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    Buying these pins for my wife and her twin sister!
  1. Would also be interested in these items, they will be well cared for by a loving Clay fan, my wife Darlene, thanks for sharing, take care, David Planet Magazine (Cover story) Jan/Feb 2005 Claymate Handbook Play Ball 2003 Durham Bulls Championship Fun booklet (Clay on cover) Joyful Noise 2005 TOUR BOOK Independent TOUR BOOK Joyful Noise TOUR BOOK NOT A TOUR 2004 TOUR BOOK Pak of Clay Aiken publicity photos (Xmas album/special) Vanity Fair Dec 2003 - Inside - great photo Idol judges and Clay and Rubn with dogs HITS (Clay on cover) January 2004 Caregiver Magazine (cover) July/August 2004 McAdams Print - Clay in Red jacket (plastic frame)
  2. Would love to add the following items to my ladies collection, if they are still available, glad to pay the postage, thanks, David 6. Clay Christmas wrap - one of the Xmas tours (2 packs) 9. Lighting and Sound Magazine - Clay on cover (story on the idol tour) 10. Jukebox tour poster. Fan made I believe but very nice. (2 of them) 12, Elle Magazine - Clay Aiken is Huge (need I say more) 13, Entertainment Weekly - Best of 2003 Issue 22 Clay Aiken Christmas postcard w/Chelsea Symphony Orchestra
  3. Word is slowly getting out to us pin collectors..... I collect pins for my wife and her twin sister, we love the Halo and Devil's tail, great pin design, hope to see it up for sale soon.....take care, David