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  1. I've been picturing Parker trying to climb up Daddy's knee and him saying 'go play with Raleigh and Durham, Daddy's got to attention his women'!!! lol
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL WHO DWELL HERE! I enjoy your posts all year long!
  3. Well, I'm Katy- and I would love to stay inside and watch TV with Clayton too!
  4. It's hard to deny that mike stand when he's holding her.................just saying
  5. ClayIzzaQT.......I for one am SHOCKED to read you are looking, gazing longingly, whatever, at that thumb! Methinks you are remembering a picture taken in 2204 or 2005 where that thumb was holding a sharpie. Surely not, surely you are maturing into a fine clean minded lady by 2009! Goes off to a private corner to contemplate thumbs and fingers - make that Clay thumbs and fingers!
  6. I wish this contest would go on FOREVER! I'm so impatient while the page is loading, dancing in my chair singing, "show me the purties, show me the purties"! Yeah I know, they are coming for me soon, but I've had a great run!
  7. Definitely! Love the list, aikim, and the addendum, bottlecap! This man says I know who I am, I like who I am, I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! My bad -- I thought the thumbnail would show! keepingfaith, I so agree! Love the banner, cindilu2! :clap: LOL, guess my avatar is coming back into style. Many thnx, katy4clay! Caro That's what I think too, same length and color, just pushed behind the ear. I'm crazy for the other pic too (from GFI) Love that look, so sexy....
  8. kind of the same look with the hair pushed back with the sun glasses. Same color, same length. My absolute favorite!!
  9. Call me twisted, but I'm seeing a lot of "come to Daddy" in some of those pictures.......and I don't mean he's talking to Sweet P. I think I have to study some more to be surer.....got any more?
  10. I'm probably missing everything here, but have to rush out. Two questions, do we know who the guy in the picture is (and what the hell is he doing with our man!) And, did someone say why Jacob left???? I never heard much projection on that other than he didn't get back on time. He was quite the smoocher with the ladies - as in sticking his tongue down some young things throat standing next to me at a bus line in Clearwater! I ASSumed all that caught up with him..........no?
  11. I fear I need to go to the Rest Home! Thank you, I have seen them now - just got a little 'over-enthusiastic fan thing' going there for a minute or ten. I do think a hug from The Man might settle me right down....just saying.
  12. I can find the questions but not the answers on the OFC. Furthermore, I can't get on CV. I'm stomping my foot here at THE FRONT OF THE DAM CLAY LINE, with frustrations..............at least I'm not at the back of the line like some irrational, over-emotional types!