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  1. If they close the floor lights on me twice in as many hours, does it mean that the cleaning people want me to go home? On topic: ps. Yay for trying, lucky & FromClaygary. *keeps fingers crossed*
  2. Thanks, Caro! I can't wait to get home, relax and enjoy your blog and the boards but peeking in too often makes it take so much longer. Can't decide between reading now and finishing up quickly.
  3. I was going to gripe about still being at work and having an hour more to go and on top of that needing to come in early tomorrow but.... hearing / thinking /imagining that someone was also working hard at his job, creating something that we might be listening to and enjoying for years to come for took the grumpiness away...
  4. If folks in the US would allow others to RDP into their machines, then the IP's will show as US. (but maybe they're not even checking -- well if we need to, we can do something about it)
  5. Yikes, my machine just rebooted itself but luckily it came back up again. I can't lose a 2nd one in as man weeks!!!
  6. I'm on HYAMLC. Just started. BUT these aren't taking me too long, if I just applied myself. I think probably I will seriously apply myself this weekend SO I might even finish the first set by Sunday. Which would be great if I could. Me too.! I asked because my rendering machine is still not back up and will need a bit of work. I'm hoping to get most of it done this weekend, though. I'm just glad that you're not waiting on me (yet).
  7. *Sees gg and waves!* Are you done with Christmas Serenade? Where are you now? -- Thx!
  8. {{{ldyjocelyn}}} Huge bearhugs (ok elephant) to ldyj and everyone. Take care!!! :thbighug-1: :nature-smiley-014:
  9. Can't believe how light-headed I am since ended up staying overnight at workand not yet sleeping since Saturday night. That Clay Aiken sure is worth it,though!!! (and a whole lot more!!!111!!!) I'd like to get my work done before tix to whatever he's planning go on sale ETA: I'm all thumbs today. Does that give us a connection?
  10. Scarlett


    screencaps, smileys and other interesting pictures
  11. Thanks for the memories... godspeed. I think he was born here was he not? -- K? kf? Desertrose?
  12. Is there a "love everything about both pictures and Clay himself more than anything else smiley?!!!" Let me try to find one... and another... & a few more....wheeee!!! :smiley_84: :large-smiley-003:
  13. First place? short? I feel like I stumbled into the wrong board, like that girl who wanders into town in a zombie movie and starts interacting with people, then slowly realizes that something strange in going on and pretty soon needs to figure out quickly which ones are the 'good' zombies. I guess it would be easier nowadays since she could take a picture of each one with her cellphone and tag it, to avoid real-time frantic recall situations. Me? My motto would be, "Drive like a Cullen".
  14. a few more questions... 1. Are our servers based in California? Is the support team based over there too? I was wondering about the speed at which they resolved the outage this morning and I'm curious if that's a typical response time for a Sunday morning or any regular time 2. Is there anyone here who's been an admin of an IPB board that wasn't hosted by invision? How much support do those configurations get? Thanks a bunch!
  15. Thanks a bunch for the waves and hugs back, gg and ClayIzzaQT!!! It's not as bad to (still) be working late when I can swing by once in a while to see your posts and smileys! And thanks for the larger version, ClayIzzaQT!!! Spammers also like unused accounts because those have existing identities and sometimes passwords are easier to guess if the person has been on several board and has used the same password on all of them. Many IT groups recommend an annual access review, to clean out entries and free up space.
  16. Hey, gg and luckiest!!! Can I give you a hug right nere on the thread, just because? It's hard to reach you sometimes. ETA: ClayIzzaQT, I haven't contacted your friend yet because I'm working very late tonight but if you get to talk to her, please say it's a sure thing. Thanks for putting us in touch!
  17. That did sound better than the Rita evacuation. Yikes on the gutters, though. Since every storm is different, it's probably best to make sure you have our numbers in case you need someone to swoop over there and pick you up for any reason. Yay, on the poll & good work!!! ETA: Can't believe I'm at work at 6pm on a Sunday (and will be for hours if I don't take pry myself from the message boards), but at least they there are a lot of good connections to the Internet in case I need one, or two, or a few... thousand. Still miss the gigabit connection to the backbone from my office last year, though. ETAA: The problem with having multiple monitors at work is that I forget where I am when I hit F5... EYATA: Well, I'm going to be here for hours anyway. Probably should have browsed around longer.. ESOMT: How many times am I going to hit the wrong F5?
  18. I don't read anything into these polls, especially those that can be spammed, but sometimes they can be fun so I'd like to send good luck & happy thoughts to those who ware voting on this one. Have fun!!! *also sending y'all virtual goodies, encouragement, pillows, coffee, hugs, chocolate, a virtual masseuse, cheering squad, portable jacuzzi, ... and more!* ETA: Can't believe I got paged again and may have to drive in to work... *tucks away some of the above goodies, just in case*
  19. I'm thinking of getting a copy of IPB but I would like to compare it against other BB's. For those who've used it here or elsewhere, what do you think are the best / worst / your favorite features of each system. I'm interested in all features, including user-friendliness, support and available utilities and reports, but I'm especially concerned about data security, particularly the backups and logs. Since data privacy laws are more stringent in some other countries, eg. the EC members and Canada, I'd like to know if the logs/timestamps/backups/e-mail/etc are secure. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, including (I like xxxx or I find yyyy annoying because...)
  20. merrieeee, if you'll take someone who's grumpy, tired, v. sleepy, liable to bite off people's heads as well as break off any lifted finger, I'm your gal! I'll plan to fly back on Friday night, head to your place Saturday and fly out again on Sunday. This way I'll quadruple the eqm's since I'm doubling the trips and Continental has the double qualifying miles promo (thanks for that info, PerusingOne!)
  21. BTW, I work closely with our Safety groups and I seem to remember how last year you were rather concerned about your means to evacuate if the need arises during a hurricane. Have things improved by now? It's the height of the season so I hope you have made contacts and/or arrangements since then. We were worried about you and were watching for you to call in after Ike.
  22. Sorry about the hassle it took for you to do your job. Your job sounds really interesting though. I always consider you a techie, but I did not know it had to do with helicopters. What exactly do you do, if you do not mind my asking? Hi Alicia! I only just moved to this group in February and my work isn't as technical as it used to be. This week was an exception since the people who regularly do the servers are away in Australia & Papua New Guinea, so I had to do it myself and I didn't want to push it back since I'll be traveling myself soon, though nowhere near as exotic as the others. My group implements the Logistics systems that keep track of people traveling to our production sites via helicopter, fixed wing (small planes), train & crewboats. It's fun to ride helicopters that land in tiny squares in the middle of the ocean and it's cool to visit the control rooms that do flight-following (tracking the flights via a GPS system). The helicopter company we work with also does Antarctica runs for the NSF and so they have a lot of great pictures of helicopters near glaciers with penguins in the foreground. In the summer, though, places like St. John's, Halifax and parts of Alaska try to get as much work as possible done during the daylight hours so our maintenance windows are much narrower and it's somewhat frustrating to work outside of their work schedules. ETA: I know that jobs are scarce at present and I'd complain more if this one went away, plus I can't really blame people at our Founders Square office because they're also just trying to get their work done and they're actually very nice... but I just wanted to vent a little. I probably should just go get some air and work on some of those chores... thanks goodness I don't need to work on the report -- one of our contractors answered the ticket before I could get to it --- hee, sometimes stopping to complain can be a good thing!
  23. I know that there is much to be thankful for, especially while recalling yesterday's 9/11 anniversary, but I just wanted to gripe about work a bit since I'm on call this week but I have a huge backlog of chores, and had to do that late night server upgrade in the middle of the week. Started that late because apparently people in Halifax fly helicopters until 9pm in the summer and I couldn't switch off the flight system until then. Why people won't get to bed at 11pm their time to sleep or not, so that regular people can get their work done is beyond me. And just now I got a page on a report that wouldn't run -- it's Saturday, why didn't they run it yesterday?!!!
  24. Wow, it's unanimous so far on 6 votes. Have never seen a poll this uneven. And it's not that I don't like the other picture. They're both great. :thbighug-1: to the other Clay picture!
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