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  1. Hi, couch tomatoe---I'm still Clayverting folks lol I can use more of Clay's cds to give away. I don't have all of them anymore...If you can spare the MOAM cds & ATDW cd It would be appreciated and put to good use. I still love this man and always will. I'm sooo saddd that there won't be more cds or tours. We had so many great times together! Please let me know......and Thanks. Sincerely, RUBY Hi, Rochelle33.... long time, no see.
  2. EVERYTHING I DON'T NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 favorite for me!!!!!!! I've been obsessed with this one since the first listen!!!!!!!!!!!! The QVC studio acoustics were poor and I couldn't wait to hear this from the recording studio!!!! It's even better then I expected!!!!! Hearing it for about the 30th time............drove around aimlessly yesterday with this on repeat for too long but I can't get enough of it!!!! Love the jazzy, bluesey sound....and the GROWL!....and just before the first chorus when he groans "Well, now!" in such a sexy way!! You know what I mean? I love the lyrics and the angst.....sort of like I Survived you when he was 'acting' angry! This time it sounds very 'real' and wonderful ! Let him go, Lady! He doesn't need you anymore! Got it? He has all of us fans!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  3. I wanted to be here for the party! Sorry I'm late-----------but for good reason! Had to order 2 more cds from Best Buy only $&.99 free shipping!! The website just wouldn't accept my Visa! Can you imagine?! So I missed the first song.......and don't know what I'm doing here! Carry on and I'll figure it out and catch up. I missed you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Ashes EIDN and Oh, I love them all!