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  1. Please take both!!! Can't bear to pick one!!!! *cries along with bottle* *wants to stare at these all day instead of working...*
  2. ClayIzzaQT, I may have something for your friend. Could you PM me at CV (my inbox here is somewhat full)? Also, didn't we share a room at the Asheville DCAT? That Crowne Plaza was just a maze of tinytwisty passages, all alike.... Thanks for your help with the clack security that night! ETA: BTW, gg, I hope I'm not keeping you waiting on the Vancouver clips. My hard drive got fried last weekend so I need some time to get all set again. Also need to tell you again how much I love the work you and lucky do!!! ETAA: Can't believe I have to work on a serverat 9pm tonight -- thank goodness for VPN...
  3. #1 for me, for the calendar, and for always!
  4. Hey, Scarlett!! Just visiting!! I was thinking of you last weekend because the eHP took a road trip to explore the Hill Country. I wrote a bit about it upthread and the only part I'm missing was our Plucker's Wings & Amy's Ice Cream night in Austin on Sunday. Some will argue for Amy's over Bluebell but I love them both! We were reminiscing about the nice tix we had last year and I remembered how you passed on that extra A105 for the Saturday of the 2nd last weekend of Spam. I wish you had been able to come because I ended up giving it away. *crosses fingers that we all run into the same sort of luck in the future*
  5. *waves at Marilyon down there* Haven't seen you since you, Meesa & Puddinsjoy came to visit our hotel room last year. Good times!!!
  6. So nice to wake up to more answers... and I forgot to *squeeeeee!!!!* on the JBT one...that's probably my most exciting one to hear!!! Have nice day, FCA!!! :nature-smiley-014:
  7. Me too!!! And I also loved his answers tonight -- especially the ones about other American Idol seasons, the calendar and the JBT. And *bleep* he knows/uses/took my "big" word. *waves at canfly! pls let sparky know about the good thoughts being sent her way!*
  8. kf, sorry but no Schlitterpix -- for once I had no place to keep a camera. But we missed you and merrieeee and hope to hang together sometime. Will be heading home after a late lunch. It was a good trip -- would have been a lot better if it had been a concert road trip, I sure miss those, but we had a relaxing time. jmh, thanks for the good wishes! cindilu2, Still loving the new banner!!! and Belated HBD, ausdon! Hope you had a great day!!! On topic: ETA: KAndre says, we're counting on the FCA bail fund...
  9. Yes, nice banner!!! Thanks, cindilu2!!! And thanks for the foundation news!!! eHP update: We're finally up and ready to go (swimmers and non-swimmers alike) to the no. 1 waterpark the country. would appreciate good thoughts sent our way!!!
  10. Just swinging by quickly to post some bbq pictures and report that we made it to San Antonio (KAndre, Solo, PerusingOne and I). The day's going well so far. By 11:30 we'd hit the best bbq in Texas and had some of the best ice cream too (well, we went through Brenham and the Bluebell factory wasn't open yet so we didn't get to do the tour but we bought some after breakfast) Off to show PerusingOne the Alamo....
  11. I just have to say that viewing Clay Aiken message boards on a tiny screen does.not.work!!!.....all that scrolling... aaaargh!.... and especially the part where you need to choose between looking at the banner or at actual content....eeeep....how to choose?!!!
  12. {{{georgiesmybaby}}} It was so sad to hear the news. :thbighug-1: What a morning it's been. I woke up to find out that my main computer's boot drive had been knocked out by a storm in the night (and it was connected to a surge protector too). I hope it was only the boot sector and that the rest of the drive was intact. HBD, merrieeee!!!
  13. All I got for #1 is Everything I Don't Need canfly -- good to see you posting! I hope things are ok and that the Internet connection's back. It isn't EIDN. These two are both of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" and "Louie, Louie" type. Also, it's probably helpful to say that "my darling" and "my superior" represent the same word. I was just trying the variations that this word has in other languages, eg. Japanese where "my darling" is anata and "my superior" could be omaesan.
  14. Lol, couchie! There is a little story behind that one. The first night in Atlanta security was so tight that hardly anyone dared take out a camera. After the show, tasapio, Invisible926 and I had a little meeting in my room and talked things through, trying various ways of doing things. After practising a bit, we came up with a number of strategies -- and they paid off big time on the 2nd night.
  15. Hey Scarlett, are these files different than the ones that are already in the vault? I see a Christmastime XviD at 140 MB with a date of Nov 6, 2006. Just wondering if I need to download these latest ones for reviewing purposes, or if the old ones are the same content. Thanks. This song was orginally the only one I was going to re-do for your montages because gg told me that there was a slight glitch in the version in the vault. Then, when I looked at the vault files I saw that there were gaps so I'm running a clean full set of XviDs for the whole show. Currently uploading SR, JB, CS, Vignette1 & 2...
  16. {{{canfly}}} Glad you're working around it but it was scary for a while... Can't decide between these songs, so I have 2: song1 - a requirement unquestionably unflinching unconventional one's superior song2 - obey my darling take possession of over and over
  17. You're always welcome, gg. I only wish it didn't take so long to get started -- I know it's been over a week since you asked for these. The files will be uploaded here and right now all it contains is the 1st song - Christmastime XviD - 99 MB. As always, please only download the XviDs if you know that your computer can run them. Otherwise, please use the mp4's or the vault files (large & small wmv's) when they get uploaded. Thanks!
  18. Speaking of vids, I'm re-doing the Vancouver JNT05 to answer for goldarngirl's call for clips. Didn't realize it but I'd only rendered part of the show, even missing important parts like the one where he talked to LauraQ who was right in front of me. Will post links as they go. After this, per gg, it's Hollywood, FL with the ones from the 2nd set that canfly took with mine. waves to goldarngirl down there. I hope it's ok to do the vignettes & songs as individual files (not sure how you plan to run the montages from them... I'm up to HYAMLC but can redo if you want them another way...)
  19. Would love to see it, Fear! And thanks for the pictures you've uploaded so far (... are there more? *puppy eyes*) They look wonderful!!!
  20. Made me go...HUH? (too lazy to go to PB. Picture Clay staring blankly at you) How the heck ya gonna do dat? We can't draw pictures in here! I'm just gonna stick with rewording the title cuz that's the only way this simpleton knows how, lol. I'm gonna give it away... Bodily fluid retains it's strength forever. :thbighug-1: {{{canfly}}} what a day you had!!! is it Blood Will Never Lose Its Power?
  21. Why don't we try to do it like Pictionary -- The objective is to give an easy clue that people will guess it in as little time (or as few tries) as possible, but w/o using words in the title nor just paraphrasing it. What do you guys say?
  22. *sighs* Would love to practice but there just isn't anything to work on. Unlike cellcert phones for which I would go to other shows to test (a couple of years ago, Solo got me front row center for Chicago at the Woodlands Pavillion when we were testing a new phone), I'm not bringing a camera for anyone else.
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