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  1. Disappointed, but he did raise $301,000 for NIP, got tons of exposure to people who now know more about him, made more celebrity friends, etc. It's all good! I'm happy he made it to the final two.
  2. Didn't see Ben and Sean! Loved the duet and choir! Clay is looking and sounding mighty fine!
  3. Hmmmm You think Dayana's a little bitter?
  4. Really gonna miss seeing Clay on TV every week.....but am sooooo glad I won't have to see Aubrey or Lisa. Ugh!
  5. Never heard of it either! Found it in an "urban dictionary". Really enjoying seeing Clay on my TV!
  6. Had to look up "throwing shade". It means to talk trash about a friend or acquaintance or to disrespect.
  7. I want to hear too! sits down and cries My iTunes download completed but it said I should do a cd backup, so I tried but it was taking too long. I cancelled backup but now it's taking forever to cancel the stupid backup. Aarrrrggghhh! I just wanta hear Clay!
  8. HA! I wonder what he'll wear and what his hair will look like!? what hehe That's exactly what I was thinking! Just really excited to finally hear that voice again and of course, can't wait to see that smile.
  9. Okay this one is much harder than the last one. #1 is one of my favorite pictures of Clay, but in #2 he has the stubble and just look at those eyes!
  10. Clay's top hat on Ebay is now at $2800.00....a little out of my price range!
  11. Can someone please tell me which videos show the guitarist? I've downloaded a bunch of different ones and they are all close-ups of Clay and show almost nothing else. Which of course is a good thing, but I also love seeing the reactions that musicians have when Clay is performing and the fans are reacting. Oh boy, there was a LOT of reactions during Everything I Don't Need. The look on his face during that song puts a big old smile on mine.
  12. Tonight just makes me realize how much I've missed hearing Clay sing. I really, really, love hearing those growls in Everything I Don't Need, but that last song was just so perfect. :F_05BL17blowkiss: to Clay
  13. Now that was a LONG blog, but just perfect in tone. I've never understood why anyone thought Clay should apologize for "lying" to his fans. What he said was to a reporter who surprised him by asking something he shouldn't have. Clay was young, inexperienced and NOT READY to come out. At that point he hadn't even told his family, so it's kind of strange to think he would have acknowledged being gay to a strange reporter who was going to print what he said in a national magazine. Way to go Clay! Just want to give him a big ol hug. :thbighug-1: