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  1. Claywright

    this or that

    I gotta go with Kicking!Clay!, because of your comment KAndre -- telling Clay that he COULD move his arms, and he's not the Lord of the Dance! Hee. Glasses or no glasses? Glasses Clay on horse or donkey
  2. Welcome Lightmyfire Keepingfaith LovesClaysVoice You're going to fit in great here. I'm so glad I'm here too. I've been fabulously welcomed and made a part of the Clay crew. Keep coming back and making this site clever and bright to match our posters. :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  3. I checked out "Vote for the worst" and it is Sanjaya. He's a cute kid, but does he have that many fans? And can VFTW really skew the votes? I'm all questions today. When I was out of the room, my son said he saw a sign in he audience saying, Clay Aiken hurt me. This sounds really strange. Can anyone solve this mystery for me. Thanks.
  4. I live outside Philly and just last weekend, I paid $2.11. Still takes almost $40 to fill the tank and I want to drive to Williamsburg, Virginia, for Christmas. Have to factor in all that gas and tolls, but still want to have fun.
  5. Claywright

    this or that

    99.5% serious 100% smiling Interview by Jay Leno or Larry King
  6. :o Can you believe it? The Kentucky couple got a non-elim again, but must be first next week or have to wait 30 minutes. It's like lightning striking twice in the same place. I doubt if their luck is going to get them through next week. Out of all, they need the money, but they did get a nice vacation. Hope they can take the kids. Those beauty queens are so lucky and the models, too. My heart is with the other guys, except the daters who fight all the time. Go home. people, and fight there. I finally caught on to what the "six pack" was. duh! :o
  7. Claywright

    this or that

    They're both great with Clay, but I'll say Kim Locks, just because I miss seeing her around. Full face or profile?
  8. Claywright

    this or that

    Toughie! I will say MOAM because they're original songs. And it went platinum. Sandals or boots PS Are we allowed to answer previous choices too? I'm a greedy person.
  9. Happy day, Muski, glad doggie is back. It always breaks my heart to see those lost signs and I say a little prayer that the pet is returned. One prayer answered. Yippee
  10. Welcome Cari, and ramble on. I wish I knew how to do anything on the computer, much less montages. I can't even get an avatar. So keep up your good work and maybe someday you'll have your own fan club.
  11. I know my eyesight is bad, but what is your avatar. Is it Clay in a Halloween costume??? I'm sorry you're missing TAR. It is so good. The scenes of Asia are awesome. They say you can go on a website and try to enter to win a trip to one of the pit stops. but with what is going on in N. Korea now, It's scary, but the contestants went. Will try to get info. Here's a hollar for next Sunday.
  12. Thanks for your thoughts. Nick has been substituting almost every day in special ed classes. He is in a good district and it seems that the teachers care a lot about the kids, but the ones with emotional problems are the hardest to control. He loves his work, even though he has to travel to a different school and a different level every day. I read your postings and send you all my love, thoughts and prayers. God must know where to send these special children. It must be very hard and tiring, but hopefully you have family who can help you out. I wish I lived near you so I could help you out, but cyber encouragement is all I can send. I don't know how to solve problems.
  13. Claywright

    this or that

    GMA 2004 (only because he is looking straight ahead--both shots are yummyliscious) AI2 finale or AI5 final?
  14. Yippee! I was so happy my favorite teams made it in last night. All but that one dating couple are my favorites. Don't know nothing about them. Was I glad to see Peter lose!!!! Of course Sarah had to go with him. But I felt like smacking him everytime he made her do the climbing. She got his number now and can get a new man to take his place, a much better guy, a nuturing loving man like OMC. I agree, that robotic monkey smacking that camel was so funny . But now, since I love most of the couples, they'll have to go one by one, week by week. Who will win????????