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  1. Wow the crowd was amazing during that DSIAFCD. please please please please GOOD NEWS yay...guess I'll go pack now!
  2. LOL...here we go. When will people learn that the concert isn't to show Clay that you have a CON NEC TION
  3. I love my new job! Of course it's only been 3 days...but no big warning signs going off I'm just praying for "good news" for my concerts and that Heidi has the beer on ice! His voice gives me chills...Oh Holy Night... Wow.
  4. I'm leaving tomorrow evening.. going to Nashville and Atlanta...and back home for work on Monday.
  5. Who the hell is plotting this latest audience participation bit.
  6. Dang, I hope there is one for my shows. That's my favorite song.
  7. Ok The First Noel has never been a favorite but he's been adding quite a few flourishes ever since NYC. Can't wait to hear this live.
  8. I think Angela just sounds horrible on cellstream..I've never thought she was screechy in concert live. I read two articles -- one talked about how he spent Thanksgiving with his 'touring family."
  9. I enjoyed the articles today. Clay just really loves being on the road and touring. Which is a good thing, cuz I love it too. 3 more days and I'll hearing him live again
  10. Hey Ansa... loud but underwater cellstream tonight. But Clay still sounds pretty.
  11. AH Playbiller...and what was with the premature clapping before baby that's a fact... Going to watch Survivor...NO STEPH NO STEPH NO STEPH
  12. I think those are good comparisons. Clay definitely gives off the feel of another time to me.
  13. Hey bottlecap.. I thought of you when I went to my sister's house. They're watching March of the Penguins...or whatever it's called.
  14. Mine is good tonight...... usually when people say the sound is good, it isn't for me.
  15. ooh cellcert sounds clear as a bell..hope it stays this way when CLay starts singing
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