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  1. At first, I wasn't really too into the show. My mom's crazy about it, though! So one day, I decided to sit down and watch it with her... I ended up liking the show! I love how elegant it is... I want Mario to win as well! He's my favorite!!
  2. I too am a bit shocked and upset that today is the last day of JNT 05. On the bright side, there is Clay's album to look forward to next year. Yet, it's not the same as being able to see Clay and breath the same air as him when you see him in concert. I will most certainly miss JNT, and I will miss Clay and everyone else who made this tour possible. Today, I am happy and sad at the same time. Sad because of the tour ending. Happy because I FINALLY got the LTS Audio CD! Now I can listen to Clay WHENEVER AND WHEREVER I want!!!! Does anyone else have the LTS CD? Isn't it great?
  3. hey everyone. I know this is not clay-related, but.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS/MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HANUKKAH(sp, sorry)!!!!! May your holidays be safe and merry. You too, Clay.... Enjoy this break/holiday with your family. Please get some rest!
  4. Please, can someone fill me in on what happened to Gregory? I'm so worried, is he okay?
  5. Dear me, I haven't been on the boards in like forever! I know I missed a lot! Can someone please fill me in on what's been going on? lol. I missed Clay on Dear Santa and on GMA.... however, I tape recorded him on The Early Show!
  6. A Big happy bday to Carol1957bikes!!!! New York is supposed to be getting about 4-8" of snow tomorrow morning. I just hope Clay will be safe traveling to Rhode Island! I'm a little bit behind on posts, considering I haven't been here for awhile. lol. Enjoy your night, everyone.
  7. Happy Birthday, Clay darling!!! Enjoy your day, sweetie!!! 27.... wow!! *HUGS TO CLAY* I don't have the heart to give him birthday punches...
  8. OMG!!!! thanks so much for telling me!!! *hugs BOTTLECAP*!!! i've been worrying so much... i love you , thanks so much.
  9. A big welcome to clayismynumber1 !!!!
  10. I know this is completely OT, but, i was just wondering if anyone signed up for a meet and greet? if so, did you win? I signed up for the meet and greet for Dec. 2nd. I never got an email or phone call notifying me I won. So, I probably didn't... just wondering if anyone else here won, or signed up...??
  11. Jen

    Audio Books

    Jen -- yes, Clay reads the CD version of LTS. It's wonderful to hear him tell his stories! I've listened to it too many times to mention! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> oooo... now i definitally wanna get that CD!! thanks, ldyjocelyn.
  12. Jen

    Audio Books

    I really want the Learning To Sing Compact Disc!!! Does anyone know if Clay is the speaker on the CD? or is Allison Glock the speaker?