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  1. I wanted to do a trip to Canada for a relative's birthday party but couldn't because my cover is on vacation almost the entire month. So did you text LadyJ? ha ha
  2. Concert Clay! I can dream. But damn August is the worst possible month for me to do anything. The person who does my job when I'm on vacation will be in Europe practically the entire month. Crappola.
  3. My job has been driving me so crazy that I've started looking for a new one. I am doing the work of 2 people and I'm sick of it. I forwarded today to my manager an email I sent in May asking for help. And I'm so pissed that this newbie manager believes that if I were organized I could get the work of 2 people done. Even when they are telling me on the one had that help is coming yet on the other saying there is no way to go but up to my explanation that I'm expected to do the work of 2 persons which includes take work home and working the weekend - well I just wanta hurt somebody. When I started working at this job I was assisting someone who has been in the field for 20 years. I helped him out 24 hours a week at the very least. And he fought for more of my time. Yet now that the job is mine alone - I'm just supposed to somehow oragnize myself into being more efficient. Bullshit. So I continue to look because if things don't change soon I am SO out. And let's see if they get the next sucker to work 10 hours a day and more at night and the weekend for a straight salary with no overtime. Wheeeeeeeeeee feels good to get that off my chest ha ha. Where the heck is Clay. I wish I could go to the gala but I just can't. Well 90% that I can't. I want to do some sort of vacation in October so who knows if I can make that work. but it's more likely to be something closer like Sedona or somewhere else west. Isn't he writing a book. Did I imagine that?
  4. Does anyone still get the shakes when their computer goes down. I was only without it for 12 hours but damn! And yes my phone was still working but not the same. Hope you are having a great 4th. I'm working unfortunately.
  5. LadyJ have a wonderful trip. Who would have thunk that the easiest thing in my life is sticking to a meal replacement plan. Job is stressing me out. I have to move and that is stressing me out. Bart is on strike and that is stressing me out. LOL. Oh well. Looking forward to a day off on Thursday. And I'm down 20 lbs! The Biggest Loser eh? I couldn't do that in front of the world. Good luck to Ruben. I hope you get to send that text Merrieeee.
  6. Happy weekend everyone. It's been on long crappy week. Thank god it's over. I was up until 3 last night finishing a work project just so I could have a weekend! My Alex graduated from elementary school yesterday. Finally I beat out her ultra rich auntie with the best gift. What's a hundred dollars when you have Chrstine Ha's cookbook in your hot little hands. She was so funny. She hugged it to her body and said she had been waiting for it for so long LOL. I'll have to post a picture later so ya'll can see how very much she has grown. On to middle schcool. But the most surprising wonderful thing happened yesterday. The owner of the company (well he was the owner before he sold it off to a multinational co) called me into hisoffice to to tell me that I was getting a 500 net bonus for my weight loss program because he was so inspired that I was doing it. And when I finish I'll get another $500. Better than that, he talked to some higher ups about having incentives for everyone in the company for similar challenges. Made my entire day. Anyway, I decided to take today off and just enjoy it. Thanks for the heads up about the fan club. I'll have to rejoin.
  7. I lost 8 lbs my first week. More importantly I haven't cheated once. Thank god I like these the shakes and bars. 14 and 1/2 weeks to go. Work is killing me right now. Hopefully it will slow up and give me a break soon. Fear, love your new place. Hope everyone is well. I'm thinking about the gala. I don't think I can go but haven't ruled it out yet.
  8. I'm around. I'm working a lot more than usual. I told you I'm in a medically managed weight program but I'm not sure if I told you it costs four grand. One of the reasons I haven't cheated all week. I'm not going to throw away all this money. Anyway, I figure I make up the money in food I'm not eating (like the $50 a week I spend on lunch) or the groceries I buy so I just need to work a bit extra to pay for the difference. Clay looks great in the photo. Who is this Zach guy. He's cute. They been dating long? Just saw the first commercial for Arsenio's new show - Sept 9. I hadn't kept up.
  9. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 3 days off alone and it's just what I need! What kind of book is this? Never mind...checked it out on amazon.
  10. Merrieeee - the first thing I saw when I sign on was your jury duty announcement and you saying GUILTY. That's a prime way to get out of jury duty. But I actually have been wanting to experience it. I get a jury summons every 2 years like clockwork but I have yet to serve. Yay Celebrity Apprentice is over and I only had to suffer through a vew commericals when I watch The Voice. That may be the only show I watch on NBC. I'm on vacation until next Thursday. Not a real one; a break from my mom LOL. She's in South Carolina. And I started on a medical weight management program this week. Hoping to lose 40 lbs over the next 30 weeks. And work is just killing me. Today I told them I need help. Tired of being there 10 hours and then coming home and working more hours or on the weekend. Just crazy. They don't pay me enough for that. This weekend I'll finally get to watch all the play Clips. Looking forward to it. Shorty Jill ..good luck with school. Fear: your move made me tired. And I have to move some time in the next 4 months. Hate!
  11. Thanks for all the updates. Sorry I have been missing in action - just lots of work and under the weather.
  12. I'm so very sorry for your loss gbmifan! Had an awesome weekend with Perusing One. We stumbled into this art gallery of Rodney Lough. His photographs are beautiful. The website doesn't do his work justice.
  13. Clay on the office? That's a show I don't watch but it's my nephew's favorite. WIll be happy to see him on tv. Thanks for the reports Fear.
  14. Well according to the May Idol schedule either they will use the save this week or just make everybody safe. They have a week to make up. But glad he's on this week.
  15. Penn and Clay LOL..Yeah they can't stand each other. So we haven't figured out what Clay is singing or wearing yet? Is it this week or next. From what I understand they will have 2 week of the top 5 so they must use the save on someone this week.
  16. Well I'm thrilled. I quit idol for many years but started watching after Simon left. The first year that I tried to watch I quit about 6 eppies in as I didn't like any of the "talent." I watched all of last season and liked all the top 3. And I'm watching this year. I like that every results show they actually have AI alum sing and not just other music stars looking to promote their music. This week it was Kelly and Scotty. They usually do a nice clip of what they've been up to first. So I hope they do that with Clay. Last week it was Carrie and some other guy from a year I didn't watch. Of course the ratings are WAY down this year and the Voice is SOOOOOOOOO much better but I'll gut it out as they have 2 girls as talented as anyone who has walked through the Idol doors. What's funny is that I found out about this on Twop.
  17. It's April's fools Day. Anybody remember when Clackhouse turned into a site for Jon Peter Lewis. OH the horror. I was in such a good mood after attending a Clay concert the night before. I can laugh about it now LOL. Anyway, I thought about it this year because JPL is on The Voice. He doesn't even look like the same person. Still not a fan. Hope you all had a great Monday. Luckiest feel better!
  18. how about 10 favorite moments - could be anything that has to do with Clay/fandom - a particular performance, concert, clay party or roadtrip, or getting your hot hands on your favorite piece of clay memorabilia, meeting him etc. It's wide topic but think it could be fun to relive some of the personal..
  19. Fear we are trying to declutter too. I know we'll be moving sometime in the next year so don't want to take all this junk with me. So was it just a couple of weeks ago I was moaning and complaining about being overworked and underappreciated? Today I got a raise AND a bonus. I'm happy again LOL. So what's this about Clay selling his house? I'm out of the loop.