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  1. Thank you for acknowledging that I didn't make that up. It's nice to know that some people can still read a person's post and not cherry pick out words and twist them around in an effort to purposely try to embarrass or humilate someone. With the intent of trying to send them packing or shut them down. You never used used to post the way you did yesterday, either, couchie. You would take it to PM if you an issue with me. I find it terribly two faced of you, couchie, and some members of your board, to be such a nice person when you are talking to me in PM or privately. When others can't read
  2. I wish I could be as good a fan as you and your board are couchie. There doesn't seem to be a board out there that suits me anymore. All of them with their own little cliques and unless you tow the line you are not accepted. Sort of harkens to what I was saying about how many fans have been run off by the behavior of other fans and their treatment of you. This board used to be filled with a bunch of smart ladies. I miss them. But, as you said, dynamics change and people move on. I agree with you on that. Enjoy your cd. I hope it arrives soon, and good luck on your auction for BAF. I'm sor
  3. You're kidding right? Bwahaa!!!! Clay is most definitely one stubborn diva man. Now, if Kelly Clarkson can get away with calling Clay a diva or princess, then I guess I should get a pass, seeing as how I am a fan. I find it incredable that some of you would call Clay a liar. He most definitely said his fans cost him radio play. Perhaps he was lying but he did say it. It is not my words, I just agree with him. IIRC it was a fan who reported him saying that in a M&G. However, you all know how my memory is. I'm not going to go searching for where he said it, but come on. Love me or hate m
  4. I suppose David Foster would have first chance to sign Clay up. So many of Clay's fans have wanted that. I've always said to be careful what you wish for. If you don't like Josh Groban or Michael Buble, you probably won't like Clay going there. I know I hope he doesn't go there. I still think his grammy could of come from contempory Christian music had he of gone that route instead of pop. Of course, now that he is out of the closet. I don't think he could do that now. Unless Christians have changed their thoughts about people being gay. From the reactions of some of his fans, I'd say they
  5. Were you talking to me scarlett? 'Cause I do find lots of joy and happiness in my life other than Clay and his fans. I also find joy in Clay. I didn't think I was beating down on Clay himself, just speaking what I consider the truth. However, once in awhile some of his fans just beg to be beaten down on. They've been blaming RCA for everything wrong in Clay's life for 6 years. So excuse me if I am glad that RCA is out of the picture, for that reason only. That I am happy that all of us who did not ascribe to that line of thinking won't have to read about it or scroll anymore. That the poor de
  6. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20...ss-topheadlines Finally he is done with RCA. Now if he continues to be blacklisted on radio, or fails to sell cds, and sell out arenas, or continues to make cds of cover songs, who are we going to blame? It will be interesting to see if he can find another label who will take him. Personally, I don't think he wants a serious singing career, anymore, or if he ever did. I think those were just my dreams for him. IMHO he never took the music buisness all that serious. He just wanted to do what he wanted to do, good for him for being true to himse
  7. Your welcome, couchie. Is your auction still on? If you want I will take bids on the item I have donated and send the money in to you of BAF. Whatever you want. Let me know.
  8. I am waiting to hear confirmaton from at least three people as to whether they have received their items. Please post or PM me, once again, and let me know if you have received your items. I will be sending a check to BAF for $25.00, to be put into FCA's alpha beta account. Thanks to all those who bought items from me and helped me to donate some money to Clay's charity as well. Deducted from my gross earnings: Shipping costs: $83.09 Packaging: $30.91 PayPal Fees: $15.77 My net proceeds come to $247.32 which I will round off to an even $25.00. I will get that to BAF ASAP. I will send
  9. Here is what I have left to sell and what I'd like to have for it. Buyer pays shipping. I will more than likely accept any reasonable offer, as well. I will leave the sale on through the 8th of February, and then it will be over. After I take out shipping and handling and PayPal fees I will donate 10% of the net total to BAF, to be put under FCA's Alpha Chapter. I had already planned to do that. couchie allowed me to post my stuff here. Plus the fact that all/most of my buyers were from this board. Except for the FCA pins, Couchie gave me, I have already promised and made plans for what is l
  10. I just wanted to apologize for not updating my post. I have been without power from Tuesday morning until Friday at 6:00Pm. Our state has had the worst ice storm in our history. Over 150,000 people in the Fayetteville/Springdale area were without power. They are hoping to get up to 95% connection by the end of the weekend. Our neighborhood looks like a tornado went through or a bomb was dropped. They have called in help from Texas, Oklahoma, and all over to help. Long story short I am just now getting access to my computer again. I will be updating and cleaning up my list of stuff ASAP.
  11. __________ Hi everyone. This is sad to say, but I must get rid of my Clay memorabilia. Husband no longer wants a Clay Aiken Shrine taking over our walk-in closet. LOL He is no longer negotiable on the matter. Instead of giving stuff away or trying to sell it on EBAY, I thought I would offer it for sale to the existing online fans. This way it helps me to keep peace in my marriage, and to raise a little money for the BAF at the same time. I'll be donating 10% of what I get to The Bubel Aiken Foundation. So please keep that in mind. Some things I will have set prices for and others I will tak
  12. There are a lot of feminists in Claynation, I see. Including me. Ordered is my word, not my husbands. No one orders me to do anything. However, I think all of us know when our husbands have reached their limits and are serious about something. It's called putting your foot down, and that he has. I've put mine down a few times with him as well. Let's just say he strongly urged and recommended I get rid of it. He has reached his tolerance level and wants it gone. He made his feeling quite known to me. I love my husband more than Clay and I acknowledge and honor his feelings. I suspect he is
  13. I hope it is alright to post this here. I have to get rid of my Clay stuff. Please, don't anyone interpret this as me no longer being a fan. He will always have my love, support, and respect. I plan to continue following his career. It's just that I will be doing it from afar. I will still attend concerts and buy his cd, only no longer in multiples. I've been ordered to get rid of and to stop all the Clay memorabilia collecting. Per husband. Please check out this link and share it with your other friends. Thank you. http://rebelsforclayaiken.yuku.com/topic/4439
  14. I just love him so....................
  15. Merry Christmas to all who may dwell here. Merry Christmas if even just one. May the joy of the season surround you Merry Christmas with love............. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Obr6LOmD_c...feature=related May good health, good wealth, and love be bestowed on all of you and your families in 2009.
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