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    My interests are Clay...Clay pins...Clay merchandise...Clay pins and more Clay pins. I am such a pin-aholic. Really I am a anything clay-aholic.
  1. I wanted to say that the Georgia Claymates site is a great one. I am part of them and I love the site, and I am not just saying that. We have some reviews of concerts and pictures of meetings and omc. We also have a funny section that everyone must check out that is with the pictures aka the claymates at large - it is too funny and you gotta check it out. Kimmie Georgia Claymates- come and check us out!
  2. I have my tickets to the Atlanta Concert. I can hardly wait to see him...Is it hot in here or is it just Clay? Whew! Anyways I have seats in the lodge which is the next row up fro the floor and on the 5th row. I have never been to the Atlanta Civic center so I have no clue where I will be sitting. Got my fingers crossed that I dont have to wear my glasses and a binocular. I was on the last row on the floor at the last concert I went to (Independent tour) And I forgot my glasses, so I wore my moms and had binoculars and still couldnt see him. Oh Well. Maybe I will win a meet and greet. Hope I can see him then. lol.