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  1. Well I know diddly squat from 1990 until Clay reawakened my interest in music, so my list is heavily pre-1990. I worked from two theories (Now don't go stealing my brilliantly wunnerful idears, eh! <snerk>): 1. Clay will try to hit most of the major 'themes' within pop music (rock, folk era, hippies, disco, Brit invasion #1 2. This will be his one chance to give his fans the songs they heard him sing on AI so he'll fit in as many of those as possible. ... plus some old demo stuff. Part of me wants only songs that I haven't heard him sing before, but part would be thrilled to hear him
  2. Hello! Fdawg checking in ... watch the early clip of Clay at the water fountain with the big woofly dog and you'll know where the name arose! I have five furred children (4 dogs and 'Charlie the Attack Cat' who *thinks* he's a dog) and one 'winged' child. I love Sci Fi, especially Trek in *most* of its manifestations, S.Wars to a lesser degree and novels by Anne McCaffrey, as well as classic like Asimov, Bradbury and Herbert. I love all kinds of music ... but most of my time lately is claimed by that red-head who won me over at 'Take ..."! An original PRoCer, I just couldn't do the TWoP 'Our C