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  1. Oh yeah. Now we're talking. Go #1! I loved that whole tour and almost every picture from it. Poor #2. If it had been up against almost anything else ...
  2. Another no contest for me. No. 1 is one of my all time favorites - top 10 easy. Yup, Clay On The Rocks = Perfect. And I won't feel bad about #2 coz we had a big Aww! yesterday...
  3. Now that's just mean. Downright nasty of you ladies! So, maybe later in the game we'll get a chance to vote on a bearded Clay again? Either with rings in his mouth or a baby in his arms .... Sigh. Yeah, I know it's vote for the photo. I love all of that Gala's videos, pics, everything about that night, even though I wasn't there. Vote for the picture, the picture, the picture ...
  4. Sending my love to Archie. What a sweet face! I also have a pointer mix; I just adopted her from the SPCA a few weeks ago. So I'll add my Sophie's best wishes too. Who knows, they may be distant relatives (they both have blue merle markings). Also wishing KAndre a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A few pages back canfly asked for pic moved to a different background. I'm rusty, but gave it a shot - Hi all! *waves*
  5. I had to turn off the TV and get rid of the news stations, out of simple respect for his memory. I truly am surprised at how saddened I am, the grief that I feel. As for once the idiot anchors shut up and stop focusing on the latter years of his life, will it be the music that lives on? Will it get the respect and the fond memories it deserves? I think so, if this is any indication - The iTunes Main Page as of 11pm: 1) Thriller - Michael Jackson 2) The Essential Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson <snip> 6) Thriller - 25th Anniversary Edition - Michael Jackson 7) Off the Wall - Michael Jackson <snip> 9) Number Ones - Michael Jackson 10) Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection - Michael Jackson That's what people want now - his music. To listen to him sing. YouTube has called in emergency backup to handle the traffic and insure that the site doesn't go down. People want the see energy and the magic of his performances. The official videos of Billie Jean has 12+ million views, Beat It - 23+ million, Thriller - 37+ million and all are rising fast. On Bille Jean there have been 28,000 comments in the last 24 minutes - YouTube doesn't have the capacity right now to display beyond that, and there probably are more. To heck with the news anchors and their guest MJ 'experts'. The love is overflowing online. Yes, I believe that when all is said and done, that's what will be remembered. His brilliant and everlasting contribution to the world of music. I read some comments on one of many of the Billie Jean Motown 25 videos. One said simply - "The night he took the throne. RIP, King of Pop." Reading that, I remembered when I opened my copies of Thriller and Off the Wall, which I bought at the same time, rushing to inside to get them on the stereo and to dance in my room. I remembered watching Bille Jean on MTV and experimenting by turning the color knob to watch it in black & white. Oh, what a work of art - to look at it that way. Not that it wasn't exquisite to begin with. Then I cried. Too soon, Michael. No one ever made it easy for you, IMO. Not your childhood, not your stardom, and not your life. You will always be in my memory as you sang and danced in 1983. Yes, that was indeed the year you claimed your throne. May you now, finally, be at peace and be able to feel the admiration and love of the millions here on earth who are right now playing your music.
  6. Both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett have passed? And Ed McMahon gone too? All three were such pop culture icons, each in their own way and time. And Jackson, in his prime, was truly the King of Pop. I still remember watching Billie Jean on the Motown special and my jaw literally dropping. Back then, during the Thriller era and before all the changes, he was electrifying. Whoa. And, yes, so very sad. R.I.P.
  7. Saw all the pages and thought something Clay-related had happened. So, um ... oh well. But it did make me want to come out and say hi to y'all. I'm mostly a lurker these days. I come over here when I can to read coz you guys are fun, random, interesting, love the travel recaps (so, like, what country is KAndre in today?) and the sporting news (yay for the team, Couchie!), and take the linear format to new levels. Now if maybe one of you guys could please fix the economy? Or give it a little tweak? I'll be in the corner, over and off to the left ... mmkay and thanks! *Blows kisses to ldyj*
  8. Coming out of lurkdom again ... Couchie - This is wonderful news! And though belated, {{hugs}} to ldyj and family. And am nodding in agreement on your post. Re Da Dinner - I never expected anything else, even before it was changed because of the concert cancellation. It was the same with the Spam cast dinners - no recaps, nothing. Totally understandable to me. I mean, I know how I would feel sitting down to dinner with a bunch of folks and then have try to be my normal self, knowing that afterwards whatever was said was going to hit a whole bunch of message boards. Shit, I'd probably have a panic attack and not be able to talk, much less eat. Add to that there were non-public figures at the table (knowing, being employed or related to Clay does not make someone a public figure, IMO). And if I were hosting, I'd be thinking of them as well. And if my Mom had been at such a dinner, I would have frantically asking "Don't quote my mother! Please!" A lot. She's a bit eccentric. Heh. As for the blogging, yeah, it would be nice to have more of those. But I get what KAndre said. I started a blog at the OFC. That sucker is so dead in the water, maybe three years since I've written one. I kept meaning to ... I also get it's supposed to be part of the OFC experience, getting blogs from Clay and that's a whole different thing. But I just can't get angry or upset about it. (SparkArt alone would be an entirely different post ...) Hello everyone! Hope it was a happy Wednesday! Back to lurking. Or semi-lurking. Whatevah.
  9. Penny - Not keepingfaith, but a frequent lurker popping in. Those lyrics are from You Never Give Me Your Money on Abbey Road. Hi all! Don't post much, but still reading. As for the band, I'm a mediocre guitar player, but I see someone already called the one thing I can play - the spoons. Yeah, I had a bluegrass phase. I was young. ETA - see cha cha trusty was faster than me. See why I lurk? When I was seven John Lennon was my first pretend boyfriend. Ah, John ... I still miss him.
  10. Usually a lurker here, but ldyj's topic of favorite interviews and then the mention of radio interviews - well, that's one of my Clay addictions. I have a Shuffle just for these files. So I give my humble recommendations. I'm a little late on the topic, so forgive me, but if you haven't heard these - you should! NY Z100, 5/27/03 (Bathroom skit and SNL stuff, like talking about the pastie promo.) IndyRadioNow93.1_SantaSlam_WankandOBrien12/12/03 (He was sick, but very, very cute. My personal favorite. Plus it has full-on Clay belly laughs. It's 40 minutes long.) SteveandDC_04/12/04 (Sang I'll Fly Away with one of the DJs) Matt and Ramona, 08/08/03 (The tug reading from the boards and hmmm, now Parker's birthday!) WRALFMMix105, 08/06/03 JoanHammond, NY_WOR7, 11/18/2004 (More serious, but she's so darn respectful. The topic is LTS.) Memphis_Jemock, 11/10/03 (It's just fun now knowing Jemock was a caller.) My radio folder has 276 files (though some are duplicates when parts were combined to make one big file. And I didn't delete the parts.) And I'll leave it at that. Yes, most of these are from the early days, but he was having so much fun. Everytime I hear the Indy Santa Slam and he asks, complete with stuffy nose, "Where's BoBo?", talks about the Raleigh Xmas parade ("It was fun!") or his reaction to the favorite fruit question because a fan wanted to create a dessert for him (he said grapes), the fan who flew in from Singapore but told her parents she was going to Canada to see relatives (he offers to give her a note after scolding her for misbehaving) I get all warm and happy inside. These are my cheer-me-uppers. I miss radio interview Clay. Iseeme - So sorry to hear about your MIL. Sounds like she was a wonderful woman. Scarlett and KAndre - have a great time. Um ... am I to understand that Scarlett has a hard time keeping her clothes on? Heh. (Though one assumes this will not be an issue at the giant Buddha.) Upbeat love songs? Oh, there are lots, from early Neil Diamond (Cherry, Cherry), The Beatles (see first three albums), Bowie's Heroes, Clapton's Easy Now, through to alt rock - Alice in Chains Heaven Beside You, Adema's So Fortunate, Beck's Think I'm in Love (great song), mainstream stuff like The Finn Brothers Luckiest Man Alive (the guys from Crowded House), Son's Gonna Rise by Citizen Cope w/Santana ... yes, I could do this all night with an open iTunes. But I won't. I promise. This post brought to you by the parenthesis. *waves* to ladyj Back to lurking. Have a good night, y'all! :clay:
  11. Ooooh! Ooooh! I have the Moonlighting DVDs (except for the last season) too. Agreed - didn't care the Cybil and Bruce disliked each other *understatement* I just love watching the timing, the banter -- especially the Taming of the Shrew takeoff. Stopped in to say hi to y'all. It's been awhile. I'm still in Pollyanna mode and think we might get a second round of appearances in the fall on the TV shows that were already pre-booked when the album came out so quickly. There's also a bit of practicality to that - I think he'll need to reintroduce to the general public that OMWH is actually out there so that it's more viable to tour: getting more butts in the seats, venues to invite him, etc. Maybe we won't have to wait until summer; but early spring like the IT. But yeah, I miss him. In a downloading sort of way, since I'm not one of his portable 3,000. Earlier this year I bought a new external hard drive and I haven't had to set it up yet. Who knew? *sniffle* Hope everyone is well and been having a good summer. I've mostly been ducking heat and thunderstorms - we've set records here and those are the kind of records I can do without.
  12. I'm a bad, bad girl. I took the day off from work for the sole purpose of making the rounds, visiting boards, reading all the excitment, drinking in joyous posts, trip planning and beathing in all the wonderful whoo-hoos! It's addicting. Okay, at some point today I'll take my dog to the park (85 degrees in October? *waves to Al Gore*) and actually breathe fresh air. But in the meantime and before I catch up on mumblenumbermumblepages I just gotta Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Clay and Monty Python! Clay and the Killer Rabbit! (insert big fist pump here.) Clay in tights! Waiting for us! OMG. My fangirl setting has hit 11. [TM Spinal Tap] Hi everyone! Now back to reading from yesterday's fun. And figuring out just how and when I'm gonna get my ass to New York.
  13. That's pretty much what I said. I looked at a few other boards. Why are they so quiet? How can this be? And how could I have missed this? *checks radar* Yeah, a post like playbiller's will bring me out of lurker mode ...
  14. Ha! And yeah. That. Wanted to wish Kimmel goers a wonderful time! I'll be looking for you! And to all, a Happy Valentine's Day! I vote for he's chewing gum in the LAX picture. And, geez people *generic sense* -- he's been breathing plane air for hours. Some folks need to chill. Has anyone posted that maybe he came in contact with another nut touching flight attendant?
  15. Yeah, I'm behind. I have to admit, I never knew how boring this celebrity drivel could be. Especially if you don't really care about them that much. Nick Lachey - Vanessa. Jessica. Vanessa. Jessica. Vanessa. Vanessa. Vanessa hate Jessica. See Jessica pout. Nick partys on. With more Vanessa. Leo C. - Oscars. Oscars. Oscars. New movie, Oscars, Scorcese. Elijah - A bit more interesting. He started his own record label and production company and is behind a recent album of a band called Apples in Stereo. I listened to them. So so to me, but getting okay reviews. A few left over Jared Leto fight dribbles. I don't think ET will be calling me for a job any time soon.
  16. Reading all this stuff just makes me fell so dishy. I want to grab a cheese danish, a cup of coffee and find someone to cackle with. My week in review -- Besides Leo's nominations, his big story is that he almost quit acting after Titanic because he felt objectified and "like a piece of meat." Oh, and he had a fight over the phone with his girlfrind when he was at a bar. How they knew it was her on the phone, I dunno. Lachey is apparently never written about in terms of actually, you know, singing. His mentions are all about will he marry the MTV woman, will he dump her, that's he's happy he took the high road in breaking up with Jessica, and that he went to a McDonald's in London. Heh. Elijah directed a music video, did some stuff regarding the Sundance film festival, where apparently people are expecting tension with Jared Leto because he and Wood had a fight last year. And Elijah thinks Lindsay Lohan is awesome and has been coming to her defense as a person and an actress. They worked together on 'Bobby.' Leo leads in number of stories and blogs, but it is awards season and he has two hot movies. Lachey is next, Elijah brings up the rear. But they all have something every darn day. Don't celebs ever rest and relax at home? Geesh. Now ... may I have another danish, please?
  17. I love Couchie having an emoticon addiction. Whoa. That's quite a collection! This would be me right now: :bigemo_harabe_net-24: Crap. I was going to post something clever and all about the title, but my brain ain't working today. I think it's the bat. Hi all!
  18. I still have boring celebs. Hope it's okay to summarize. 1) DeCaprio - Mostly about his roles and possibilites for awards. Tis the season. One gossipy item!,* on diva-ish behavior: Note they source TMZ. Okay. 2) Elijah - Happy Feet stuff, LOTR blogs - the usual 3) Lachey - Never anything about his career or work related. Not so far anyway. No, the big thing is that he's not ready to marry his girlfriend. Guess it's not THAT big, as I didn't get any alerts today. But that pretty much wraps up his week. * Weird. That exclamation isn't mine. It's part of the url and inside the brackets, but it's still showing anyway. What's up with that?
  19. Darn, I got quoted before I caught the typos. How embarrassing. ldyjocelyn - Josh Homme is more recent (compared to the others anyway.) He's vocals and guitar for Queens of the Stone Age, and has also done guitar work with the Screaming Trees, PJ Harvey, One Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters and others. I really like his playing so that one was for meeeeee! And now I really should get to work. Sigh. Some days it is so hard to get started ... You know, the more I think about Clay and a cooking show, the more I like it. In a comedy gold sort of way. Morning, everyone! Have a good Friday!
  20. I dunno ... "love gravy" didn't make me go ewwww. I think it sounds kind of Southern. Like it would go with biscuits. *Ow! Stop hitting me!* I was cracking up about entertainment shows picking up Rosie's blog. I must admit that only a mention without even so much as a date attached, and the fact that it's news, tickles me. You think he ever wonders if it could get any weirder? Loved that blog. Best blog ever after "Thank you." That will always be my favorite. Now let's play a guessing game, kind of like how many beans in the jar -- number of fans who will might think that the quotes are meant to be read and applied to their own lives, rather than to his? Okay, a jar wouldn't work. So. How many beans in the thimble?*Disclaimer Love quizzes! Do you hate Clive Davis test. Not so much hate as think he's a weird mo-fo on a power trip. But not because of Clay. I'm guessing he came out of the womb that way. If I was going to be mad at him, it's would be because he almost tanked Aretha's career by trying to make her sing like a Supreme. Do you hate Kathy Griffin test. She just annoys me. It's the voice and her delivery. Sounds forced. I would pay to see an Ellen- KG Celebrity Death Match though. Go Ellen! Do you hate Kelly Ripa test. I used to fast forward through Haley on AMC so ... maybe. Did you used to hate but now you love Jimmy Kimmel test. Never hated Jimmy. Never saw The Man Show thingie. But I love me some David Letterman. Is it me or is it weird that most people ignore the fact that Carson Daly was Jimmy's college roommate and that they stayed buds? I thought we're also supposed to hate Carson and anything that's near him? Course, I kinda do, but that doesn't have anything to do with Clay either. He just turned into a real tool on MTV, all on his own. Do you think AI is poison to Clay's career test. Hmmm. I think I heard McCartney might be on this year. Is that right? Do I think Clay should get a piece of that action? Hell yes. Though after what happened with Prince last year, do you think we'd see new hair? Again? Anyway, Paul and Clay. If they're on, those will be the two episodes I watch. Do you think everyone and their brother is out to get Clay test. Not this week. If you're a girl, are you just ugly enough to not be a real threat to my chances with Clay test. Oh, I'm pretty fugly. Trust me. Most fans would pay me to be a non-threat. *Holds out hands* If you're a boy, are you "manly" enough to ensure that there will be no possibility of the word "gay" being uttered anywhere in the vicinity of Clay test. *Gets in touch with inner masculine side* Yo, dude. Ain't got no problem saying words like gay. Coz there's nothin' wrong with dat, ya know? *Inner masculine side seems to be two parts Randy Jackson and one part Seinfeld* Do you think Clay is perfect and an angel and can do no wrong test. Hahahahahahahahaha! Do you second guess everything Clay says and know in your heart that you know what's best for Clay better than he does test. (yes, you have to pass BOTH those last two at the same time) But I do! He should marry Kristy and they should have lots of babies and while he's on paternity time he should grow his hair down to his butt (just above -- no coverage!) and start thinking about wanting a cooking show like Rachel and Emeril and a touch of Iron Chef and Every Day With Clay Aiken would give us a new way to make Mac & Cheese (With tuna! As a topping for lima bean pie! An upside down pineapple salad cake with Mac & Cheese icing! PeanutButteryMcCheesySpread!) and then his doggies would have puppies and the whole family would live on a bus and tour forever and forever, right after Clay has learned to play guitar like Slash/Clapton/Frusciante/Beck/Hendrix/Santana/The Edge/Taylor (Mick or James)/Knopfler/Trower/Homme and a little piano on the side please and he should show all of this off when he arrives to pick up his Oscar or Grammy or Tony or all three after which he'll write the best rock opera since Tommy, thereby altering the musical landscape. Hey, that could work. Right? Did I get an A? I want an A. I must have an A! I'm a Clay fan! I'm demanding, dammit! Hi, all! * The Disclaimer - Actually, I know many lovely and wonderful Clay fans. They would at least fill a coffee mug. If they were beans.
  21. Common themes? Inaccuracy in reporting. My initial stories on Leo C. and child said it was a boy. Last night's alerts were all about a little girl. And some blogger said Elijah will be playing Iggy Pop in a biopic. Okay. So if this is accurate, a blog has first mention. No news stories on it yet, not that I saw. Lachey is boring. <<<<<<< That one's NOT a common theme. Heh.
  22. Whoa. Look at that banner. How are you guys posting? And I love the hair toss gif. Man's becoming a living hair advertisement. Boyfriend has sheen and body, y'all. And if I'd been here, I would have pounced on institches too. One of my favorite posters from way back when, going back to my lurker days. *waves* Everybody have a good Monday!
  23. So far I have really boring celebs. I though Lachey would have some personal focus on him, but just an appearance at some GM event and who else was there. Leonardo -- it's mostly about the movies and his nominations this year. Man's a contender. I guess he had the most gossipy mentions - an article on the use of a particular limo company and a fair amount of attention for his decision to support a little boy he met in Africa and a pseudo-adoption situation. Pseudo is mine, since the child won't be living with him. But not as much of those as the stories on his actual work. Elijah - All work oriented - his animated voiceover work, an upcoming mystery film. So it's only been two days ... but no weirdness for these guys. Not this weekend. LOL. Love that emoticon. Hmmm on the eye color ...
  24. Oops. I put this in main. Sorry! I'll bite the bullet and take Nick Lachey. I'm thinking he's somewhat close to Clay in age, and I want to try and pick at least one that could be considered part of the same peer group. And besides JT, I can't think of another high profile male pop singer. An added benefit - I know nothing at all about him. I don't think I've ever even heard him sing. Really, I've managed to miss him completely. I think I'll also do Elijah Wood and Leonardo Dicaprio. I don't know anything about them either, but they popped into my head. Close to the same exact post. as out there ...
  25. I'll bite the bullet and take Lachey. I'm thinking he's somewhat close to Clay in age, and I want to try and pick at least one that could be considered part of the same peer group. And besides JT, I can't think of another high profile male pop singer. An added benefit - I know nothing at all about him. I don't think I've ever even heard him sing. Really, I've managed to miss him completely. I think I'll also do Elijah Wood, Leonardo Dicaprio. I don't know anything about them either, but they popped into my head. Feel better, muski.