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  1. Please take our dirty money, launder it, take your cut, and send us the clean rest, thankyouverymuch. I give it a Forget that dude in Simon's chair.
  2. YSRN


    The Angels? LOL!
  3. YSRN


    Hey! I heard that.
  4. Goodnight, Couchie! Goodnight, LdyJocelyn! That flub was entirely adorable! As was the delayed ending in DSIAFCD! Don't tell anyone but I am ridiculously sentimental and shit right now. God.
  5. Heh, eeeenteresting speculation. It'd be cute to get a Clay kid story from her. Happy (hmm) Last Concert of the Tour, peeps!
  6. Heh. I'd lay bets that couchie is NObody's minion. Now or evah!
  7. Have any of you Beatles fans seen Julie Taymor's Across the Universe? What do you think? Here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VTPSL9TcJc and the NYTimes Review.
  8. YSRN


    Bwah. And people think Clive's a hard-ass.
  9. YSRN


    Rats, I missed Dusty! I like Kenny Lofton. I don't even know who he's playing with right now. I don't know what's wrong with me (maybe it's because I haven't kept up this year!), but I haven't been watching any of the games. I better cut that out...I'll miss it when it's over!!
  10. Welcome, zena! Congrats on screwing up the courage to go to that first party! So, did your son end up in a music career? at your siggy!
  11. Dammit. I missed the season premier of Boston Legal, didn't I? I LOVE that show! TV Links only has the preview and I can't get the download to work! And House was great this week!! I've never heard of the 4400 but that does sound interesting.
  12. YSRN


    Heh. Bye-bye Barry.
  13. Welcome, my darling Sylvie! Wait.a.minute. How the hell did you meet them and not me when I was with them?!? *pout*