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  2. HI Everyone! I know it's been a week since the official sale for Salt Lake city, sorry. Anyway....I got row 15 aisle seats on the FLOOR. Which is much better for me...because last time I was row 24! WHOO!
  3. wow, how can some of you afford to go to more than one concert? I'm still saving penny by penny for saturday, 10 Am! I'm afraid that quite a few rows are going to be sold already! I've got to beat row 24!!!
  4. Hey! So presale is going on right now....SO not fair... Anyways, most ticket sales are happening on Saturday, and of course, I'm going to be going to the NOvember 15th, Salt Lake City concert. I hope for great floor tickets, as I'll log in registered and hurry and buy my tickets! Anybody got theirs yet?
  5. *Dances* COnfirmed, Confirmed!!!!! HE'S BEEN CONFFFIIIIRRRMED! *SQUEE* Pardon my fangirl-ishness. But I"m so excited. Now if there's anyone around my city that is willing to go with me, I've got a reputation to keep up! Tickets go on sale at 10 AM on saturday! I better get good tickets!
  6. Yeah, I was wondering about this. Why can't they just let it out by seasons, like other shows? Even reality shows like SURVIVOR get dvds by the season. I still have (I can't believe that I do) original taped on the air videotapes of The top 5, the top 4, and the finale from season 2. I dig them out every once in a while, but it was before we got comcast, so some of them aren't great reception.
  7. I just looked at the event center schedule and he's not even confirmed! Should I panic!!!???!
  8. I think i'm moving to the forbidden woods and becoming Omish!
  9. eh.....I didn't know he was coming to my city until I finally found the concert list.... *feels stupid* But still, some people Don't get Clay! Sorry about that, Nickikiwi!!! I feel very fortunate indeed!
  10. Not for long after Rita sits in, I'm afraid!
  11. SPOILERS: A person on our site thinks he figured out what one of the horcruxes is. At Lord Voldemort's rebirth....Harry was tied to Tom Riddle's grave....and the grave opened up when Voldemort commanded it to (tho wormtail did it for him) You think that for the rebirth he needed a little bit of soul into that potion? With the gravestone cracking open, this guy thinks that that is one of the horcruxes.
  12. Just looked at the list, apparently he's confirmed for my state! YAY!!!!! But, to prove my point, there are a lot of peopel not being able to see him. My sister and some of my friends in Michigan aren't able to have a concert, but hey, They had Jukebox, and I didn't. EDIT: why did I have an angry face in there before expressing elation? bwah haahahaa. Silly me.
  13. yes........well. I only heard it was going to be a few! He always seems to skip over my state!
  14. Why is Clay only going to big an known cities in the United States? He didn't even come to the WEst United states for the jukebox tour. I absolutley love the Merry Christmas with Love Cd......but it's been so long since I've seen him! (March 2004, Independent tour) It's kind of unfair sometimes. Hahaha. The closest one to me would be the one in Canada, I think. And that's 1000 miles north!
  15. Great Balls of fire! It's $3.09 here where I live! Is there anyone who can top that? I need a gas-efficient car! Going up to college and back everyday, it's not the smartest thing in the world to be driving a cadillac!
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