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  1. So good to see you down there -- HippoGA, PuddinsJoy, Bella19!!!
  2. {{{{{merrieeee}}}}} Permaswooned!!! Glad to see you posting! I need to talk to you because we had an unfinished project last year -- an inspirational book to inform others about Unicef, with links that lead to the official site. If you have some time, I would like to get the pages you designed up and published. If anyone else has some pages to add to the book and/or further ideas, please post them on the thread that the mods created for us. Couchie & luckiest, are you still ok with hosting the pages here? Oh my goodness, it's after midnight... ETA: HBD, Sweet P!!! (tm: FromClaygary)
  3. This was my first difficult match because I love glasses Clay but the first picture represents that gorgeous calendar -- why didn't we ever get another one? What to do? What to do?!!! (and no I'm not creating another ID, I'll always be Scarlett) *sighs and goes eeny, meeny, miny, moe...*
  4. Wanda, I wanted to send you a clickable invitation but there were too many wandacleo entries. Could you friend one of us (annabear, FromClaygary, etc)?
  5. I was only able to vote today but both matchups so far (peeked at yesterday's) have been very easy for me -- didn't even have to think twice.
  6. Almost missed... HBD, claylove!!! (did I miss anyone else?!!! HBD if I did!)
  7. I couldn't find the smack emoticon that they have at CV so this will have to do (not that I can find it at CV either) Wut? May I be of assistance? I have lots of other abusive type emotes in my arsenal: Any of those work for ya GDG? I have a few pages to catch up on.... Thanks, as anyone who knows me, I can never find the emoticon that I need. The only reason I find the laughing one is cause it's at the top. I would have been less violent if I had known I just had to type in but then again, by the time I need it next time, I will have forgotten. AN
  8. lilyshine, I didn't see your post before I added mine (sorry about that) but yes, ITA with this: It doesn't matter what the photo is called or where it is put as long as it is tagged in lots of different ways. And we probably need to assign a new unique id to all the items, so we'll know exactly what we're talking about as we work on them and so that we can match up the "tags" entered by multiple people correctly.
  9. ldyj, yes, the dimensions (types of tags and their values) are the most important parts. One way to think about it is as a spreadsheet with Column A: a link to the actual piece of clack Column B: Date the picture was taken or date of the event Column C: City where it was held Column D: State where it was held Column E: Country where it was held Colunn F: Event name (eg. so that we can find all the AI appearances) Column G: Network (eg. so that we can find all the ones from ABC or CBS -- if this is relevant to us) Column G: Song that was being sung Column H: Event Sponsor or Coordinat
  10. Thanks for all the ideas!!! The nice thing about digital cataloging (as opposed to physical cards) is that we can catalog by many methods all at once. The way we store things physically does not have to be the way they will viewed -- I know this is the way the vaults work right now but that's because we did not put additional indexing on the clips. (Another project is to create the same categories for videos and just use links to the real vaults -- eg. an aggregated web page with all the clips from CH/CV/CU listed by date for instance, or by hair color if we so choose) So, please keep the i
  11. Running late for services again (but will stay within the speed limit this time)... Just wanted to say thanks to all who responded about the picture archive. Question for the librarians here because we need a way to classify pictures so that they will be easy to find. In ways do you think people will want to search a picture archive? How would people want to see these sorted? What questions would people want this archive to answer? Are ratings of pictures important? Color of clothes? Type of clothes (casual, formal, very casual, etc)? ETA: Just wanted to clarify, The question people will b
  12. Thanks for the link to your BP-inspired blog, Caro! As beautiful as ever!!!
  13. How did I miss the beautiful August calendar?!!! Thanks so much Cindilu, it looks great!!! :clap:
  14. gg, I think the most important part is how we tag them. We need to use things that make sense to us. There will be standard dimensions (don't mind me, I'm just being data-modeler-nerdy) like event, date, location but we also need to be able to ask for things like - with Angela, snowflake (sorry again merrieeee), white belt, etc)
  15. ldjy, your new game made me think of something. We have a vault for videos and mp3's & mp4's, and the FCA media archive has audio. We each have our individual pb, smugmug & flickr accounts but there isn't a searchable index of pictures. Over the years (and I hope everyone here fully expects to have several more decades worth of pictures), something more organized will be needed. How difficult would it be to add a tagged picture library to the FCA media archive so that 20 years from now, people will be able to bring up the "snowflake" picture instantly? (sorry merrieeee -- it was just
  16. How cute is it to have a "yet" countdown?!! And it's in single digits too!
  17. So nice to have an answer day!!! And how bad is it that I know rollercoasters by sight and didn't have to scroll to check if they labelled it at the bottom. *shakes head* Question to ldyj -- how did you manage to narrow it down to 64? We took forever to pick the picture for the photo-stamp project at the CH way back when.