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  1. I have to go with 1000 days. it's just breathtaking
  2. kc01

    this or that

    I gotta go with Kicking!Clay!, because of your comment KAndre -- telling Clay that he COULD move his arms, and he's not the Lord of the Dance! Hee. Glasses or no glasses? both broken wings or here you come again
  3. all those sound like beautiful songs. thank you for all the help. and the Clay song is just breathtaking! Thank you all so much
  4. kc01

    this or that

    That's tough, I love them both, but you can't take up too much time to decide in this game. Flowers Full moon or crescent :glare: hmmm, full moon green or blue
  5. I was told that Clay used to sing at weddings, and I was wondering if anyone knew what songs he sang. And I need a father and daughter dance song. Does somebody have any ideas for that. Thank you so much for the help.
  6. kc01

    Check In

    Hey KC01, you know, Clay used to sing at weddings for money prior to AI2. It would be interesting to try to find out what songs he sang. Maybe somebody here knows. If you really want to know, try opening a new thread in the music category. There are fans that know a lot about him and will answer. Anyway, Dec 9 is not a long way off, guess you're pretty busy. Much happiness to you and your love. thank u!! I'll do that
  7. kc01

    this or that

    Vanilla trees or flowers
  8. thanx you guys. I might go back and change it if I do I'll post that too.
  9. Is anyone here watching dancing with the stars? I just love that show!! I want Mario Lopez to win!! I think he's great
  10. hey guys! this is a little poem I wrote for a little contest I'm entering. I thought I would share it with you. please let me know what you think I saw you today. You didn't see me. But then you never see me. Not since that day we said said goodbye and went our separte ways. We were so polite that day. Trying not to let the other know what we were really feeling. We both agreed that it was not working. We hugged briefly, promised to stay friends, then you turned and walked out of my life forever. I knew it was for the best. I knew that life would be better now that we were apart. But even now I can't seem to forget. You meant the world to me, even though I never told you. The words I couldn't bring myself to say to you I can say to someone else. Someone who doesn't deserve to hear them, not like you did. Seeing you now, I wonder how I could have just stood there and watched you walk away. I guess I am stronger than I thought. Do I regret it? I guess we'll never know because I keep my feelings to myself. Am I destined to always wonder if I made a mistake letting you go? Did I let you down? I know I did. I always do. That's my specialty in life. Letting people down. Is there anything I can do to get through to you? Or am I just a fool? Sometimes I cry, thinking of you and all that you were to me. I feel like dying inside. Please forgive me for all that I did and do now. But I can't help but wonder if you think of me and our beautiful goodbye...
  11. haha! that is great!! keep up the great work
  12. kc01

    classic titles

    My son and I love all of the Jane Austin. How about the Bronte Sisters? Can you imagine Clay as Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, especially with his new long dark hair. I'd be Kathy and haunt him!!!!!!!! If you want to go way back, try Ben Hur. Have you ever read "Of Human Bondage" by Somerset Maughm? My son, Nick, is voting for Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, if you have ten years to spare to read it, or just go to the musical. lol oh my!! I would love to see Clay play that! that would be awesome!! Les miserables is a great novel! and I love the Ben Hur movie, but never read the book yet
  13. kc01

    this or that

    yep you guys are doing great! thank you I've always enjoyed this game. sprite kitties or puppies