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  1. From the CH:

    Someone asked Ruben on Twitter if he was really touring with Clay and this was his Tweet:

    @CLAYONLY I gonna be Real' awsome. You better get your tickets as soon as they go on sale!!!!

    I still like my margaritas with lots of salt, but this is still interesting....

    Speaking of Ruben and Clay~

    I agree with needing lots of salt, but..

    I myself would enjoy a concert/SpecialPerformance collaboration very much--

    I think their voices blended beautifully together on many past songs of AI2 & AIT2, and, like this awesome JesusIsLove AMA "moment":


  2. Wow. So many of us here have experience dealing with parents or close relatives with Alzheimers! Interesting about the bathing thing. The fear or dislike of taking baths/showers seems to be a very common thing among Alzheimers victims. I wonder why.


    Just to answer you from my own experience as my Mom lived with me the last 3 years of her life--(and no expert):

    1. She was terribly fearful of falling{even though I had a special shower chair} and

    2. She felt xtra- sensitive to hot and cold. and

    3. Being all raised catholic, she way shy for me-her daughtr-- to bath her and did much beter when I had an outside lady do the bathing part. Cenovia, my moms friend was a godsend.

    Happy Thanksgiving Holidays, Claynadians!!!


  3. Ive been listening to the whole JNT2Raleigh concert, as well as watching Hoosa/Gold'girl+Luckiest Montages of StarofBethlehem too. I feel for Clay and family, and so happy we got to get a glimpse of their mutual love {from a respectful distance}

    My mom too died of Alzheimers in Oct 2002-- just before I discovered Clay. She would have loved watching his career and I miss the fact that we never shared that. We always watched TV talent shows together. I do tell her about him often though, hoping she's been enjoying him with me from afar.

    QUOTE (Desertrose @ Oct 10 2009, 03:30 PM)

    "My mother just passed away September 21"

    My condolences to you Desertrose. :sorrysmiley:

    I found this pretty picture of Clay watching Papa fromDanieP80 and wanted to share.


    Looking forward to Inclusion Clack, Im sure it will bring a a few tears to all who are lucky enough to attend.

    Everyone enjoy your clay-experiences next week, and please dont forget us back here watching/listening through you.

    Thanks in advance. :hugs-1:

  4. I seriously have a thing for that green sweater.

    Green Sweater Lover here! If it is auctioned off and someone buys it...just send it my way..I will take very good care of it...I would even allow visiting rights to all other Green Sweater Lovers!

    Do you like this picture of him in it? Cleveland BookSigning 2004

    Did you ever get to touch it?-- The sweater that is. hee.


    Handsom in Feb2008_NYC [Jerome looks cute too]



    ETA from CV via CH:

    Clay in NYTimes!!

    Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:23 am Post subject:

    Georgialina at CV wrote:

    I haven't seen this mentioned; The New York Times has a slide show on Stage Door Snapshots. Clay is number 4!

    Hope this link works:


    The quote is from farouche.

  5. Actually,Clay does entertain me any time and all the time I want him to.


    There are so many photos I love --both old and new. I still really enjoy putting on a fulltour audio and going through pictures and recaps and occational videos.

    A new tour or something I could afford to go to, would be nice though.

    It makes me wonder sometimes why I still have so much of it with tons of songs on my computer and video on dvds thanks to so many talented fans. But then I remember that I have it all because I still enjoy it. It entertains me to go back.

    Thanks to all who make this happen :thankyou:

    And I enjoy sharing my latest rediscoveries too, so heres another picture I played with:

    [i wish they had used this photo for promo though] ---go ahead, click it to get close.


    Looking forward to lots of new BAF/Inclusion clack of Decca-boy singing.

  6. Well, here's my contribution of a pic from the same Leno06 set from mee2--

    and, even though I voted for #1 of levitating Clay, Ive got to say there's no blank look in this one. I personally like JBT Clay best too, but I do love a variety.

    But if you dont like pissy/chest-out Clay, you'll not like this--at all.

    I think he looks hot even with the bangs.

    Be sure to clik for X-tra closeup face.