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  1. Hey guys, please don't put my name on anything. Thanks. You see, I just don't think I'd last too long in the slammer.....
  2. Well maybe Clay knew and couldn't help what had to be done. Anyway I understand the legalities and agree with you all. We will just have to come up with better ideas. Makes it harder that's all. I can't stop loving Clay - I'm hooked for life I suppose.
  3. Hi everyone. I was very upset when I heard about the C&D letter. I would have preferred Clay to make an announcement to his fans that he wanted us to stop making the pins first before his lawyers resorted to a CEASE and DESIST letter. I just think it would have been a better way to handle the situation. I know not everyone agrees with me. I have always been one to say things before thinking it through. But I am calming down now and I still love Clay. I understand the reasons for everything that has happened NOW. Couch Tomato, you explained it very well in this first post.
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