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  1. I'll be relying on clack also. Having my knee replaced 3-1 so I know I won't be making it there or anywhere for a while. I'm hoping for a tour this summer. PLEASE!!!
  2. Wrong again! as usual I had the brothers mixed up. Luke is the one I have preferred. I saw the piece on ET last night and realized I had them mixed up. Whatever, it's still sad to have worked hard and attained such success only to find out you're still not happy. Sad.
  3. How sad! I have always preferred him and his roles to the more goofy roles his brother Luke takes. I thought that Owen was the one who did the most writing of the brothers, but I may have that wrong. I haven't kept up with them very closely at all. It's always the people who on the outside seem to have control of everything who turn out to be having problems that no one else knows about. Or so it seems to me. Anyway I hope he gets whatever it is he thinks he wants or needs.
  4. Does anyone know what time the concert starts tonight?
  5. I'll be here too. What time does the concert start Central Time? :TourExcite:
  6. Sounds like the girls are a little more 'on' tonight! That should be good.
  7. Me too. [double sigh] I am accomplishing nothing around here. Just sitting round wishing I was in CA. Too dejected to even write. Me too. [double sigh] I am accomplishing nothing around here. Just sitting round wishing I was in CA. Too dejected to even write. Wish I was Clay's dog walker cause then I'd be in CA.
  8. So sorry that this has happened to her and to you. You know, we hide a lot of things from each other, even more from the people whose opinions we value most. This may be something new or he may have been more controlling all along than she wanted you to realize. And now, not being able to hide it at this point, it may be so embarrassing as well as disappointing for her that she just can't talk about it. I think I would give it a day or two and then call her. You know her best but it might be better to just talk about something else and let her bring it up if she wants. If this is an ongoing situation, she will probably just want to pretend it didn't happen. If it's something new, maybe she'll give you some clue as to what part of it she is willing to talk about. I know that's leaving the elephant in the room, but sometimes that's just the way some of us have to live. I wish I were smarter and knew of some easy way to ease the pain, but sometimes there just isn't one.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Ldyjocelyn, thanks for the info. Hope to meet everyone in Houston. Playbiller, my apologies, I wasn't trying to make anyone feel guilty for not attending TULSA concert, I was only trying to convey my desire to meet you and Ansa who I have become slightly more familiar with than the others. Maybe in Houston. We are so happy to have Clay in OK that perhaps I have become too enthusastic. Hopefully, all of us have other interests in our lives. Your life sounds very full & interesting, although I am very sorry to hear about your job.
  10. playbiller, ansa -- why are you skipping Tulsa? Don't hurt our feelings.
  11. I would sure like to meet some of you at the parties (concerts) I'm attending: Frisco, Houston & TULSA. Will there be any get-to-gethers at any of those cities? I would sure like to meet some of you that I have been talking to (I know, I'm the quiet, silent Okie type).
  12. Couchtomato (and everyone else in the caregiver situation), I feel for you. I took care of my mother during her last years when she had colon cancer. It's a hard job and it takes up a lot of time. My mom was a very good patient which was rather strange since she had not been all that patient before she got sick. She was not that old at all (64 when she died) and I know I won't be able to be that patient and compliant as I get more sick. She had her moments, of course, but all in all she tried to make it easy for us (my Dad & two other sisters). My Dad, who is 82 and going strong, is going to be another matter altogether. One problem with our medications is the method they use to test them. They test these things on people who may have the illness they're trying to help but they don't want them to have any other issues that might affect the way their medication reacts. We all know that you rarely have just one thing going on. A person with diabetes may also have high blood pressure, gout, migraine headaches, or a plethora of other illnesses that pop up once you start getting sick. So sometimes there's no way they can tell during their testing the problems that are going to come about once a group of people who also have other problems start taking their meds. I'm sure they have methods to try to take this into account, but they just can't cover all of the bases. Anyway, just know that you are not alone and that there are a whalloping big bunch of us trying to cope with the same issues. We have to hold each other up.
  13. One thing you should keep in mind is that you should never discontinue taking one of these meds without talking to your doctor first (or at least the nurse so they can put it in the records). If there was an emergency and they got the records from the doctor it might cause confusion and she might not get something that might help her because they think she is taking that medication. I'm not sure that sounds right. Sometimes my thoughts don't come out straight. Very few doctors are able to talk easily with their patients or the families. They haven't had any training on that aspect of their practice although I've read that they are starting to add classes in how to communicate with the patient and family. I sure hope so. I am fortunate to have a doctor that is very kind and patient. The insurance companies have really put the doctors in a crunch when it comes to them having sufficient time with each patient. Insurance has cut down on the amount they will pay the doctors per patient visit so they are trying to see more patientsi n order to make the same amount of money they were making before. This may sound like I'm sympathetic to the doctors only, but I just wanted to put that out there to think about. It helps to have your thoughts organized (hard for me) and have it down on paper. I try to write down all of the questions I want to ask and then I just hand the paper to my doc and he answers them as well as anything else that might come up. Also, sometimes you need to make a follow-up appointment. When I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver caused by NASH (non-alcoholic steatic hepatitus), I was in such shock that I just blocked out the bad part. I should have requested a follow-up visit for a couple of weeks later after I had time to take it in. Some doctors do that automatically, but most don't. I think playbiller has the right idea about going to the group meetings. I have always found that talking to other people in the same situation helps you put things in perspective.