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  1. A little birdie told me there were some very sweet people here sending me good wishes for my birthday. I thank each and every one of you. It's the big 5-0. WooT! I could have Clay Aiken's baby. Aw, good times! Glad that made someone happy! And thanks for telling me so.
  2. BWAH, I wondered how you managed to get into the Santa Cruz Mountains from the Pacific Coast Hiway plan. LOL! Only child syndrome, yo. She learned how to work it early.
  3. And a fine time it was, too... they call me and they're right around the corner from my house!?! They say they are going to have lunch in my town. Seriously?? Nobody has lunch in my town... not even "us". Yay! So, off I go to watch them devour some Cambodian and tell lies stories. I tell my sister to move the plans out a bit; I gotta go yap it up with the eHP. Thanks for calling me, girls! It was awesome to see you again. Sorry I couldn't join you on the Boardwalk. I hope you got your jollies and got to stick your feets in the Pacific for a bit. Have fun on the rest of your journey! And do let me know when the Dakotas trip is. I'm all over it.
  4. Well, knock me over with a feather. I must admit, I'm a little shocked, and I don't know that it takes audacity. This came directly out of left field so it's kinda a suprising twist on the roller coaster of Clay Aiken Park. I'm not exactly the most traditional of folks ( I used AI myself ), and I have no idea if this is true, someone helped out a friend, two people wanted a baby, or what (I don't believe they are any more than friends, but hey, you never know and whatever works), but I did think Clay would have gone for the traditional meet, date, fall in love, marry, have babies path. My mistake obviously, but yeah, that's how I figured it'd go down. Which is really kinda stupid of me, but hey... I have my issues. LOL! I'm sure after I squish it around in my brain a little, I'll be all, wow, Clay's gonna be a dad. A Dad? A Father to a baby. Guess that explains a few (hundred) things. Or at least that's how I'll apply them. My Clay Aiken world view just shifted a wee bit, not for better or worse, just will make me look at songs, words, etc., a little differently. Parenthood does that. Ooo, we're all gonna be aunties... or something. Hee. No shit. Never in a million years would I have guessed this one. LOL! I'm not even sure I'm not sleeping right now. *pinch me* Hee.
  5. Oh ferfucksake... gee, who guessed that first Sonny/Carly would get it on in the limo and then Jax/Kate would end up sucking face? Can they be any more predictable? How much do you want to guess that Carly is now preggers with another little black-haired kid. And how the HELL did Claudia (heh, I called her Carly first... I wonder how long that will take me!?) live after being stabbed by a seven-inch knife right in the GUT? Something new needs to happen... or they need to get new people... or something. SpinMax is pretty adorable tho. Hee. Someone somewhere just needs a regular story. Something we can believe in. Like Luke and Laura. I hate Tracy. Sniff.
  6. KF, thanks for the reminder about the original Steely Dan band. That was the first concert I ever attended -- Winterland 1972 - Slade, Steely Dan, and Humble Pie. I spent about three hours today on YouTube watching old Steely Dan (on The Midnight Special in '73) and Steve Marriott (Small Faces and Pie) videos... good times! Music is an amazing memory machine, isn't it? Even when there's no way I should be remembering those days - hah!
  7. It was Baltimore, pre TCS, when he saw Farouche in the audience and remembered her name from the previous year. 1:21 in 061206_Baltimore_Banter2_cct.wmv (cha cha trusty's vid) Heh, Clay's not the only one with a "memory like an elephant". LOL!
  8. YSRN, since it was my post which obviously set you off I will say that I when I made my post I was responding to a point of view that I disagreed with, not to you personally. I didn't even know that you were one of the many posters who had expressed that opinion, not that it would or should change your response. I am not a member at the CH so I can't jump in and say I disagree with something over there. I did feel that I should be able to post an opinion on my home board where the tone of the fandom is often discussed. I should have remembered that no bitching about the bitching rule. It won't happen again. atinal, it's not a rule. I don't make the rules. I just have opinions like everyone else. Your response to my comment elsewhere didn't set me off... I just figured since you brought it up in a questioning way, I'd respond since I posted that exact phrase on the CH. I was more crabbing about play's additional comments about yammering vs. helping Clay, and since it's my peeve (tm couchie), I expanded my thoughts to include some other tone issues (to use everyone's term) that arose today (and in the past)... that post you quoted up there most definitely had moved way beyond your original post. I think it's pretty much been beaten to death tho, so I won't rehash it, except to say that I wasn't directing the entire conversation at you.
  9. oh I wasn't saying it was your peeve to marginalize what you said. Hey I'd rather you tell us off than leave thanks for the montages...saved them to look at later. As for naming names...nah, think that would be a disaster. But mostly I don't think one sentiment or person is the problem..I'll go back to what LdyJ says and it's tone/atmostphere that may frustrate. Not trying to have lastworditis (my pet peeve hee)...just wanted to respond to that. Oh, I know... I knew that... it's true, it's totally my peeve. I think I mighta got the point across already. I hate being repetitious. LOL! I know how you guys feel about naming names and I'll continue to respect your rules. But honestly, if someone doesn't agree or appreciate something I say here or elsewhere, I would prefer they simply call me on it and talk TO me, not about me, even in general terms. And haha, I got the last word! WooT! I expect Play will find some comic about donkey balls before we can count to 10. Oops!! Guilty! Bad, bad fan!
  10. See, LadyJ, and I'd rather just call the bitches out by name if I wanted to talk trash about someone. That way, it would be clear who I'm bitching about. And 50 innocents wouldn't get caught in the crossfire. And if I didn't have the balls to just point a direct finger, then I guess I have no business bitching. I know that's not the deal here, but it's just how I personally feel. Next time ya'll wanna bring up something I said elsewhere or want to complain about me personally, feel free to just use my name. You have my permission. I'm an individual. Not part of some anyone. couchie... I know... it is my peeve. I really only try to bring it up now when it's directed right at me... heh. I'll stfu now. And seriously -81% Yikes. But, really, I look at the others on that list and think... wow, the industry sucks donkey balls. Last night I watched about 100 montages, cuz I was trying to clean up my hard drive to make room for stuff. I deleted nothing. Oy! But, but, but... the two that were my favorites last night were Rock 'n Remember - ncclaymate and Homeward Bound - MrsLoki. HB, of course, made me cry, a.gain. LOL! The first one, at 11:55 cracked me up. I don't remember where it's from tho. Clay started to sing Reach Out I'll Be There, and he couldn't cuz he was trying to get back on stage but his "pants were too tight". Hee. The whole thing was fun as hell. I really, really, really want a concert. Badly.
  11. And vice versa. That's all I'm sayin'. THEY is very broad, ya know. I'm "out there" posting away, and I have not gone back into the archives of 2006 to bring out my old thoughts. And again, I say, "and vice versa". It's one big repeat if you ask me. On all "sides". However, that's VERY broad and unfair to the 99% of fans who are just meandering along posting their true and current thoughts. That's why I dislike the "some fans" and "they" conversations. It just builds walls and creates sides. And nobody really knows if they're part of the "some fans". It's pretty difficult to be a part of any community that makes such gross generalizations. If I learned anything from 2006, it's that not one single person is going to change any other single person's way of thinking, no matter how much they fuss about it. Well, that and liars never change their spots. But that's a whole 'nother topic. No, play, I didn't miss the rest of your post. I think the IDEAs about Clay being dropped is totally ridiculous and premature. And the idea that it would be a good thing if he was? Esp. given the option of signing on with any other major that also has half a foot in the ground? Dumb. So, see, we agree on that. I just don't call it angst. And I don't think I participated in any pile on. I thought it was a conversation. I also agree that people were driven away by "angst". IMO, angst goes both ways... both in the bitching and (cues jmh) in the bitching about the bitching. Truly and honestly. I think if people were left to bitch on their own, THEY are the only ones bitching. To drag it out by continuing it on and on, just perpetuates the bitching. Which is why I can't understand if people don't like the bitching, why do they want to drag it out. I'm being sincere here. Let people bitch to dead air. Ya know? You (universal you) can't "fix" it.