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  1. Plan to post the rest of my things on Thursday morning.
  2. wHATAVOICE..i'm in San Lenadro. Are you ever in this area?
  3. The stuff is free. If it's more than a couple dollars You can reimburse for postage but I'll send the pony route. Well 4 day week... only have Xmas off but that's better than nothing. Have a good Monday everybody.
  4. I did post the first batch of stuff. It's the first post in the topic above. I merged the multiple topics I started. FCA burped! It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate in 12 years. I'm being real good though and sending a lot of stuff to goodwill and throwing away the junk. Hey FromClaygary. Hope you are well!! I feel you about Xmas. I have one day off and don't plan to do too much. With the move not even buying too many gifts. Just for the nephews and nieces.
  5. I posted a new topic here: I have Clay stuff to give away so keep your eyes peeled there. Trying to follow the advice I keep giving my mom and not taking everything with me. Maybe you have a hole in your collection that you want to feel although I probably have some unique items. I just want everything to find a good home. No items posted yet...I'll give up a heads up here on main when I add things.
  6. Hi Everybody...I am moving in 2 weeks and taking my own advice by not just packing up and taking everything with me. I have some Clay things that I am giving away. All you need to do is say that you want it and it's yours. I will add the items to this first post as I come across them. I'm sure most fans have this stuff but maybe there is a thing or two missing from your collection. Keep your eyes peeled here. Damn, sorry about the quadruple post. Here is what I have so far. Anything not taken by January 3rd will get donated to NIP through From Claygary. EDITED TO ADD SECOND BATCH OF STUFF:
  7. Luckiest - I think we're on the same wave length. I'm never going to pay the money it takes to attend an exclusive up close and person thing with Clay. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I saw him so many times and it was because I used my vacation on him to see him several times and it made it all worth it. I was getting a lot of bang for my buck. So I have a lifetime of memories if things as we have known them are over. Everybody ready for Xmas?
  8. oh yes...tonight is the night. Is that all the details so far. Has it aired on east coast. Well, I had a wonderful relaxing week long vacation. Came home and had dinner with the lovely and wonderful Perusing One. Found a new place to live YAY. I was so stressing over that. I was more concerned about finding a place than paying all the money down. The good stuff continued when my brother told me he would pay for movers to handle everything. And then today I go to work and get a $500 bonus. Yay. Goes right to the move in costs. And I get paid 3 times before move in so I'm suddenly str
  9. So I'm not a mega Beyonce fan although I do like her but color me shocked and surprised that she sprung a full length album of 14 new songs and 17 new videos on the public with no advance warning. How on earth was she able to shock the world like that. Wonder how it will do? I'm on the last full day of vacation and heading home tomorrow. I've had a nice relaxing time. Now I will go home and tackle finding a place to move. Surprisingly not terribly worried. Something will come up.
  10. Hey everybody..I'm in South Lake Tahoe on vacation. Got here Saturday night and will be here through Saturday. I'ts COOOOLD but I am loving being in a different environment and not at work! I thought I could get here through the break in the storm but by the time I got about 30 miles from Tahoe we had to pull over and put on the chains which we had actually picked up somewhere in route. Thank goodness we did or we would have had to turn around. Anyway, I found $30 to be a bargain to pay the installers to do it. Ever since we've been trying to find out where the term "chain monkeys" origi
  11. Yeah it just hit me last night that it's December so no Christmas tour. Don't know why I thought that was a possibility. And with Christmas music all the day == well Clay must have sung every song there is to sing right? Is there any Xmas song he did not sing?
  12. I haven't said how much I love the banner. It's great and it always surprises me a little when I log in.
  13. Love those pictures Quiana posted. They both look like babies in that first photo.
  14. I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving. My cousin is doing the heavy lifting. I'm just making mac and cheese (which I can't eat myself LOL) and 3 easy appetizers and the ham. I don't even have to start until the morning. Going to my sister's housel. Unfortunately have to work on Friday. Was reading this article on Phil Phillips and saw this Clay mention. I didn't even realize this I guess. Daughtry's fourth album, Baptized, debuts at #6. All four albums have made the top 10. Of the hund
  15. So sorry to hear about your friend. I was reading up on the storm and it's just terrifying to just think about. The wind was at my back tonight as I walked home and I thought how nothing that is compared to what other sare going through. Where were you LadyJ when the storm hit your town? Were you already at home?
  16. ok I've been out all day and I've seen some references on facebook but haven't clicked at all so I am completely in the dark about this batkid.
  17. What's your birthday merrieee..I want to play those numbers haha With my second job, most of my team is in the Philipines. One of the people I trained was deeply affected by the typhoon. She survived the typhoon but is deeply troubled and concerned and scared about the lawlessness. It's all very sad. I would expect Unicef to be in there quickly.
  18. not really packing yet, just trying to get rid of things that we don't want to take. Didn't get too much done with my mom gone. I wanted to do more but I got a good start. We got the official notice in the mail and we have to move by January 10th. It will be interesting. Have no idea yet where I'm going. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Finally watched the SUV tape. Was he anything more than the beginning? I thought it was just the opening bit so deleted after watching it then thought ..uh maybe I deleted too soon. I'm on the fence about watching AI this season. I'm not a fan of JLO o
  19. Calurker LOL about the chicken walk. I LOVE Fantasia and would love to see her in this show but doubt very much I can get to NY before February. Just not going to happen. Wonder if there is FACK. ha ha. Hope everyone is having a great week. Do we know any more about Clay in SVU. I've never watched any of the Law and Orders. I'll tape it and watch his parts. I hope he is the murderer/killer/whatever.
  20. Ok that made my mom's day. Clay with Shirley Caesar? That feels so random. Anyway, my mom's oldest sister passed away and I'm putting her on a plane to DC in the morning. These are the things on my mind these days. She'll be gone until the 11th so I'll take the opportunity to start getting rid of stuf in advance of the move. It will be nice to do while she's away so she won't be taking everything out of the goodwill box.
  21. Yay it's the weekend. Booo I have to work. Going for a bike ride though. Looking forward to that. Like that second picture. He's like yeah that will be all over twitter.
  22. I've spent maybe 4 or 5 dollars. Once because I could see I was one move away from getting off a level so I spent the 99 cent for 5 more chances. And at first I didn't like to bug any of my friends for lives so whenever I needed to unlock a new area I just went ahead and paid the 99 cent. Not anymore. Now I will spam my friends all day to get those 3 helpers to move on LOL. I also play separate games on my phone and my computer. I'm on level 113 on my computer and 86 on my phone. Yes I'm hooked. But I don't mind staying on a level forever so I won't give them another dime.
  23. Can Fly, Yes cancer. He died waiting for a transplant. It was a beautiful day today and the celebration of his life was beautiful as well. I'm in the really curious car myself. He always seems to come up with interesting things to do. There are a thousand channels. I still wish he'd show up on something once a week. Ok so is anyone else her addicted to candy crush?