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  1. Love the pictures and all the love Clay is receiving! I especially love the picture of Clay getting a shave!! (very unique)!
  2. I wonder if it could have anything to do with Anderson Cooper's new show, or perhaps another stint on Broadway???? I really, really hope it's NOT celebrity apprentice. I enjoy The Apprentice, with unknowns on, but I do not watch "Celebrity" apprentice. It would be very difficult, esp. with Clay on it. I do not relish the idea of worrying every single week again over what might happen. I had enough of that on AI2!!!!!
  3. Goodness, I sure hope it's not celebrity apprentice, either!! I'd much rather see Clay on something new. There are not really any reality shows I'd envision Clay on. What I'd love is to see Clay appear as a SINGER on DWTS!!
  4. I was able to easily switch my hotel reservation. It'll be great having Clay entertain us for a longer period of time and with Christmas music!!! Can't wait to see what TV surprise he has in store for us!!
  5. Is there a deadline for letting you know or a maximum number that can attend? DMClovesOMC and I would love to try to attend with hopefully a third friend, but I won't know for sure until sometime tomorrow. We are staying at the Marriott, also. Can't wait to see CLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. It's sad to see this end and I just LOVE the winner ~~ both the picture and the guy!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for having this contest and helping us start the day in such a fun way!
  7. Faye's embarrassment however
  8. I agree! Today was an extremely hard choice ~~ love them both. However, I had to go with #1, one of my all time favorites.
  9. Clay's EMOTION in picture 2, and the reason for it, is what gets me every time.
  10. Easy choice for me, too ~~ had to be #1!!!!! The intense emotions of Clay's early days was just so moving. He just couldn't understand how we could love him soooo much!!
  11. Very hard choice for me today, too!!!! Love both, but I had to go with the one that grabbed me most emotionally ~~ so #2 got my vote!!
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