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  1. I have nothing to say that is wise, smutty, philosophical or interesting (you all stop rolling your eyes and saying "Do you ever?"!! ), but I do have this to say.... TGIF!!!! That is all.
  2. Now the shock is your first two and my first two are the same first two! Who would have thunk it!
  3. As a TV addict, that is really difficult. The first two are a no-brainer for me, but #3 is tougher. But, right off the top of my head I would say... 1) The X-Files 2) WKRP in Cincinnati 3) The Practice (except for the last season or two) or maybe "24"........ But I did LOVE me some Homefront too couchie! Great show. It was cancelled way too soon. ETA: How shocking that something like this would happen in this fandom!! I am sure speculation has never turned into fact before!! <snark> :clay:
  4. Scott gave me the creeps. He kind of looked like a serial killer to me... I still kind of like Idol. I'm not invested, but I do still enjoy it. Hi Couchie!!
  5. Thanks my friend. And give totally a great big hug from me when you see her! And there will be another installment in the Outlander series? Note to self: READ FASTER!! I love Clay's AI3 Solitaire too. And he looked soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!! Poor Natasha Richardson. I can't believe she died after what seemed to be such a minor accident! Scary stuff.
  6. Muski - that book sounds fabuloous! Just up my alley. I'll put it on my list to read after the book I bought when we were in NY in January. I finally finished the 2 had to finish before I could start that one and I am just getting into it. So much to read. So little time..... Hmmmm. A mojito and a new Mexican place near Casa Muski? YUM!! Can I come for a visit??? Couchie - Congratulations!!! Woo the hell hoo!!!
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIBBY!!!!!!! 50 is the new 30, doncha know! Hope it was a great day!!!
  8. Ah but there is apparently a need to know for some or why else would someone spend so much time seeking out Reed's itinerary or any and all pictures of Clay and Reed? I do not think it has (yet) reached the point of physical stalking, but I do think FOR SOME it has reached the level of cyber-stalking and it skeeves me out. ITA about how he looks in the banner, but I do not embrace this banner for another reasons and that is the stalking aspect. I have found it a bit hypocritical that SOME Clay fans expressed outrage that the owner of the photo booth sold what were supposed to be private pictures and then rushed to post those pictures on just about every page of whatever message board they were on, used those pictures as avatars, made wallpapers using those pictures and yes, even made banners using those pictures. Personally, I find it disrespectful of Clay - and Reed - that what were supposed to be private pictures, that were released without their permission, that were sold without their permission, are being used as avatars and banners. But that is just me, and as usual, I tend to represent the minority in this fandom. No biggie. I can scroll past it. That about sums it up for me too. Like it or not, in my experience, in the "real" world the term "Claymate" does have negative connotations and elicits snickers and eye rolls. Maybe that is not fair, but it is what it is. I don't tell most people I know that I am a Clay fan because I know how they are seen and I do not want to have to defend myself. Fact is, how they are seen is not far from the truth for SOME of Clay's fans. Unfortunately, they tend to be among the most vocal and up front fans - hence why that particular image of a Clay fan is how the public at large sees them. As with most stereotypes, it does not necessarily represents an accurate image of the majority, but it does accurately represent some. And I don't want to be stereotyped as that some. I would never deny I am a fan if asked, but I don't volunteer that information. It just isn't worth it.
  9. muski watches while some Clay fans get out their PDA's, Day-Timers and whatnot in order to evaluate the chances of making a trip to Paris, Milan and Athens in the upcoming calendar year. checks maps to make sure that none of those places are near own upcoming travel destinations... BWAH!!! Unfucking real. Muski, you're psychic! This is really turning into stalking and I am NOT kidding. Did it EVER occur to anyone that maybe Clay and Reed are NOT joined at the hip? That maybe they're just great friends? Or having a fun fling with no commitments? Or just sewing their wild oats with each other? That they each plan to go on living their own lives? And that their personal lives are none of our business? It just seems a little skeevy to me that some Clay fans are stalking Reed's cyber-space hang-outs. It is not about Reed. No one would give a flying monkey about Reed if not for his relationship (whatever that may be) with Clay. Neither of their personal lives are any of out business. This go so far beyond shipping. It is stalking - plain and simple.
  10. I've been to Australia. I LOVED Australia. One of my very favorite trips ever! Covers: FOR ME it is not just the fact he does covers, it is his selection of songs he chooses to cover. They tend to be among the most ubiqitous songs out there! I wish if he feels he must do covers he would pick a better variety of songs and a better variety of tempos and some that are far less known - and surely are not currently getting radio play by other artists. But I do think he is getting himself trapped in a box - especially coming off a show like AI that was all about singing covers. There must be good orginal songs out there he can record. Oh right. He did that and no one bought the CD.... While I adored a few of the covers on ATDW (IYDKMBN as muski mentioned, BW is to die for and TOA, which of course is a lesser known cover...) most were IMO boring versions of boring songs. Sure his voice was pretty, but the songs were nothing exciting TO ME. But what will be will be. I just hope whatever his next album is will be one someone other than "us" will hear about - in a good way, of course. He needs that - no matter whether the songs are originals, covers or a combination of both!
  11. NOT FUNNY!!!! Are you trying to give me a heart attack??? (Don't answer that!)
  12. From farouche at CV for t jose of us who missed it: This is the Moment POYB I Don't Have the Heart Mandy???????? RHW SSTBTHW
  13. I am not sure about this. I received the pictures in an e-mail from my DIL. She got them from Perez Hilton (I didn't know she went there) Anyway, the caption read Clay and his super cute boyfriend, Broadway actor Reed Kelly, at the closing night party for Spamalot earlier this month. We're hearing rumblings they may have broken up, though. That'd be sad! I don't look to Perez Hilton for truth but I guess we will have to wait and see. What I don't understand is how friends pose for pictures in a photo booth and have them end up on the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if this was true. I always got the feeling it wasn't all that serious - more like a fun, NY fling for both of them. And why not. They're both young and they should just have fun for awhile. (And a lot of what PH put on his website in the past did turn out to be true.....) And he should never wear glasses and a bow tie again! He looks like his own grandfather when you put this picture with the bow tie ones side by side! :o ETA: Play - wherever you are - I freakin' LOVE this!
  14. While I agree that Clay would not have shared anything secret or personal, I think it's been adequately explained why he asked that of them - so he could have a relaxing evening where his every word (and those of his guests) did not have to be parsed or examined. IMO. Good enough for me. I didn't say it wasn't adequately explained. I was just giving my opinion of the whole thing. And I stand by what I said. Funny how you took my one criticism of Clay in my post and commented on it with your usual if Clay did it/said it/sang it/looked at it cross-eyed/etc. its good enough for me. Oh well. The recaps are fun but you know what? They are starting to feel TO ME a bit like bragging and "we're so special because we're special to Clay". But that's ok because I can always scroll!
  15. My 2 cents (and you know what's that's worth these days...) on keeping secrets from the dinner are these: 1) I don't think it was fair of Clay to ask that of the fans there since he has to know how much the poor underprivileged fans who can't afford to spend $26000 for something would want to share in that evening and what a bad position it would put them in and since I doubt he revealed anything too super-seekrit or personal, I don't see why he asked that of them. 2) I would think that those who went would want to share with us poor underprivileged folks because of their generous spirit so again I think it wasn't fair - or even nice - of Clay to ask that of them. 3) BUT Clay having asked them, I respect that they are honoring his wishes.... 4) BUT I suspect that much of those super-seekrit conversations are being shared off the boards between friends and via PMs and that pisses me off. I have NO DOUBT that is happening. None. Maybe not by everyone involved, but it is happening. And those they are telling will decide to share with a few of their special friends who will share with their special friends and on and on. And each time the story is told, it will change.... Well, you know the drill. We have ALL seen this happen before in this fandom and it never ends well. Seems to me it would have been a lot better to just let them share and then its out there on the boards where those involved would be more likely to be accurate in their report. 5) BUT ultimately it is Clay's decision and Clay's choice so what I or anyone else thinks really doesn't matter. This fandom - just like the real world - has always been a fandom of the "haves" and the "have nots" - the chosen few and the rest of us. That's life. Doesn't help to whine about it or get upset about it. It is what it is. Being a "have not" myself, I have to say I do get tired of the same people being the chosen ones over and over but they have the bucks and I don't so what are you going to do? 6) I am not in this fandom to become Clay's friend or confidant or pen pal or to be recognized by him when he sees me in my usual front row seat at his concerts/shows (<snark>). I am here just to drool when he looks hot, swoon when he sings, laugh when he cracks a joke and smile when he smiles. That's all. I don't need to spend big bucks to feel special and I don't feel like a lesser fan because I don't. I just feel special because I AM his fan and that's enough for me. 7) That said, I am curious as hell as what was said at that dinner and I wish to hell Clay hadn't been such a little shit and told those there to keep their mouths shut!!!!!
  16. I adore the Cluben and adore the fact that they are still such close and supportive friends! But his hair really does look like it was caught in a time warp! I hate that its Sunday. That means work tomorrow.....
  17. Well, RCA never kept up his MySpace page and people were always directed to the OFC and since he has nothing current to promote, why would they waste time and money on Clay? Actually, there are several artists on the RCA roster who don't have much on RCA's website. Seems like at least 2 to 3 times a year we hear there are signs that Clay and RCA have parted ways. Wasn't it about a year ago there was "proof" and people were rejoicing and then came OMWH? I will know that it is true when some official source tells me it is. Besides, TMZ hasn't reported it. Seems if they can find out Clay and Jaymes are having a baby together, finding out the state of his recording contract should be a piece of cake! On another note...... With all due respect to the glasses/bow tie lovers here, Clay really seems to channeling his inner Orville lately!!
  18. I can't breathe and its very annoying!! Exactly. So glad you said that. I thought it was just me. It's actually better than a few days ago, when it was baaaaad. Love your new avi! Thanks! I love it too. And it has a good message for me.... Still cannot breathe and it gets annoyinger and annoyinger (so what if that's not a word.... )! {{Couchie and couchiemom}} Boy I hope they can figure everything out soon and get it under control! And muski, I hope this is the last time they dig around in the roots of those teeth! At least this time they gave you lots of drugs before, during and after!! Off to see my new best friend - Afrin!
  19. :pickme: But you probably figured that, didn't you? I did - but I love you anyway!! Which is why I don't read at the OFC. :pickme: But you probably figured that, didn't you? Wait, you promised to share! I'm part of the sisterhood of the traveling green sweater! Oh yeah. Is it my week with the sweater yet? *pets green sweater longingly* Seriously, one of my favorite looks of all time! scribbles down names of green sweater lovers I actually like the sweater! It was the hair and glasses that I disliked intensely. Woo Hoo!!! Ah but calling those who speak in a way that makes you recoil in distaste names is just sinking to their level, isn't it. And you would never want to hang with those disgusting ugly people, now would you? For the record, I can only speak for myself, but when I express an critical opinion of how he looks on any given day, I am only referring to the outside of him. I am shallow that way. I like to be pleased with how he looks on the outside. As Heidi said, its all about ME. Everything I have seen of him makes me believe he is quite lovely on the inside - albeit not perfect. So next time I say I don't like how he looks on the outside, remember that I am only being shallow. I have always generally had more fun in the shallow end of the pool! :thumbup: OMG! I may have to check that out one of these days! I can't breathe and its very annoying!! Other than that I think I'll live. Sorry to disappoint you all. You don't have to go far to find Clay's name on the RCA Site. At the very top of the home page there is a place that says "Featured Artists". Look at the drop- down menu. He's right there, between Christina Aguilera and Daughtry! Why yes. Yes it would. Can you arrange that??
  20. Funniest TV episode ever!!! Have you SEEN some of the people who complain about Clay? Talk about the wart calling the hog ulgly. And sometimes its just personal preferences. Some people think he looks hot in glasses. Some don't. Some love his clothes. Some don't. Some like his hair blonde. Some. Some like snowflake hair. Some don't. Some like the glasses and orange suit. Some don't. Someone somewhere probably even liked how look at the Chicago book signing! But some didn't! Different strokes for different folks! Not to mention, anyone can look unattractive on any given day - and Clay is no exception. Its not really fair to diss the people who don't like how he looks and start calling them ugly. They are entitled to their opinion, as each of us are.
  21. luckiest, I can understand what you're talking about here. Personally, my idea of a fan being 'respectful' in a situation like this would be their keeping away from Clay, but that's me. I've never been an autograph seeker--even if I were in a situation where I was 'meeting' a celebrity, I wouldn't ask for one. And to me, Clay was a spectator Sunday, not a performer. He was on his 'own time', not mine, so I'd never 'approach' him at all. ITA. I tried to forget he ever looked like that!!! TM Sir Robin, Found it! Hmmmm..... Oh my...... Quite a resemblance..... Looks so much like him he could be his son! Or the son of Les Nessman!!!! I don't know. I'll take this look any day!! Sick? I think it was NYC! I am sick too! I hate colds!
  22. As much as I love Clay, the idea of him in a bow tie and glasses kind of scare me! :o But I do love him in a long overcoat...... Hey - no hair report?? MUST have a hair report!!
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