
  18. Hugs to everyone that is going through hardships. Merrieeee, you are so positive and that is an inspiration. Hugs to you too Fear. Our pets are part of the family too!
  19. Luckiest, this made me laugh out loud. My mom is the same way. So when she first got to rehab she was in this big single roome. She kept trying to get out of bed to go to the bathroom so they put the alarm on her bed. So any time she moved out of specific zone on the bed the alarm went off. But that didn't stop her. A couple of days later I went to visit and they had changed her room and put her in a bed that had this big tent around it that locked from the outside. I laughed so hard when I saw it. She was so mad. THis woman is way too independent which is why she needs someone 24/7.
  20. I'm glad people are sharing their experiences but damn if that didn't sound like lessons on how to get Clay played on the radio. Same vibe. That man has a strong pull that he can keep people so passionate all these years later. So he's in San Jose tonight? Right down the road. There's money to be had there. Hope it is a success. Mom is coming home on Monday. Tomorrow I go and stay all day, through all of her therapys. I have a few things I will be looking into - medi-cal - which I have previously rejected but want to make sure that it can't work for her. And also paid family leave. It's