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  1. and no comments about the hair? LOL. We have really evolved! I fell down on the street a couple of weeks ago and I think I sprained my wrist pretty badly. It's hard to heal of course because I use my right hand for everything and I'm on the computer so very much. Since I was forced offline by job #2 due to it being read only this weekend -- I'm trying to rest it all weekend and hoping that helps. Well for the most part. Today I will be a couchtomato between the inauguration stuff and the 49ers playoff game. I'm being a couchtomato..trying to catch up things I've DVR'd as of last night I had only 4 hours of room left on my VCR. Of course this is some grand scale deleting going on as well!
  2. This weekend I'll start moving all the lists to a special thread for safekeeping. LdyJ. Good luck with school. I took one class and it almost killed me. I've wanted to go back to school for my masters but with a job and a half I just can't do it. So last night at about 10 to eleven, somebody knocked on my door. It was some new neighbor I never met before. He needed toiler paper. LOL. I couldn't believe it. He was waving a dollar at me and giving me way too much info about his daughter. But all day I kept wondering what the hell is #3. Now I'm giving TMI. I have a jury summons and I'm actually hoping I get to go. So far I've had to call once and they didn't need me. I have to call back tomorrow before noon. It's been a good 30 years since I actually made it into a courtroom for jury duty. I've narrowed my list down to 16. Getting there!! Luckiest, thanks for the you tubes!
  3. Thanks Shortyjill. Love your list. It reminded me of some songs that I need to find again. Clay has so many songs that it's tough to get them all back. When my first ipod crashed and burned I lost a lot of the little treasures. I'll have to go to the vault and get some of them back! e.g. Listen, O Little Star of Bethlehem. LOL that an artsy online fan got you involved. I've never heard of your rock bands LOL. I've gone back and listened to a lot of things as well. yes you and a lot of people. I think it's one of the fandom's favorite songs. It was fun in concert. Ha ha..>David had fun with that one. Oh I remember this. Yes this was fantastic. Wow,something I haven't listened to in forever. One of my favorites... in my 20 which I'm still paring down. Wow, where was this from. I haven't heard it in forever. The first JNT or the Christmas special? ...DUH... JNT05. 13. Hallelujah w/ Quiana, NIP Gala 2011 Although I seem to have missed all the other songs from this gala I did listen to this one because I love the song so much (And K.D. Lang was absolutely magnificent and I can't find the olympics version. I think they take it off youtube as soon as it goes up. Was this song available to you all in Canada?
  4. Aikim's list... How is it that that 3 lists in there are 2 songs I've never heard? Yes he had quite the voice early on. I love though how has it has matured and gotten richer and more nuanced over the years. As the Twop AI said (the only thing I probably ever agreed with about any show they recap) he had the fying pan of talent. ha ha..yes I remember the yelling out I LOVE YOU CLAY during this song. He sang To Love Somebody at the gala. My life was complete! During AI this is when I had to lay low on TWOP because the emotions from the fans were too schizoid for me. There was much fear that the little hip shake was going to get him booted LOL. Make that 4. I see this on youtube as the Broadway comes home thing. I'll check it out today. edited to say..I listened..thanks Aikim. Yes! I listened to this show on cellcert. It was very very clear. It felt like I was in the room. Surely one of the most emotional moments ever.
  5. Thanks for your list Luckiest. Surprisingly I thought I would be doing mine at the end of the month but I've got my 20 songs. Now I have to break it down to 13 LOL. That might take some time. My main problem right now is that I can't find either one of my copies of Tried and True. And my downloaded version is on my broken computer. I'm gonna have to tear my house apart! Not a surprise!! Until the first night of the AI2 tour and him singing this song I didn't even have a ticket to the AI2 show in my area. I think I ened up seeing 4 shows. I've never heard this. I've kinda gotten out of the habit of downloading clack but I don't like to miss something I've never heard. I'll have to download. More clack to watch. I pretty much love this song live and watching his dramatics. It's not one I listen to much. 2 for 2!! Hey Wait..>I was at the gala. What did he add? Yes he's one of those people who take the stage and bam they are at home. I loved how he sang this song during that tour. Definitely a show stopper. Yay two more lists to read below.
  6. Hi GBMIFAN...I love reading this. Thanks for listing the reasons why..that was most interesting to me. Very interesting choice! I so relate to having Clay accelerate my internate aptitude. I had been online for awhile -- first on Usenet News, then Prodigy and on and on. But really hadn't downloaded anything. Remember how slow dial up was? Now it takes a few seconds. I didn't try to download anything until the night of the first AI2 concert. Before that, people were burning and mailing out CD's. So I got all his demos on a CD. I loved how he sang this in concert. So dramatic. There are a few songs that Clay did in concert where many thought he was channeling emotions from some challenges in his own life. I personally thought he liked being dramatic. He did it with this song and your song number 4 (Solitaire). Solitaire was never one of my favorites but when he sang it live during the Not A Tour, I became a mad beliver. Liked this song. I've had periods where I loved the song. When I was at the Atlanta JoyFul Noise tour in 2005 (I think, getting old). there was a man sitting across the ailse from me that saw Clay sing this on Letterman or somewhere. And he bought a ticket hoping he would hear him sing it live. And when he did, the man sobbed almost through the song. It's one that really touches a lot of people. So I remember the opening of the Joyful Noise tour and so many people said this song was like a dirge and not the way to end the show. But I have to say this song is also on my list. This song gives me a lot of comfort when I'm down. It can really lift me. I wish I had a recorded version (mostly meaning without audience feedback) but I also don'g think it would sound the same on a recording. I hear this song a lot when I go shopping. But usually by another artist. Agreed. Not sure if it's going to make my list but damn close. I love it. I expect to see this on a lot of lists! It's a fantastic song! Thanks That was fun!
  7. So I'm issuing a January challenge. ha ha. Ever since I hooked my Itunes to my phone I've been listening to music including a lot from Clay. We have a one earphone rule at work so we can listen to our music all day. We probably have thousands of songs and performances that Clay has given us. But there are songs that I seem to always go back to over and over. So my question to everyone is this? What are your favorite (lucky) 13 Clay songs ever. Yes that's hard to whittle down but I'm really curious as to what people will say. But the important thing is to also say why. Maybe it's because he interacted with you during the song. Maybe because it reminds you of something or touched you in a deep way. Or maybe it has beat and easy to dance to as they used to say on Bandstand. I really want to know the whys and not just a list. I know it sounds like homework but isn't it a fun assignment? I can be from anything Clay has done, concerts, appearances, recordings. Let's post our choices this month. Whenever you're done post it. I know some of us will be slow (me me me) but it will be fun to read the different lists throughout the month. What do you think? Is it an impossible task? ONLY 13? evilness.
  8. Glad you were feeling better LadyJ. And how wonderful of you to take gifts to work. Yay it's 2013. Looking forward to what the new year will bring. Today I listened to "Something about us" about 10 times. I love that song.
  9. Tree! Happy Birthday. Hope it was fabulous. I've been listening to Clay all evening. First time in forever. But I finally took the time to synch my itunes to my android smart phone. I've been listening to some old concert favorites like Rosanna and Tears Run Dry. That voice sure is special. Yay for your cruise LdyJ. I think you will love it. Cruises have always been fun and relaxing vacations for me. Was thinking of doing one in 2013 as well. None of my friends or family want to do Alaska but it's a place I've always wanted to go.
  10. Merry Xmas! Got off early. whoop! Tomorrow will be low key..just a me and mom over to my sister's house. Not even a fancy dinner...with one day off I wasn't up to it. It's always fun to watch folks open their gifts though. Have a wonderful day and I hope Santa is good to you.
  11. At the gala my favorite part was when Clay sang. I think I had literally forgotten what that voice does to me. It's why I wanted to attend the tour so badly. And the ironic part is that on Thursday, I got a Xmas bonus that would have more than paid for everything. It just came too late.
  12. Tomorrow is the company holiday party. I guess it really is Xmas time. Say what you want about American Idol, it is the only American singing show, so far, pushing out successful winners. I may prefer The Voice but so far it hasn't created any successful artists. Neither has X Factor. They are still relatively new so who knows. Idol just has the system in place to give their artists the best shot. Scotty McCreery (who I found dreadfully dull) sold over a million copies of his debut album and Phil Phillips, who I did like but was not my favorite to win is approaching 3 million of his single (best coronation song ever) and his album will go gold for certain and probably platinum eventually. I think the search for a judge on Idol is big news but once the show starts I don't think it's about them and I don't think people tune in just to see the judges. None of these judges on idol bring in the people that Simon did during those first years. A lot of people tuned in just to hear what Simon was going to say. I don't think that's true of the current judges. On The Voice the judges are just as important if not more important than the contestants. They sing every week. They are in essence in competition with each other and their personalities and comraderie make the show. The judges also compete with each other on Xfactor. Couldn't bring myself to watch it after last year. So I guess I don't necessarily agree that there will be no more Kellys or Carries. They could very well be out there already. And maybe some that take other routes like Jennifer Hudson. Thanks for bringing over all the articles. They are as always a fun read. I'm looking forward to just sitting down and listening to the show while I rap up the gifts I bought for my family. I would love to see Clay on some sort of tv show on a weekly basis. There are a million channels out there. Somebody give that man a timeslot!!
  13. Sounds like a wonderful time despite some issues. Clay's always good and turning problems into something funny anyway.
  14. Yes what happened in CT is so very sad. I'm not so concerned about saying the name of the shooter because the coverage is there 24/7 whether you hear the name or not and I'm not sure how not saying the name erases the action. My issue is why on earth are semi automatic weapons legal at all. They should be banned and all this grandfathered in crap and compromises on the issue are just a joke. As for the 2nd amendment I'm a-ok with allowing everyone in the country the type of gun that was available when our country was formed. I don't understand how "militia" has come to mean everybody under the sun anyway. Have fun at your concert LdyJ. Hey Bottle!!!
  15. LadyJ thanks. Don't kill yourself. I know how busy you are. There's a lot of links out there so I know I can find the clack. I might keep my day off anyway! Still holding out mini hope for a Xmas bonus LOL.
  16. I guess I better start looking at the clack since I probably won't be able to attend the concert. Actually, I'm pretty certain of that. Damnit.
  17. Thanks for pictures and video. Ya'll make it so easy to see the show. I think I will listen to a few things but want to experience it mostly for the first time in Anaheim. I haven't bought tickets yet but I'm sure I will get there. So did anyone brave the stores for black friday? I've never done it. I will buy most of my gifts online this year. I probably won't even see a mall at all.
  18. Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope everyone has a great day. For the first time in I don't know how long I'm not cooking the majority of the food. I just have 2 side dishes to make and I can do it tomorrow. Works for me.
  19. Looking forward to listening to all the interviews. I don't even know if I have a vault key anymore. Where would I get the interviews. TGIF!! I haven't really started to think about the concert next month. I'll wait until after Thanksgiving.
  20. Yesterday at work I got in the mail a catalog for Juniors. Yes Juniors. Man the beautiful cheesecakes are photographed beautifully. I'm so tempted to buy one. Brought back great Spam memories!