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  1. Your welcome, couchie. Is your auction still on? If you want I will take bids on the item I have donated and send the money in to you of BAF. Whatever you want. Let me know.
  2. I am waiting to hear confirmaton from at least three people as to whether they have received their items. Please post or PM me, once again, and let me know if you have received your items. I will be sending a check to BAF for $25.00, to be put into FCA's alpha beta account. Thanks to all those who bought items from me and helped me to donate some money to Clay's charity as well. Deducted from my gross earnings: Shipping costs: $83.09 Packaging: $30.91 PayPal Fees: $15.77 My net proceeds come to $247.32 which I will round off to an even $25.00. I will get that to BAF ASAP. I will send
  3. Here is what I have left to sell and what I'd like to have for it. Buyer pays shipping. I will more than likely accept any reasonable offer, as well. I will leave the sale on through the 8th of February, and then it will be over. After I take out shipping and handling and PayPal fees I will donate 10% of the net total to BAF, to be put under FCA's Alpha Chapter. I had already planned to do that. couchie allowed me to post my stuff here. Plus the fact that all/most of my buyers were from this board. Except for the FCA pins, Couchie gave me, I have already promised and made plans for what is l
  4. I just wanted to apologize for not updating my post. I have been without power from Tuesday morning until Friday at 6:00Pm. Our state has had the worst ice storm in our history. Over 150,000 people in the Fayetteville/Springdale area were without power. They are hoping to get up to 95% connection by the end of the weekend. Our neighborhood looks like a tornado went through or a bomb was dropped. They have called in help from Texas, Oklahoma, and all over to help. Long story short I am just now getting access to my computer again. I will be updating and cleaning up my list of stuff ASAP.
  5. __________ Hi everyone. This is sad to say, but I must get rid of my Clay memorabilia. Husband no longer wants a Clay Aiken Shrine taking over our walk-in closet. LOL He is no longer negotiable on the matter. Instead of giving stuff away or trying to sell it on EBAY, I thought I would offer it for sale to the existing online fans. This way it helps me to keep peace in my marriage, and to raise a little money for the BAF at the same time. I'll be donating 10% of what I get to The Bubel Aiken Foundation. So please keep that in mind. Some things I will have set prices for and others I will tak
  6. Love, Love, Love this picture.................
  7. I always loved this shirt but, never ordered one. I should remedy that soon.
  8. Did anyone happen to catch Donald Trump's celebrity show last night? God I can't believe I watched it. I was trying to see what was on and I saw Trace Adkins was one of the celebrities. I like him. He's a country singer with a deep voice like Josh Turner. Has long hair down to his ass. So now I guess I will have to check in on the show to see how far he goes. So far, last night, Nadia Comanich (sp) and some playboy girl got fired, in back to back episodes. Then I dreamed about me spending the weekend with Trace Adkins. It was such a weird thing to dream about him, but it was good.
  9. I finished Hannibal Rising, lucky, and I looooved it. No Anthony Hopkins in it as you had told me before, but the actor who played Hannibal was very good. The movie made me feel sort of sorry and sympathetic to Hannibal, in his later life. I may watch Alexander this afternoon. I imagine it to be a movie about like 300. It's about Alexander The Great. I have heard it isn't that great, but then I always like to watch for myself. Oh I forgot to mention that I watched Transformers the other day. Special effects were good, but I wasn't that crazy about the movie. couchie I thought of Steven Kin
  10. The latest movies I have watched: 1. The Devil's Advocate-I love Al Pacino. Older movie but I liked it. 2. Rock Star-Jennifer Anniston & Mark Wahlberg 3. Slither-Another old one. I like horror and science fiction stuff. As well as psychological thrillers. 4. Fallen-Denzel Washington & John Goodman. 5. Dream Catcher-One of Steven King's. I love everything he does Right now I have borrowed from my son, Planet Earth. It is not a movie, per se, but it is awesome. Done by the BBC and the photography is to die for. Very educational and a great thing for families to watch together. Set
  11. Love Johnny Depp. I want to see both of these movies. I Am Legend and Sweeney Todd. I saw some old movie on the Bet channel the other day. I don't know the title of it, as I came upon it somewhere in the middle. It starred Morgan Freeman as a principle of East Side High, who turned the school around. Sort of another "To Sir With Love." I love Morgan Freeman more than Denzel, as an actor, I think. Both are good, but there is just something about Morgan. I am so behind by the time I get to see movies, they are usually 2 years old.
  12. Gee I couldn't find the welcome emoticon, but welcome to the newbies anyway.
  13. OMG!! I actually remember being at that restaurant! I remember something! Wheeeee!!! Of course, I remember nothing about the food. I just remember those people doing that dance and NicMic trying to (unsuccessfully) get me to buy her book. We need a "knee slapping" laughter emoticon. I was there for that too, and no I didn't buy her book either. Whatever happened to her, anyway? I think I was a member of Rebels or RHT at the time, and I got a huge sneer look from the heavier set woman who seemed to be in charge with NicMic. She must of been an angelwinger. Ahhhhh good times.