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  1. OH definitely. Hey the first thing I posted on facebook after the last presidential election is yay I can turn off the emails. But I found the after election wrap up stuff fascinating including the articles on their email campaign and which ones worked, which ones didn't, which ones got the most monetary responses. Out of the HUNDREDS I got, I donated perhaps 4 or 5 times so I understand the volume. But for a congressional race in another state, I'll bypass. Can you tell me the lotto numbers for friday?
  2. lol but I hate Lisa way more than I hate Kathy. Wonder if celebrity endorsements help. I'm sure there's been a poll LOL. I turned off my emails. He was on Obama levels of spam.
  3. fine with'll be alone for a long time LOL. I need 700 more posts!!
  4. Lady J trying to pull a fast one LOL. what are you going to make it 10K?
  5. I spent today with friends I haven't seen since high school. Man it was like we had seen each other yesterday. We were the sports girls. We played basketball and softball. We've vowed to do it again. I'm also into the olympics Luckiest. Glad that I don't have to just watch on broadcast tv. I can pretty much watch just the events I want on On demand. The moguls look painful and bad for the knees! Love the stories on pin trading. Reminds me of a fun time in the clay fandom. I'm glad Clay's campaign has gotten off to a good start. That's the impression I get reading here. I'm in a weird place and curious to see how it all evolves for Clay message boards. I find myself listening to him a bit more lately but am not interested in political clack. Watching the news pisses me off so I don't do it like the new furor over executive orders as if it's something new. There have been over 15k executive orders given out by US presidents and I think less than 5 have been overturned/ overridden. Congress can't seem to do shit these days. Somebody has to. I promise to start mailing off Clay stuff next week. I'll contact you if I need your address.
  6. Have fun on the ride everyone. ```Such a weird feeling for me but I do want him to win.My only word of advise. Don't read the comments.
  7. hope it works out ladyj Well it's official because my mom said guess who's running for congress LOL. She found out from my aunt. So little old black ladies are getting the news. ha ha
  8. Man I missed it merrieeee. I left at 7:30 to go meet my potential roomie for my Alaska trip and I didn't make it home until 8:30. And I don't have my new DVR set up with all my shows yet. I'll watch it on On Demand in a couple of days. Mom said it was funny. I love this show.
  9. I think what's wrong with politics is everything is scripted and so careful and calculated. You can't have too much of a personality because someone gets offended.
  10. Not sure what the latest thing is but I have to admit today I got a little sad. It's been a long time since I've put on my ear phone at work but today I think I listened to the Clay/Hannah duet `10 times over. What always gets me about that song is how effortless Clay sings. I saw this in person and to me Hannah, who was also fantastic seemed to be working so hard to pull it off. While Clay was on cruise control. And the thing is, all this hilarious stuff is going on in the background but if you ignore that and just listen to the voice he is absolutely killing it. It shows all his wonderful range and how absolutely far he has come since he was showing America his frying pan of talent. So yeah, I got sad because it was for moments like that, that always kept me coming back for more. LOL. Oh well, on the bright side...I'll have money to do all those things I've always dreamed of. Keep your fingers crossed, I think finally Alaska is on in June. Just have to feel out my potential room mate and hope all goes well. I'm not sure if Clay had another concert or not, but I think I can understand some of the heartbreak. This fandom was built on sharing. Even those who never attended a single concert was able to feel a part of it. Everything was shared so freely. All the stuff I found when moving is a testament to that. I found my first CD ...with the words Clay sings to Angela as the title. Someone put all the demo songs on it and sent it to me. When my computer crashed and I lost everything, someone sent me 3 discs full of Clay pictures. I have the DVD's of practically everything he did the first 2 years, so beautifully chronicled on a monthly basis. And I have DVD's of every concert tour he did and yeah even all that other stuff that wasn't supposed to be taped. I was one of the lucky ones. I only missed one tour. But yet I feel like i was there. So to feel like it is ending, and on a note that leaves out the one thing that brought us all together, that sense of community is a bit sad. It's the very fact that people can't afford to go that makes it harder to know that this time, it just won't be shared and it's pretty much over for the foreseeable future. Now off to I can pay for my vacation!!
  11. Keepingfaith, my company's corporate office is in houston and the whole company (and we are world wide) mistakenly got a memo about their plans to handle the weather there. Hilarious. I emailed HR and asked if Californians can have a drought day.
  12. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It was so nice here today, in the 70s. But I spent the day working and still unpacking. After 2 weeks my room is done. Well I still have to hang all my pictures. I'm having guests over tomorrow for a football party. I'm making pulled pork crockpot style. Best thing that happened today was that I found my Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet DVD. That performance with Hannah is in my top whatever ha ha.
  13. You can have an interest in the world around you and what is going on and not want to dwell on politics and the process/media etc 24/7. That is me. I understand the issues. I get involved in things that interest me locally. I understand what is going on in Washington (which is absolutely nothing since I became eligible to vote). And I will investigate issues that interest me with sources I trust. But I will not listen to talking heads (they absolutely ruin everything for me including for example Mandela's memorial) on any network for more than 5 minutes. I will for instance watch the State of the union and then turn off the freakin' tv. I will not read blogs from people who appear ignorant to me for the most part whether I agree with their politics or not. And I will not argue with people who are entrenched in their ideology. And I find most of America apallingly ignorant on the issues and the world around them. I blame that on the media and the soundbite world we live in. I have gotten to where I am based on 33 years of being a voting age citizen and there is nothing Clay will be able to do to change it. So Merrieee I'll be over here in the corner. We're in the same place. Of all the options I didn't really expect this. I would have been totally for a full time advocate of NIP or other charities. I'm still in the he can do whatever he wants camp - I just refuse to be drawn into the minutia of it.
  14. Sorry out of the loop. I've moved. Love my new place. However, no internet until Wednesday. LadyJ and I did chat and we aren't going to change anything about FCA. I mean to me there's no point in second guessing what somebody might be looking for at a Clay site. And seriously if there is anything heRE that can harm Clay, then he has no chance LOL because we are pretty mild. Also, if nobody has ever been to a political site, we have absolutely nothing on them. It's freaking crazy with even more crazy fan boys and girls than those in claynation. Seriously. We are small potatoes.
  15. No problem. I got busy so my intention to send out stuff before my move went a little haywire. But I packed everything up and will get everything out before the end of the month. I really didn't even post everything either. Once I get settled I'll figure it out.
  16. Clay could have done almost anything else and I'd follow to the ends of the earth. But politics? He's got a lot of balls that's for sure. I'm just so not interested in following it "closely." Yes I will keep up by summary or some such but won't be clicking on links and reading a bunch of articles/blogs/news reports. And don't get me started on the ignorant commenters. The entire political system is bankrupt and I'm of the mind that one person can't really do anything in this toxic environment. The only time I'm even remotely interested in politics is after a presidential election when all involved are honest for about 2 weeks about what was going on throughout the process. THen it's back to business as usual.
  17. Well sounds to me that this is a go. It will be an interesting ride. But I'm not one to follow politics closely although I have VERY strong liberal leanings I don't find the day to day following something I can stomach.I hope he can win because of his his beliefs not because I'm a fan girl. It must be tough if you're a fan and not aligned politically. I personally could not root for a Republican to win ever since it's all a numbers game these days. Anybody here actually in his voting district?
  18. Geeze...politics is a whole other level of crazy and nasty. If true, I'm sure he knows it's a thousand times worse than anything he's had to endure as a plain old celeb privacy wise.
  19. Happy New Year. As usual I slept through it. LadyJ thanks for the wrap up. Do we know whatever happened with the radio show? Is that dead. Curious about what he has planned for this year and beyond.
  20. Merrieee so sorry to hear about your husband. Hospitals suck. Hugs. Spent the entire day packing up my house. Geeze, it's not fun and my mom is under the weather so she's no help. Besides I'll have to look through all of her boxes as she seems to be trying to take a lot of junk to our new place. Me on the other hand I have been quite good at letting go of stuff. Remember I was a major soap opera junkie at one time and I finally tossed the last remnants of that fandom. So it's now 5 days and counting. I'm off New years Day and I'm taking off Friday so I'm feeling good about getting everything done after almost having a melt down today. My sister and brother in law came over this afternoon and helped me get things a bit more organized. As for Clay when it is all said and done I will finally know what my favorite stuff is. 2 Clay drawings (one of him in Good News mode), my autographed Spam poster which I will finally frame and hang, page of clay stamps, all the tour books, one of each cd and my autographed LTS and my hundreds of pins. My beautiful display case ull of Clay pins broke so I had to remove them all and I'll have to buy a new one. Once I replace I'll have a bunch of duplicate pins whch I'll give away as well. The one thing I haven't been able to find is the taped Broadway Cares easter bonnet show that I attended. Hopefully it will turn up.
  21. Luckiest - so true. I know I'm giving a lot of stuff away but I am keeping some very special things. The magazines they are just sitting in a box. gathering dust. I'd rather give them to someone who will at least look at it from time to time LOL.
  22. Added another thirty something items. I'm holding mailing to the end so feel free to add items to your existing list.
  23. Merry Christmas. Everyone have a wonderful day. Just going to hang out at my sister's house and do nothing. Didn't even cook. We're winging it.