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  1. Thank you so much everyone for watching the montage. :thbighug-1: I like black and white alot too. And love Reeds unique style. I think he is cute too. heeee.
  2. Hi everyone. I am really nervous to post but sneaking in a montage I made. Its a Reed Kelly montage. I had to make it with no glasses but squinted my way through. I get my new glasses this week I hope. ((((((Big Hugs to everyone too))))))
  3. Hi Gibby. Love your clack. Thanks so much for getting the videos for us. :F_05BL17blowkiss: PS: Not fixing my spelling errors anymore on my other posts or I will be editing all night.
  4. Not a stupid question at all. I think its easier because I can catch some things the teachers miss. Like a girl crying at the YMCA. They think it was her being sort of bratty. I could tell right away it was the noises. Kids screaming, balls bouncing and the echos. I know of the hypersensitive issues. I used to hate gyms for the same reason but can tune out that stuff today. Even at my first Clay concert, I cried when everyone screamed. I did not handle all that noise but once I knew what to expect, I could "brace" for it. I have more patience because I know many "behaviors" have causes and are not just kids "choosing" to act out. Also they do not get on my nerves. Some people have little patience and if a kid pushes them away (or to really push them) kind of thing, they may take it as rejection. I understand its just autism. They need to be taught (kindly) how to interact with others. The new boy pushed me away today and 5 minutes later was cuddling in my lap. I know not to take it personal. I see that some people take it like the child is not being nice to them. They need to learn more on autism. The teacher I am working with is wonderful with the kids. They are lucky to have her. She is teaching me to be a little firmer. I have a hard time using that firm teacher voice kind of thing. For like if a kid is chocking me. Heeeee. I need to learn to get a little sterner and not smile when saying no. The autism in my family growing up with not intervention was much more than anything I see with these kids. So I guess I am broke in. I have other siblings with HFA. It was sort of wild in my house. I was the shy one but it could get pretty tough. So these kids seem easy to me. Make sense? There were no programs for us then. There is zero help for me today as an adult either. I have had to teach myself all the skills I have learned with some help from parents online or other autistic adults and you all helped me sooooooooooooo much for learning social skills. I will always be greatful for that. :F_05BL17blowkiss: Kathy PS: I am wanted to add that we are going to the YMCA. I was afraid to do that at first because of not being used to the people. (took me about a year to actually say yes and go with them) Last time we went (thursday) I was talking to lots of people and I jumped of the high dive too. I could not have done that without learning how to share with other that you all taoght me to do. From online to real-time at Clay events. :F_05BL17blowkiss: PSS: Adding this too. It is sometimes hard for me to interact with the "non-autistic" people. They are harder for me to understand than the children.
  5. I wrote this before I ever knew what a fan-fiction was. I was goofing off on another board and just being silly. I WON.... A WORK OF FICTION (what ido when I am way to board) I tried out for the TV. show: Stranded on an island with your favorite star. Can you believe it I won. Here is my journal I kept while on the island with Clay. Day 1-- I can't stop EEEEEEEEEEEEEEing the view is awesome. My hair looks good so does Clay's. Day 2-- Clay has a headache and said to shut up. I'm trying my best. He can't eat shell fish so I had to climb a tree to get him a banana. EEEEEEEEEEEE It's hot today. Day 3-- Clay misses Raleigh and I have a soar throat. We need water. My hair is frizzing. Day 4-- Clay won't shut up he keeps rambling about missing his mom and Raleigh. I said pleeaaassee shut up. His hair is all boinky too. I found water but we can't figure how to light a fire. Day 5-- I made up a game of stone checkers to keep Clay happy. And I made him a pretend Raleigh from a coconut I found. He keeps talking to the coconut Raleigh. We both have bad hair now and we need showers. Day 6-- Emergency team comes in and gives us matches we are dehydrating. Day 7-- I went swimming to cool off and forgot the matches were in my pocket. I am hiding in a tree, Clay and coconut Raleigh are looking for me and I think I am in trouble. Day 8-- I cried to Clay and he said it's ok but coconut Raleigh is still mad at me. Day 9-- Coconut Raleigh is missing and Clay is freaking out. I could not write anything after this because Clay took my pen.
  6. Hi muskifest. Thank you Playbiller also for your kind comment in my blog. <-------
  7. I write alot of blogs in blogs. Hi everyone. I just started volunteering again after Christmas break. I volunteer at a pre-school for lil ones with autism. our school got bigger yesterday. We now have 2 students. We are going to have 5. I think. I did not get Caro's message to come visity you all today until after I woke up. I fell right to sleep after I got home. I am learning to run again at this new school. Heeeee This one boy is fast....... :thRoadRunner: Heee. Love all the cute emoticons here. :headbangerf: Kathy
  8. Hi Playbiller I tried to figure it out once and got stuck. I am sort of a techy airhead. It looks neat though. Maybe I will try it again and see if it works. I think the video would not upload right for me but I was probably not doing it right. EEEEEEE. Hi Cindilu :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  9. Hi Everyone I wanted to share my new montage with you all. I have not made one in awhile. I shared a little on another board with a little post and wanted to share here also. Some people had wanted to know where I had been. Here is what I shared but its not written to well because my brain is still a little (lot) not there. Heeeee I have had a very hard time lately with concentration and was not able to focus to well on making videos. Finally was in the ZONE and could focus to do a montage. My social skills sort of went to poo too and I could not really keep up to well but lately I am doing much better and trying to get back into the flow of posting online with you all. I used not interact with people to much but I got used to it and when I sort of lost my skills to interact, I knew what I had found socializing with all of you and missed it. ALOT. Sort of like you dont know what you are missing until it is gone and once you know what it feels like you want it back. I hope that makes sense The new montage is to the song: Mr Blue Sky by ELO The montage is a fast fun ut-beat kind of montage. A guy on YouTube asked if I would do a video to this song. So I made him a Clay montage and he liked it. I also used the part of the video that Clay took with Scarletts camera. So at the end when I thank Scarlett and everyone else I thanked Clay too. :laught31: Here is a YouTube link and a Sendspace it you woul like to download it. Mr Blue Sky - Sendspace :F_05BL17blowkiss: Kathy
  10. Corn analysis: Its long, hard and not all corn taste the same. I suppose it depends on who is growing it.
  11. Thanks cha cha trusty. I bust out laughing when I saw your comment. Heeeeeee. Nice picture too. Thanks everyone for all your kind comments. :F_05BL17blowkiss: PS: Couch Tomato. I confess, I have dreamed about Clay. We were argueing about something. But I can't remember what. ETA: Hi Karen BWAH that was funny. Heeeeeeeeeeee. Clay with false teeth.
  12. I remember that. I cried like a big baby at the end scene. Boy that kid could cry. waaaaaaaaaaa I like LOTR and Willy Wonka (the new one) I like the old one too. BUT: My roomate watches them over, and over, and over. So I can't stand them anymore. It was overkill. Jaws is the most repeated movie ever on TV. I know she watches that ALOT too. Kathy
  13. Hi Everyone. Caro suggested I share my new montage with you all. Its called: More Than A Feeling and I used a lot of clips of Clays funny dancing from the tour. Here is the YouTube link and a Sendspace if anyone wants to view it: More Than A Feeling - Sendspace link I also just found out that it was put on The Ideal Idol. Here is a link to her site: The Ideal Idol link :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  14. ldyjocelyn & luckiest1 *waving back* Hi muskifest I have no clue either. I have been sitting trying to figure it out. Edited to add that I should have read the rest of Idyjocelyn post before rushing to wave.
  15. Hello Everyone I know that several people here may be aware that CarolinaClay went to the hospital today to have a checkup on her heart. They did a cardiac cath. She was concerned she may need to have a stent put in which opens up an artery to increase bloodflow if there is some blockage. Good News is that ALL IS WELL and Caro did not need a stent put in and she will be returning home tonight. Not sure if she will be online tonight. I bet she tries but it may be against "the rules" Heee Here is a candle thread someone started where we could send Caro our prayers and let her know we were thinking of her if anyone would like to light a candle for her: Caro's Candle link :F_05BL17blowkiss: Kathy
  16. Hi Ansamcw. I have been a little on the "withdrawn" side and trying to get back up to posting more again. Caro said to come visit here and that everyone was very nice and fun too. ((HUGS)) Kathy
  17. Other types of blog commenters: I know Clay is really going to see MY comment in his blog even though it is smushed under 800 other comments blog commenter. I wish I had emoticons to put in the reply box blog comment commenter. Darn no spell check blog comment commenter. I can't remember what I just read blog comment commenter. Forgot to hit copy and paste before I hit post this comment and lost my comment blog comment commenter. Blogging confession: I confess. I edited my blog on OFC to be on the list with Clay Aiken.
  18. I am trying to work up the courage to post. === POSTING STRESS. I saw Sally's post. I am the kind of Blog Commenter they did not mention. As in = A fall behind on my homework assignment commenter. Caro, I promise to do my homework. :blink: ((HUGS)) Kathy
  19. OOOOOOOOOOH Nice pictures ---- THUD. I wanted to share my Broken Wings montage with you all. I hope its ok to put the link here. I am not sure if this is the right place on the forum to share montages or not. ((HUGS)) Kathy
  20. Thank you for invating me everybody. ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))
  21. <------ EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I am not a newbie anymore I am a member. :00000442: