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  1. Marvin and Tammy! OH MY GOD! Ain't No Mountain... Go on Clay with your bad self.
  2. I'll be There! Oh wow, this man has great taste!
  3. There's probably a man here somwhere! BWAH!
  4. Ansa...I can't do anything but listen to Clay LOL...he sounds so beautiful. Solitaire!
  5. Oh shit I'm gonna be up all night compiling songs and lyrics aren't! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMG ..
  6. Waah what happened to 5;30...kicks Toms River!
  7. I can't believe I'm at work when I should be eeeeeeeeeeeeeing. I'm out of here at 4:30 - work done or not!
  8. I loved your post because I could relate SO much. For the IT when my mom got sick my bro in law "Mr. Ruben won so why is Clay everywhere" ended up with her ticket. Now I am totally out everywhere with my Clay obsession and my family also loves Clay but I didn't want him there or any negativity during my concert experience. But he went...and he was clayverted. No, he's not "fangirly" but he walked away seeing that the boy had talent and was a great entertainer and has not had a bad word to say since. He also defended him when one of his buddies had something to say about my Clay t-shirt. What's so funny is that Clay got him right from the start of the concert because they had first row seats on the side....and Clay walked right by them during his fantastic Kyrie entrance. The words that came out of his mouth was "wow, that was good." heee too funny. Anyway, I wish everybody could see concert Clay. Yeah a DVD would be good. I think all of his fans would rush out and buy it and it would do well. But what I would kill for (ok not kill but you know what I mean) is for Clay to have like an HBO concert or something free that gets repeated over and over again on TV. Clay seems to keep concert Clay separate from everything else...I don't know why that is..but it seems almost by design. I'm hoping GMA will be different and he'll really let loose! ETA my sister was looking at all my pins and she wanted to know what 13 1/2was on the CH pin. And even though it's just his "shoe size" I didn't want to say it in front of my bro-in-law LOL.
  9. I love you idea for the Xmas pin Artquest! Not that any of us would ever do it again...uh huh, right!
  10. Is Clay Aiken turning his back on Hollywood?
  11. Happy Birthday KAndre Wow we forgot to decorate for ya! Where's the sequins and the colorful balloons!
  12. BINGO. I do believe this is the case. All celebrities have their hangers on and people who want to be part of their inner circle because they're famous. The clamor for Clay, the not knowing if people want to be with him because of his celebrity will be with him in L.A. and North Carolina and all points in between. I think Clay has made a start in keeping strong those friendships that mean so much to him from when he was Clayton. He'll have to evaluate all of his "celebrity" friendships and he'll make some mistakes there. If he can manage to keep that privacy - that piece of himself for himself - he'll be better able to handle the rest of the sharks! And if he has a main residence somewhere quieter, I think that will also go a long way to getting that peace of mind he seems to be searching for. Just have to do this... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE This is gonna be one hell of a fun show.
  13. Any and everything about this concert:
  14. Any and everything about this concert:
  15. I know the woman who is over the California region for Wrapping for Inclusion...I'll e-mail and find out more info. Goes to show what this "scandal" has done for me. She was just soliciting volunteers at our latest party and I didn't volunteer because really, I mean really, I'm a horrible wrapper. But you know what, I know how to organize and I can be the boss LOL. My sister is the best wrapper in the world so I'll try to set something up for my city. So I'll respond to questions on WFI in a couple of days. ETA: I heard back from Cheri who coordinates California volunteers fro Wrapping for Inclusion. Here's part of her e-mail:
  16. I definitely qualify to be a tour sponosr. heee, thanks Bottlecap, I like! I would never want to know the exact number of dollars I've spent doing Clay stuff. While it's all been worth it - every cent -- I have a feeling knowing I could have bought a new car or something might give me pause. Who needs a new car, right? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm getting so excited. I think I'm even regretting not going to Darien matter how stupid that would have been.
  17. I'm glad Clay is speaking out for TBAF. He is an articulate and sincere spokesperson and he is the face of the organization. This whole mess has made me want to contribute more. So although I can't wrap worth a damn I'm gonna sign up for Wrapping for Inclusion this year. Maybe they'll let me carry the supplies or count the money or talk about TBAF.
  18. OMG, I just can't explain what that little clip did to me. I haven't really been looking ahead to my concerts but now I can't wait. I love Angela and Quiana so am THRILLED they are back. I even like Jacob..he harmonizes well with Clay. I just hope he leave the evil sax at home or he's been practicing the last 6 months. But Clay looks so happy, healthy and boyfriend is trying to dance!! I think this tour is going to be a lot of fun! I knew "seeing" him would make me feel good. He's so resiliant!
  19. Let me enlighten you. It takes real skill to prepare the hard drive for a Clay Aiken onslaught of clack. Before I bought my new computer ...I had maybe a 3 GB hard drive. Yeah...I'll let the laughter die down. So first thing you take out is stupid crap that is meaningless to you. Old work files for companies you no longer work for. Old spreadsheets that contain your personal bills and payment schedules. You know..useless crap. Once that's all gone, you start taking out programs that mean absolutely nothing to you. Programs you haven't used in the 4 years you had the computer. Next, you start taking out kind of fun stuff that you don't play that much and won't miss like "You Dont Know Jack" and the first few versions of Adobe something or other. And do I really need that Power Point? OK, so now things start to get tricky. Because basically you're getting down to clack and you don't want to erase that. So you start looking at what Clack you already have saved on disc somewhere and you delete that. That's an ugly picture, don't need that. Oops got AI2 on tape anyway...DELETE. And you also stem the tide by saving stuff to discs and deleting..... when you get to the point where you delete so much that your anti-virus doesn't work and you get all kind of "that program is missing, put in your windows installation discs to find" messages when you reboot it's time to buy a new computer!! And then after a year you'll discover the process begins again!
  20. Bottlecap For the last 6 months I've been saying i need to clear space on my hard drive.... did I do it? NO! I guess I have a few more days to clean up my house. I'm really pathetic. I don't want to wait until end of August to see Clay. That seems SO far away. But it just doesn't make sense to fly east twice in 30 days time. Sigh. I'll be good. I'll be good.
  21. This week it begins The voice of our time will soar Can't wait for the clack