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  1. Constantine called a fan a something whore..heee.
    Imagines getting called a something whore by Clay... KAndre's Naughty Minion needs a spanking.

    So glad I logged on late and missed the whole chat debacle. (Sorry, JennaZ, I would have sent you the transcript but I had logged off before reading your post)

    Didn't get to answer Couchie's question on Clack to take to an island: (mostly bec. I love to watch him when he's happy)

    1. Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

    2. Raleigh TITN AI2

    3. Raleigh NAT Invisible

    4. KC Intros+DSIAFCD

    5. Vancouver Unchained Melody

    tho I would try to smuggle in more... XD

  2. there are a couple of types of 'jobs' I'd like to do with/to/for Clay, but....

    I digress B)

    muski, if there's a job involved, does that make us professionals?

    Tilles or Red Bank, we'll be there! Looking forward to finally meeting you in Amelia's city!

    whispers: Do you have anymore Toledo JBT footage?

    bottlecap, yes, quarter-to-confetti and it's in that mountain of Guilt/unrendered Clack that moans at me whenever I pass by, next to ldyjocelyn's precious Boston EF's. How did I miss that last drought? SOON! [tm:you-think-it's-Clay's-but-it's-really-mine]

    KAndre affectionately pats Scarlett on the head even though she knows Scarlett was talkin' mess about her last night...

    It's the invasion of the minions! YAY!

    You guys had lunch today??! And didn't bother to call to make me jealous? Er, how many times did we share a bite or a drop together within Houston City limits? And how many times did rumor-bearers fly in to have a drink with me right across the street from your office?... Exactly. *Affectionately nuzzles KAndre61's hand on my head nonetheless*

    I forgot - I even have an appropriate animation to mark the occasion.

    snowflake_tumbling_md_wht.gifYEAH FOR THE UNICEF SNOWFLAKE LIGHTING!snowflake_tumbling_md_wht.gif

    How does Clay Aiken light a snowlake and my fire at the same time?

    Thanks so much to everyone for the warm welcome!!! *squishes y'all right back* Uh, how many posts before you can find out who jmh123 really is?*

  3. Someone doth protest too much about not being a minion....

    The evil Houston posse is just one of the best things ever...especially when we have member fly in from out of town...we aren't really close to each other (on East Coast terms) but on Texas terms we're just a hop, skip and a jump from each other...

    Hop, skip and a jump = Track#12 to Track#15 if there isn't a wreck; rubbernecking adds 3 songs.

    Still, I miss the time earlier this year when you were just 3 blocks away and one of the streets I'd have had to cross (& straddle a bit) was named Clay.

    *stands next to JennaZ and waves*