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  1. That's going to be a lot of fun, ldyj!!! Looking forward to it! *holds merrieeee v. tightly*
  2. Thanks for the advice, jazzgirl, FromClaygary, ldyj! I don't have that much so I'll take it to work and put it in the breakroom.
  3. Off topic: I know this is OT and a repeat plea but I am so up to my ears in hummus and babba ghanoush it's not funny. I don't know what to do with them, I don't think I can eat them indefinitely, I know they don't freeze well but I can't just toss good food away. Still had some left over from when I got the date wrong and a little bit from the real event tonight as well. *sighs* On topic:
  4. Thanks, ncgurrl! Yes, the letters are raised. I guess this is probably good then. Just for validation, could you check the back? I was going to post full scans of each side but I suddenly thought that counterfeits could be created from them -- what do we need these for and could I put a watermark to make sure the files I post don't get used to produce fakes? (not that any of our members would but we have an open board and anyone who has an Internet connection could pick them up) ETA: Thanks again, ncgurrl! ETAA: To re-add back picture (must have taken it out with my edit)...
  5. I was going through my box of specials for LWLHD (and was distracted. one can get lost/mesmerized indefinitely) I hope mine isn't a copy. Does anyone know how to tell a real one from a fake? (and I could scan it, if y'all think it's real)
  6. Thanks a bunch for all the pictures!!! ETA: Yay, FromClaygary!!!
  7. Thanks for the good morning pictures, bottle!!! That's the best kind of decorating although I'm a big IKEA fan too! More, please?!!! (gibby? anna? ldyj? bueller? Your pb's are full of goodies!)
  8. goldarngirl, I'm going to reply here although we've talked about it (and I sniffled and moaned and searched again) to head off people sending you notes that say Scarlett has lots, I was on it, I said hello, etc. I only have a 1 minute clip from the Asheville busline. I don't know what happened but I'm guessing I'd put it on standby by accident. I'm sorry, especially to all the people who posed for me and waved and said all their messages, thinking it had been recorded.
  9. jmh, i love the new icons! Thanks again!!! ETA: Forgot to stay on topic -- ETAA: I forgot about this icon...
  10. liney, just wanted to say that I loved your last couple of posts -- your cute story about your "aura" and the nice reminder about "All Is Well". I need to bring out my Christmas CD's again. After all it's already the 3rd qtr of the year and I'd tucked them away in the 2nd qtr (after which I rendered a whole batch of Christmas shows, lol!)
  11. {{{Couchie}}} Sending you a virtual backrub... Thanks for the great clip, claylove! So...if you had to pick a de-stressing song for couchie... which would you choose? I like to listen to WTOW and several from the early demos.
  12. That's a domain "parking" site -- Domains that aren't currently hosted on a server are "parked" in it until they are sold or a real site is created for them.
  13. I'm also in CV w/ no issues. Thanks for the blogs, Caro & CSM. You make it so easy for us! I'm sitting here wondering what to do with a whole kaboodle of hummus & baba ghanoush -- the long weekend threw off my counting and I thought we were in the 5th week of July. Does anyone know if it freezes well? And pita bread too?
  14. Not getting into the current discussion but just dropping off a recap of a sort of eHP weekend, if you could call it that with major people missing. KAndre?!! Now you show up. Where have you been? This last month and especially last weekend. And don't get me started on warm. There's a bunch of things that's all your fault. I thought about you on Sunday, with much fondness and longing, make that plenty of longing, something along the line of, "If KAndre had been here!" Not in Philly. Not in the Delaware River. Not kayaking, And certainly NOT in July! And the person
  15. It was just plain luck, jmh. That was the first combination I tried. (my teammates from years back have always remarked on my luck. they swear that computer bugs fail to materialize whenever I'm around, and once threatened to ship bits of me with every box of CDs we sold. the users got frustrated too because they couldn't show me the symptoms they'd been having up until I walked in the door. I guess it's the computer equivalent of that noise in your car going away whenever you drive into a mechanic's shop) Thanks again for :blowkiss: and :claykiss:
  16. Like this? The new emotie with the earphones is :listen:
  17. WOOHOO -- doesn't take much to thrill me! Caro ETA: Unless you would like to make this little guy a regular. The abbreviation on some boards is ... which is why you sometimes see me sign off that way. Yes!!! Thank you!!!
  18. Thank you for the link, Caro, and for the updates. I miss Susan so much! {{{preden}}} On topic: And if Susan were here, I know she'd say something to make us smile & giggle too! ETA: jmh or any admin, there seems to be something off with the "blowkiss" icon... not that I'm complaining 'cause it's cute.
  19. He never rode a flying coaster?!!! The Borg Assimilator (now called the Nighthawk) has been in Charlotte for years!!! *mystified* How hard can it be to drive to Charlotte for a quick ride?
  20. Just got home (finally!) and I just want to say a quick thank you to merrieeee for her help tonight. I just got in from a delayed flight and could not for the life of me remember where I had parked my car. My car's pretty distinctive once you're within 10-20 feet of it, but our main airport has 5 terminals each with a multi-level parking garage. Thanks a bunch! The minute our flight delay was announced, I just knew things would happen around here. So glad to see that good things are happening.
  21. Trying to get caught up... {{{Couchie and Mama Tomato}} Yay for your nice curry dish, jmh! What kind of curry did you use? Also, for the :starhug: icon! HBD, Caro!!! These times, I'm especially glad to have your blog to watch for.
  22. Hi y'all!!! Just drove back from my guild meeting and it's so hot out there! I'm all thumbs from seeing the beautimous craft pieces at show-and-tell! On topic: ETA: Belated HBD, kimiye!!! EATA: I know I can comment on how I'm already on topic just by using the words "beautimous", "craft", "pieces" and "show-and-tell" but I'm being good today. EYATA: {{{desertrose}}} I hope things get fixed soon!!!