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  1. Lucky.. glad your mom is making a nice recovery. My mom is doing great, considering where she was a few days ago. Every day she improves 1000 fold.
  2. Thanks everybody. My mom had a stroke. Still too soon to know what's going to happen long term. I'll keep you updated. Should be a nice little fund rasier. Good to know entertainment friends are supporting clay.
  3. I agree Fear. One of these days. And I want to say that it's not like I've never been interested in politics. I'm very informed. It just kinda broke my heart and I think the entire process is broken. So when I say I don't want to follow politics I mean in a daily nonstop, read every single article kind of way.
  4. I'll always been a fan but he left the entertainment field. He could have done anything in that field and I would have been excited. And he is happy running for Congress so I'm happy for him. And I definitely want him to win but it's because he's a democrat and that will make him happy. But he's run up against something in me that's been there for 20 apathy for politics . Yes there are politicians that I respect but it's not hobby material for me. It's serious business. Maybe if he were running for mayor of san leandro that would be different. So going to a fund raiser to be up close and person with someone who doesn't plan to sing doesn't interest me and would never touch my 10 second meet and greet and autographed book. I've been to rallies and I've enjoyed them. I went to a Tibetan fund raiser where Clinton was the key note speaker (man that was fantastic night) but my company paid for the tickets at the Fairmont Hotel. I'm sure it cost a fortune. But I don't think I've ever handed over more than $10 at a time to a politician. And Clay's doing it the right way - you have to bombard your email list.. I gave about 10 dollars for every 100 emails I got from Obama LOL. I know it's different and hard for all of us because I don't want to say anything to hurt any of my friends I've been celebrating and fanning with for all of these years but I can't really feign enthusiasm either. I'll be really happy if he wins. I will. But don't foresee myself being involved or planning to go to inaugurations or swearing ins or fund raisers or rallies since his district is 3000 miles away from where I live. I can't think of the right word either Ladyj. And I think that's part of the problem. I have no problem with the word fan because I still do all the fan stuff I always did. Today I worked 7 - 7:30 and by 9 am I had my earphones on and Clay was one of the people singing to me in my ear today. I did my usual hit repeat on several songs of his, Today it was Because You Love Me, The Prayer and Something about us. And because of his catalog I will always be a fan. It will be there forever. Today I was listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye. I've been a fan of his since I was born and I still listen to his music with enthusiasm. That's what happens when you have a once in a lifetime voice. I wish Clay had gotten just a bit more credit for the kind of voice he has. but I will always treasure it.
  5. Hi Merrieee. I feel your pain. My Open was the Queen Victoria that I supplied earlier this week. Thank god it's over. Very stressful and a very different type of buying. I've been putting in so many hours and hopefully things get back to normal this week. when is the vote. I take it he will win the democratic primary or whatever they call it there? Today I was listening over and over, cuz that's what I tend to do, his duet with Hannah at the Broadway cares event. I love it so much despite all the background noise. It perfectly demonstrates the range and beauty and power of his voice.
  6. I love Twop and am sorry to see it go. Yes it was the Clay years - I quit reading the Idol boards years ago - but I spent a lot of time over there before Idol, and still today, for all my favorite shows. Didn't read the recaps but despite some of their silly rules, it was a great place for actual intelligent conversation. I think I got kicked off 4 times and have who knows how many warnings. During season two of idol, on the episode threads, there used to be at least 50 pages per episode. I checked and now there is just 3 or 4 per episode. Social media has changed the landscape. People want to talk instantly or while the show is airing and not worry about things like grammar. Too bad. I'll miss it. Oooh I just realized I am free to say whatever I want on Twop.. what can they do to me now LOL. And I have to admit I always loved his thread title ... Clay Aiken: The Thing That Wouldn't Die.
  7. OMG, Kandre picked a 12 seed to win the ncaa tournament. HARVARD! HARVARD LOL. And the thing is, they already beat the #6 seed in the 2nd round. Maybe an underdog can win. LOL. And that goes for clay too.
  8. I guess Clay got better over the years, but he absolutely had move past that fear of crowds. Or do ya'll think it's something he still deals with.
  9. If anyone wants to join in our fun march madness pool..just sign up here The group password is clay1234. Absolutely no knowledge of sports needed to fill out a bracket. As Perusingone reminded me, Kandre won 2011. You only win bragging rights. Have a good weekend everyone.
  10. Merrieeee, I feel you about hospital rooms and the routine of it all and just plain boredom of it all. drip drip and the beeps of the machines. Big hug to you.
  11. I know right. Still get that little pitty pat of the heart when the site is down. It's such a nice day perfect 70 degree day. I live for perfect bay area weather days like this. Headed to Ikea.
  12. Hey I thought I responded to Fear's post earlier. I just think they want to use that certain email for the campaign and all of us who are getting all this campaign email had no choice but just unsubscribe. So I think they don't want to lose the fans altogether. Remember there is a gala coming up and they need to be able to maintain the core fans and communicate with them and now there is an option to not just opt out but to opt in. Well that was my first thought anyway. Thanks everybody. Have enough to cover the next 4 months!!
  13. I was thinking it was the lighting too.. Ellen is cracking me up tonight. She's good. Was she good the first time around? I don't remember. Good post LadyJ. I would like to follow Clay's lead ha ha and make a request for donations for the board. It's only $20 a month so doesn't take a lot to keep things going but just for the next few months I have a ton of obligations and things are going to be tighter than usual. If you can donate you can send it to (paypal) FYI I changed my primary paypal address and it's no longer yahoo. I'll just change the board billing to paypal for a bit. It would be much appreciated. I know times are still tough out there so no pressure at all and I appreciate all that still want to hang out here.
  14. Glad he will be singing, hopefully at the main event. It will be nice with him out and about in Raleigh that it gets local coverage and some of his constituents can go and find out what he's been doing the last 8 years. Can't go though. Alaska trip will break me and I have to think about a family trip at some point this fall. About the NC music hall of fame, yay for both of them. II heard Fanny on the radio recently and I knew her voice right away. She and Clay have that in common along with the same home state.
  15. luckiest and all who feel that way...I do understand. And yet, I cannot help but think that he's happier now than he ever has been. That in itself makes me happy. I also keep think that he's said at one point that he never thought of his singing voice as all that special. (Am I misremembering that?) But I do think he feels that his "service gene" (as I'm calling it) is his true gift. I'm sorry it doesn't match with many fans idea of this. I don't remember Clay ever saying that but who knows. My memory isn't what it used to be. I know he always hedged his bets that the career would last a long time. And I always knew he had other interests. I don't read around but I'm not shocked that he chose this path although selfishly I miss the singing. I always liked the other parts of him but came and stayed for the voice. I've always said live Clay was my favorite Clay and that is over for now. And like Luckiest "politics" is not hobby material for me. I do appreciate the pictures being brought here as it's the only way I'll see them. Love the round table up above. And yes I agree with whoever said that NC apparently needs some young blood. Any expert talk out there on his chances in the democratic primary. I keep hearing about the republican or is it tea party woman but he has to get there first. Any idea what his chances are? I can't believe the shoot out I saw didn't even make the paper. I'm going to assume mr nine lives managed to get away without getting shot. So excited The Voice is back tonight.
  16. I was in the market the other day, taking back some bad chicken wings I bought, and I heard WIthout You wafting through the air. I'm not sure I agree with "regular guy" but Clay does seem to be working it. I think everything he has done has prepared him for it.
  17. sooooooooooooooooo was on my way to work this morning -- I walk ten blocks through one of the tougher neighborhoods in oakland. So this morning I'm walking, head down, playing something or other on my phone when I hear pop pop pop pop pop... look up and I see 2 blocks ahead of me the waste management recycling truck. So eh, I keep walking. Then I hear pop pop pop. This time when I look up I see a guy with a big ass gun chasing another guy and shooting. I stared long enough to see the one guy fall down..don't know if he fell or was shot, because he got back up and started running. The guy kept chasing him and shooting. Fortunately for me, the guy running chose to turn left rather than right because he would have ben running toward me rather than away from me. At that point I just said,,,WTF, and turned and started booking down the street in the other direction. It was like the wild wild west. And no I didn't call 911 I just got my butt out of there. This played out right in front of the recycling truck driver.
  18. understandable Fear. Hopefully folks in his district will volunteer.
  19. As someone who is just learning all about the twizzle I'm wondering if we're seeing so much coverage this year because the american's won. I could see that they were talented but didn't connect with them at all. The team I liked didn't make the podium. They were called quirky. I would think anyone called quirky in ice dancing would never ever win it. lol. So who is signing up for the campaign. Anybody here?
  20. so to the serious ice skate folks (looking at you luckiest) is ice dancing like the red headed step child?
  21. Happy birthday Luckiest. Hope you had a great one and did something fun.
  22. Thank god our weather is so "mild." Californian's can't drive when it rains.