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  1. Not progressed as an artist?? Pffftttt. I'm sorry, but anyone who says that is betraying their own lack of musical knowledge. Clay rude and a diva? I think he has his diva moments, like many people do, but that isn't something new. He told a story on himself in the Rolling Stone interview, for Pete's sake. Not leaving--that's the part I don't get. Why not enjoy musicians you like, instead of hanging around torturing people who are fans of someone you don't like anymore, or never liked. Waste of time. Yeah that. I'm not interested in pairing up with anyone, seriously or for fun--had plenty of that in my life but I'm in a different place now--but I still love this song. And I'm a lyrics person. I think this is a case where I enjoy the song for the story it tells, even though it isn't a story that I can relate to. This is the stuff that pisses me off. The out and out arrogance of anyone who makes this statement! Progressed as an artist? You mean like Barry Manilow? Or Josh Groban? Or fill in the blank with any rapper's name! Or anybody else that's been singing the same damn stuff since genesis? (And I didn't mean Genesis the group) If someone truly does not think Clay has progressed from MOAM to OMWH.....even the musically challenged and untrained Iseeme can recognize the change!!!! Bubble-gummish pop songs (don't jump on me - I loved MOAM) to mature, beautiful lyrics and renditions.... heh - this always reads to me as "he has not sung the kind of songs he needs to sing so that he can become the rock star I want him to be and that my kids will like so that I will therefore become cool by association". Oh, so true!! Or at least that's the way it comes off. You have nailed it! Yup! You are me, except that it took me a whole lot longer than you to get here. Been gone a long time clay fans. Just wanted to add my 2cents worth. Think his latest CD is his best! It has a large variety of different style songs. Think some might think he is'nt progressing as an artist because he doesn't write his own songs. Frankly I don't care. I just love hearing that beautiful voice. Even THE KING(Elvis) did'nt write his own material and it did'nt hurt his career at all. I'd put Clay right up there as having what Elvis had, a BEAUTIFUL VOICE!
  2. Edited out long quotes with no new content....ldyj But don't give up trying, OK??? -jmh
  3. I just want to tell you that the pic posted with your name is soooooooo coooooooooool!!!!
  4. Dear Couch Tomato, Clay has another tour coming up this summer? Do you think he'll be a guest on Idol this year? Thanks, Marsha
  5. Okay, I have to admit I'm clueless. Have'nt been following Clay since his x-mas concerts. What is this all about? Is this a concert you'll are talking about with StevenCC or was he on TV? What's the story? And do you think there's a chance Clay will perform on Idol this season?
  6. So sorry I haven't gotten the hang of this yet. Had tickets to go tonite but couldn't make it. Very anxious to hear all the news. My apologises. I usually get an email announcement from Bottlecap or Ansamcw about concert notification. Please excuse my stupidity.
  7. How come I didn't get any notifications today about the Grand Rapids concert tonite? I had tickets to go but can't make it so I'm particularly interested about the show tonight, anything and all things about Clay. Thanks
  8. Anyone going to the Grand Rapids concert tonight? Will anyone be posting? Had tickets for tonight but not going to make it, so I'm very curious about the hall and all things Clay about tonight.
  9. Anyone going to concert in Grand Rapids tonight. I was supposed to go but couldn't make it. Appreciate any news, pictures, etc.
  10. Do you follow Clay along on his tour and go to all his concerts?
  11. I'm new to this format you'll. Please do not erase me. I'd like to know the differrence between clak and clank. Edited by Couch Tomato. Sorry but no. Ethel can tell her own personal stories.
  12. I'm more new to this than you'll. What is the difference between Clak and Clank? I'll be in Grand Rapids next week; can't go to them all, but will be my 3rd concert this year. And knowing Ethel personally, I do have funny stories.
  13. What is the difference between clack and clank and what do they mean?
  14. I was in the first row at Merrillville and I thought the same thing about his feet. First off they were gorgeous shoes and I never realized before now how big his feet are. What's the saying "big feet, big???????????" I think it was a magical show, Immanual made me cry. Had first row seats so I got to stare into that gorgeous face. In fact I was more concentrated on that than his music. I'll have to pay more attention to the songs when I go to the Grand Rapids concert.
  15. Didn't the guy in the first row orchestra,(Indiana concert) playing violin remind you of Matthew Perry in looks? Both Waukegan and Merrrillville were good, although he lost his voice in Waukegan. I was in the first row in Merrrillville; Clay made fun of me because I was using binoculors! But at least I caught his attention!