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  1. Not yet so it's going so sloooow. However, as suereu says, it's very satisfying!
  2. BUT... you don't really have to surf do you? not really. *shuffles feet* I guess not. But Moam's done. The mp3 has been uploaded here and the XviD is uploading to the same place. *shuffles feet some more, and hurries off to do WY*
  3. Hi Suereu! I've been working on the Asheville DCAT clips today and I remembered the Eugene JNT -- did we meet at that show? I know I haven't done the clips for it yet. I'm having to render at the same computer where I surf the boards and it doesn't like it when I multi-task; rendering's a hog and wants to take all the resources... *pulls hair*
  4. Looks like a scorcher of a day. Hope everyone finds a way to escape the heat. SueReu, I don't think I sent you a welcome the first time you posted. Sorry about that and thanks for all you do. FromClaygary, glad you're getting things moving. Our group hasn't posted since we tend to plan things v. v. late & nothing's definite; if there's no space we'll just swing by to chat with everyone like we did last year.
  5. Welcome, Claysmelody and muah, Caro! merrieeee, Clay brings the 104° whereever he goes!
  6. Wow, so many good posts & links today. Thank you all! luckiest, glad your little's one is on the mend. Caro, thanks as always for the nice mention. aikim, that looks too good to eat. dessertrose, :thbighug-1: ETA: Ooops! Sorry, I really meant to hug desertrose :thbighug-1: The lovely pie just made me type 'dessert'.
  7. Your nephew is one amazing kid! He'll surely be successful in life, whatever he chooses to do!!! Didn't address the book 'report' earlier because I was trying to pretend I didn't see it. I know that during droughts everyone is eager to share whatever news is available. However, I feel that we're doing ourselves a disservice by getting into all the twisted processes through which a product goes in order to reach us. To paraphrase a well-known saying, if I had to watch them being made I probably would never eat sausages nor obey the law. 'course if it were Clay making the sausages or trying to
  8. Yes it was. Thanks, strummer! Glad to see you posting again. Couchie, I meant to say this earlier -- Yay for the Storm and couchienephew!!!
  9. It was on the first cassette tape I ever bought and I always thought Ben was a mouse, not a rat. Thanks for the background info -- nice to know about the Donny Osmond connection (who was on my 2nd cassette tape). I only heard Man in the Mirror today, and yes it is great. Thanks for the link, aikim! I'd like to remember him from the best of times. He brought a lot of joy. What else matters? ETA: Oh right, KAndre. It was "Happy" and you swore it wasn't an MJ song. We had to go to google to settle things. Here's the YouTube link!
  10. My favorite Clay MJ song is that slow song that can be performed with an orchestra, TWYMMF! At which concert did you like it the best? Hearing it the first time in Houston was a special but I think the most thrilling ones (with the best audience interaction) are from Philly, LA, Newark and West Palm Beach.
  11. My favorite was from a very early album -- one where I shocked KAndre by naming a song of MJ that she didn't know about -- it was "Ben". My favorite Clay MJ song is that slow song that can be performed with an orchestra, TWYMMF!
  12. I'm working on adrenaline & fumes because I had to get up at 3am this morning to get to a boat dock on an island south of here by 5am, so although I will try not to offend I'm not sure I'll be very successful. By the week of March 6, 2009 we'd pretty much established where most of the members of this board stand with regards to Clay. That week was also characterized by much ribaldry and play-teasing, with merrieeee calling me on my sleeping with half the fandom and then in turn I sent feelers to and got rejected (sob!) by canfly. We talked a lot about whether or not we gave a hoot about so
  13. Since it's a slow night let me explain just how friendly people are over here. While driving back, Scarlett's companion thinks of buying a case of bottled water. Scarlet opines: Well... that makes sense since the hotel vending machine charges over a dollar each. A case of them would cost less than $5. Scarlett's companion starts watching for store names while driving. Scarlett's companion: Winn-Dixie? Is that a grocery store? Scarlett: *refrains from rolling her eyes (well ok, maybe they don't have them in Indiana)* Yes, it is. Scarlett's companion pulls over, walks into the store, grabs
  14. Mobile Bay itself turned out to be very pleasant and it's not as hot in the Gulf as it is inland. There was a nice breeze today. And the people who work in and around town are some of the friendliest around. I'm just worried that some of the work I'm doing will result in several of them losing their jobs, and many are close to retirement. I wish there were a better way. Couchie, yay for your nephew!!! And best of luck on the final game!!! jazzgirl and aikim, I hope you get your AC back soon!!! Heading out to supper soon... the food has been quite good! Keepingfaith, thanks for the nice pic
  15. 103 degrees in Houston is NOT the same as 103 degrees in Alabama. *fans self like someone saying, "Oh, my Lawd!"* And who sent the memo to all 30-something guys? My travel companions are in cargo shorts and plaid shirts (one of them in red). Turns out someone was very fashion-forward! Heading out for supper... I'm sure it will be low-fat, low-calorie... have to think positive! ETA: Wasn't too bad.
  16. Congratulations again, luckiest, to you & your family!!! :clap:
  17. I had to switch on the windshield wipers as I went out on an errand but the "rain" was over quickly. I hope everyone had a nice day.
  18. Lotus, our trips are very different. I went to Hongkong knowing that I was going to bring back a lot of stuff since the bargains there are plentiful (shirts for under $5, dress clothes for $16-18, etc). I put my things in a carry-on and put the carry-on into a standard piece of luggage on the way there. Coming back, I took the carry-on out and put the loot in the regular luggage. You'll be travelling by train with many segments. I think you should pack as light as possible and be prepared to take your luggage both up and down plenty of steps. The Rick Steves books are very useful for train-t
  19. Happy Father's Day to all Dads!!! Hope that all who can share this special day with their Dads/kids do!!!
  20. Aww, does anyone else think it's cute how he signs the number 3?!!
  21. Ooops, double post! ETA: BTW, I owe Clique an apology for frowning at it (virtually) everytime someone jubilantly posted that they got their OFC stuff. Turns out that mine did arrive, I just didn't know what that key in my mailbox meant -- I needed to use it to unlock another (bigger) box that had my loot! Today, I ran into my mailman and asked him what the key meant and he explained all about that then added, "It's been there a while." Clique!
  22. Oh, I went to the Farmer's Market too! I got a surprising amount of stuff for about $15 total. I need to go back soon -- next time I'll remember to swing by an ATM first. Oh, and I saw this while driving out there. Haven't seen one in years (it's more familiar from the front):
  23. I just want to hear him say "Les Misérables" again. Anything more (e.g. a skit) would be icing on the cake.