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  1. I didn't have any problem this morning. It was a clear choice for me! I love #2!
  2. My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!! Love them BOTH!!!!! Have to think about it for a moment!!
  3. It had to be #2 today. I was there at GMA that day, in the FRONT ROW!!!! Loved every second of it!!
  4. I totally agree. It was never one of my favorite pictures either!! Love his reverence in the first picture!!!
  5. Yippee!! Finally first!! Very Hard Choice Today!!!!
  6. It WAS a very hard choice today, but in the end happy, clean shaven Clay won my vote!! I sure do love the look in picture #1 also!!!!
  7. Oh, my!! Today's was a really difficult choice!! I LOVE THEM BOTH!!
  8. nearest sympathetic person
  9. Clay giggled hysterically
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