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  1. Awww, I looked at the myspace of the music store that's playing JY and found a connekshun!!! My helicopters fly out of SMX and it's nice to think that the people who work on them may one day hear his songs (& not from my phone), hee!!! Some pictures of the coastline south of Santa Maria, taken with my cellphone:
  2. Hmmm Scarlett did you say I was supposed to kick you out if I saw you here tonight? :big hug: *turns quickly and protects self* Well, gg, are you sure you want my fingers anywhere near those tapes tonight? I'm all thumbs and I am so going to be beside myself if I accidentally erase anything. *not trusting self to cook tonight -- maybe I should just order a pizza?* But if you say so, I'll be a good soldier and start rendering. What do you think? Big Hugs back at ya!!! :big hug:
  3. It's a good thing I'm not grading anything today -- can barely type and probalby can't count either, but who cares, I'm finally listening to that JY link!!! Squeeee!!!! ETA: *looks up* Ok, spelling's out too... and I'm still blaming the banner!
  4. He is a hard-working consummate professional but once in a while, little things come up that make him all the more endearingly human. Others may pounce on these but for those of us who just love following this guy around, they're what make things extra special. Starting off the list... 1. Waukegan then Merrillville 2006
  5. Thanks for the link! Can't connect to it at work but will send them hits as soon as I get home. *listens vicariously*
  6. Not yet (and if you see me here tonight pls kick me out) & I'm running/rushing madly off to work because I missed all my alarms this am... and initially was annoyed that I didn't get my wake-up call... until I realized that only hotels do those! (sorry, it's my first day back at work after travelling for a while) Hope everyone's having a better start to their day than I am!!!
  7. This isn't a book but it seem to be relevant to the topic... A Story Before Bed This lets parents, grandparents, and anyone with a special child in their lives record audio and video of themselves reading a children’s book into their webcam right in their web browser. Children can watch these recordings anytime they like.
  8. Thanks bunches, Caro! What a pretty slideshow!!!
  9. Happy that you liked it. Speaking of work hmmm are you home???? goldarngirl -- Ooops, I'm supposed to be working on some things aren't I? *shuffles feet while scrutinizing them* It's... uh, it's the banner's fault! Much too distracting in my opinion!!! (thanks again, cindi! -- also for the memory of the River Rocks guy!!! *sigh* ) My Bolding ??????? Eeep!!! (caught browsing the boards again!) ETA: *waves to Caro up there!* Using a pdf is great because it universal. Most people, machines, OS's and printing services can use .pdfs. Google and other programs can also use them! However, as you pointed out, it would be great to have an online version with hot links (well they'll be hot anyways just because of the pictures) but hot in the sense that they're clickable & will lead to the timeline. Anyone care to work on it? I'd volunteer right now but gg has first dibs on my time! (after Clay of course, i.e. if a tour gets announced, everything changes right?) But seriously, I can work on it over the holidays, if no one else has the time right now. On topic:
  10. Happy that you liked it. Speaking of work hmmm are you home???? goldarngirl -- Ooops, I'm supposed to be working on some things aren't I? *shuffles feet while scrutinizing them* It's... uh, it's the banner's fault! Much too distracting in my opinion!!! (thanks again, cindi! -- also for the memory of the River Rocks guy!!! *sigh* )
  11. GG and cindilu, I love the calendar!!! Thank you so much for this and for all the wonderful work that you do!!!
  12. Just wanted to note that he blogged his choice for the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2010, eeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  13. Eeeeeeing on new songs and a tour soon (our soon, not his)!!!! :04: :04: :04: Scarlett, if funds from this fundraiser are being directed toward the National Inclusion Project, I have some things for you as well...PM me when you have time. Yes, it is! We didn't get to do our sss auction this year but I already have some items donated for it so we need to schedule one. We'd love to have anything from you -- the work you do is just exquisite! Thanks bunches!!! All the best, Lenette
  14. Caro, thanks for the ever increasingly more beautiful links and thanks to Cindi for brining the pretties! ps. Congratulations in advance!!! :clap: I was hoping to add to your list of countries but you're growing faster than I can plan any travels! Yay for a world tour *what a nice thought to begin the day!* On topic:
  15. I'm v. sorry to hear the news, {{{jmh}}} Love and strength to you and your family.
  16. spikesmom, *waves below* :waves: I'm trying to wind up a number of projects and one of these is a striped sock sirens fundraiser. Would it still be ok to use the large bag (thank you!) of beautiful items you gave even if we end up with another format, e.g. a raffle instead of an auction? Please PM. Thanks!!!
  17. I PM'ed Couchie and other folks about publishing the gorgeous pages that we have at this point. If there is anything else that is already done or has been underway but hasn't been posted, please PM me. Any other ideas will be welcome when we have another update, e.g. when there is more Unicef news. Thank you all for your ideas, energy, help and encouragement!!!
  18. I don't have last year's numbers but I think it's pretty close. I do know that the numbers for non-profits in m area are way off from last year. It's wonderful the team maintained this!!! :04: :04:
  19. I took a couple of days off to meet up with eHP partner in crime PerusingOne before winding up my work and heading home. After I picked her up at the airport, I told her about one observation I'd made about her track record this year and promised that next year, I'm going to travel with her anyplace she wants. Why? Example 1: Last March, she wanted me to take a trip with her to London&Paris on Memorial Day week. I declined. Guess who showed up in the general area. Example 2: Middle of summer, we were in Philly. She pointed out that it was Restaaurant Week in NYC and that maybe we should go. I declined. Two tweets placed someone in NYC just about that time. Example 3: A few weeks ago PerusingOne insistently sent me a slew of possible flights for me too take to the Bay Area for last weekend. She kept texting things like "but we need to visit couchie". I first decided to drive there and then declined in favor of this weekday vacation. This time we got Clack. ???!!!! So, I'm declaring it here officially. Beginning today I will follow PerusingOne wherever she wants, anwhere in the world . Her reaction? I though she'd be pleased and proud, but not to this extent. Her smug reply was, "OMG, Clay is stalking me! The nerve of him!!!" *sighs* Of course I couldn't let that go w/o replying in kind. I reminded her that she kept all her itineraries in her protected notes area in FB that only I could see. I therefore concluded that the reason Clay has been so successful in stalking her this year was because he had hacked into my account. *off to dinner. Maybe a good meal will cure our overactive imaginations*
  20. Hugs to all with the flu!!! So glad to be driving to the new clack this am... of course I'm having fight v. hard to concentrate on the road instead of the voice Thanks v. much to all who provided!!!
  21. What was I thinking, I took the songs before leaving on this trip. These are the other song clips. GOG MEAY ALAWH luckiest, I also have unrendered Darien Lakes audio and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that JY came out well since it was on a PCM (lossless audio) thingy. again.
  22. cindilu, thank you!!! It's beautiful! jmh & canfly, Sorry to take so long but I've been traveling for work since right after the Gala. Will be home soon, though, and will get to these asap. merrieeee, it makes my heart stop.
  23. Thanks very much luckiest but he gave us the clean recorded version of JY! *to die for* I just love hearing him sing "Clay Aiken music" -- *wub* like having angels wings touch my soul but with a replay button! It's what I go to when (at different times, depending on my need), I look for something to inspire, sustain or calm my moods or just get me started right in the morning. Sometimes it carries me through things, other times it lets me dream or helps me believe. Other times it's a fun thing to share with friends. I read some posts after the Gala about how some people liked listening to MR but didn't want it on a CD. (?!!! -- what is music for if not for listening? something to put on or impress people with? like music as a part of our entourage? ) It's a gift to be able to find and download this clips like the one we got yesterday, and it's too sad that people don't see or admit to what his songs can do or be for them.
  24. So true!!! Thanks for the links to the fundraisers, ldyj, FromClaygary and Caro!!! (hope I didn't forget anyone)
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