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  1. I know that feeling!! Good luck! Eighty percent of success is showing up - Woody Allen It depends. I think showing up 3 hours late (for the umpteenth time) with a roomful of people waiting to hear you speak probably leads to something else... That's so sweet...thinking... since my problem is with waking up in the morning, does that mean I should stop playing songs all night? *that'd be so miserable* So nice to hear your story liney! I'm sure they'll enjoy it so! Crossing fingers and toes for you, luckiest! You're very welcome, preden!
  2. {{{preden, hugs to you, your MIL and MIL's sister}}} :thbighug-1: Whoever they were, i wish them the very best always! luckiest, will be thinking of you at 1pm today (well at over noon here) Good <you>, you!!! Caro, hope you have a fun day with your students! a living room with a grand piano, a sofa and lots of eager minds sounds perfect for t his time of year...
  3. Thank you so much for all the good wishes! Luckiest, I hope it went v. well for you!!! Well, I did have a malfunction. And it was a big one. But it didn't last very long. And it wasn't my fault. Honest! It turned out that the mic they gave me had a frequency that was being carried by every single room in the entire training complex! So... just about everyone heard my welcome pep talk, housekeeping rules, emergency evacuation route & safety tips! I'd like to think that I started off everyone's day with a smile -- in a big way! Hee!!! *after about 10 minutes, people figured out who was talking and tried to talk me into turning in my lavalier in exchange for a handheld the rest of the morning -- horrors! never could do that! -- so i gave everyone a break, and proceeded to the ladies room myself -- BUT only after turning in the offending device. the rest of the day went well, thanks in no small part to all the good thoughts and wishes everyone sent here. Thank you!!! On topic:
  4. luckiest1, I hope your id carries the day! Have a great day, Fear, and thanks for the encouragement!!! Would love to be here instead, but I guess I need to go do what I must. *fingers crossed* Have a great day all!
  5. Good luck! I think it sounds like fun. And if you forget to turn it off, you won't be the first one (*remembers reporter at CNN*) Well if only I can get home soon and wake up in time to do it! *I hate how I can't view photobucket here at the office*
  6. Still at work and extremely nervous about that training I'm going to give the next 3 days -- first time in a huge training center, wearing a pack, etc. I'm sure I'm going to do something crazy like forget to switch it off and then head to the ladies room... On topic: Clay helped me win a "Best Tabletopics Speaker" ribbon at my last Toastmaster's meeting. It's an impromptu speech situation where you're given a question or topic and there and then you should start talking about the subject for up to 3 minutes. My question was: Have you accomplished your New Year's Resolution for 2009? That was so easy to answer after listening to the DSIAFCD banter every year... *I so miss the JNT*
  7. ITA with just about everything you and K have said except for the bolded part -- because there were 3 separate occasions, the last one on July 6, 2007 when Houston seemed extra, super, fiery hot to me. Don't you agree? And yay for your DD coming home for Christmas!!!
  8. I'm glad it's making some news because this is part of the process by which it'll become "not news" someday. People who do not experience this in their daily lifes (including people living in "progressive" cities) need to hear about it so that when the time comes for their own cities to have a similar vote, it won't be such a big step. Can we have a "virtual" JNT too?!!! Admins? I didn't realize that the combined DSIAFCD was already available -- looking forward to viewing it when I get home tonight!!! Thanks for the link!
  9. Has anyone else ever heard their alarm(s), gotten up, switched them all off, <hit F5 on FCA once or twice> and then went back to bed and slept for 2 more hours?!!!! Aaaaagh!!! I'm in going to be in such trouble at work - and I've run out of excuses.... ETA: Well, at least I'm dressed and ready to go in record time!!! (I bet any eHP who sees this'll be shocked -- it was easy, I just pretended I was late for a concert to which we had front row seats) ... runs!!! ETAA: And I could head straight to our training center @ West Alabama (since I'm supposed to be giving training starting tomorrow) to "check on things", and avoid the "rushing-into-the-office-after-9-without-a-computer" scenario I did last week...
  10. Oh I just remembered... certain people *coughKcough* owe us recaps from that weekend. They said that they were just waiting for me to finish rendering -- well I did! Link to clips & mp3's
  11. Finally dragged myself away from the banner just enough to say, "Great Banner"!!! Thanks so much, cindilu!!! And thanks to bottle too, for the pictures. I think I've uploaded all our clips from those 2 shows. Particularly liked how Parker must have heard WTOW the second night (as well as the rest of of his Christmas repertoire, songs made beautiful as only he can do)
  12. The links seem to be broken. Does anyone know if this site is "live"?
  13. It wasn't a big issue for most of the campaign. It was only toward the end when some groups started getting into it in a rather nasty way. And it is newsworthy/historical because it's this first time with one of the largest cities (houston is 4th in the country). nyc, sfo, la haven't accomplished this yet.
  14. Scarlett

    20 questions

    Does this person live in the US.... or maybe he has a US address?
  15. I liked the first time I saw her perform, but I have since seen other clips of IDAD and so have other favorites for that song.
  16. Hey, merrieee!!! Can we watch the final battle between good and evil from your media room? Apparently God is going to strike down our fair city, according to some comments on cnn.com...
  17. [/tiny voice] Can we say.... NY/ME, see how it's done? [/tv] *i know, i know, should just be thankful and shouldn't be smug... but living in texas how often can we say this?...will.stop.now*
  18. I did it!!! Despite their moving my precinct, and me not having my cellphone / GPS, I found the place and got it done!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!! I should move this to the political thread but #houmayor
  19. I checked, but unfortunately I didn't save those. (I usually don't save screen caps.) That's a great post after the caps, BTW. Thanks and that's ok, I'll just have to 'force' myself to re-watch the clips (horrors! such torture!) and make the screencaps all over again! ETA: ... I REALLY should run out to vote now *fingers crossed*
  20. Tree, thanks for the link! It's always nice to join a service early & have your choice of id. Caro, I love it! Suerue makes wonderful montages... Can't wait for her next ones!!! About that site, though, they probably should've named it soslo instead... ETA: I have a question/favor to ask. Some time ago, I posted some screencaps from my wonderful summer with Tasapio (JBT 2005). It was great to sit next to her at many shows because her view was mine and vice versa so it was so nice to see her stills and my clips together. Sometimes, though, I needed some shots that she didn't get and so I made screencaps from the vids. The link below is from a post where I'd put a bunch of 50's screen caps from the Elvis medley. Did anyone save the pictures and if you did, would you please re-send/post them? Thanks!!! My post w/ "broken" image links
  21. Looks like another cold day over here. Stay safe everyone!
  22. Scarlett

    Top Chef

    Couchie, oh no, I forgot to tell you that your guys were at the Borders Union Square yesterday. Maybe they'll be back -- you might want to check once in a chile.
  23. This Horse (wood element) thanks you - that was very cute! Oh good! That means we'll get along easily. We need to start planning that Toronto trip... If not Toronto, then somwhere on the road next year, right? Somewhere on a concert roadtrip would be best!!!
  24. Thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to when I get home. I've been in Joyful Noise withdrawal and this is just perfect!!! Also glad votergate is almost over -- I'm taking Clay's lead and not voting in Houston even though I'm still registered there. I love all the things I learn from this fandom!!! EATA: Still miss the real Joyful Noise though... *sniff*
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