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  1. Thanks! I'll defenitly look there. Even though some parts I could understand him, all those were very funny!!! I think my favs were the lady that cussed and theo ne about him scaring the 14 year old(Couldn't here that one too good).
  2. Does anyone know what's up with Claypix.com's gallery? I wanted some Clay pics from the tour sinceI missed most of the shows because of school but the gallery isn't coming up for me.
  3. Wow, I suddenly really like TMZ. I <3 Peanuts. Hee! Have at it, Muski!!! First those $200 rings and now $200 bean bags?! Man, I need to get a singing career!
  4. Let me know if ya do end up writing it and posting it.
  5. It does irk me when people call him a diva, that board will remain nameless, but I think it does cause I don't see it. Either because I'm too busy listening to him talk and staring at his handsome face or because I act the same way. Probably the second.
  6. I didn't want to b spoiled but aww well! Dang! That's the second time this year he has worn that shirt/sweater! I love it though.
  7. I love that he's on the cover with Jennifer.
  8. No you are not behind...just not familiar with R&K...Gelman is the shows producer. He is well known to the regular viewers because they always refer to him and defer to him all through out the show. Remember when Clay was there he asked Gelman whether he was being too mean and they cut to this guy off camera who said go ahead she is used to it ...that is Gelman. He is the boss...with Regis of course. But even Regis defers to him when it comes to what will be on the show. I think Gelman is the reason why Clay thought it'd be ok because Gelman gave him the ok. Apparently, Kelly forgot about it.
  9. LOVE that he pointed out that no one has said Clay is not straight! I think I love Jimmy Kimmel. I've loved Jimmy ever since the first time I watched him. I know have a Jimmy fetish along with my Clay one.
  10. I'm just happy about the AMAs tomorrow. I'm hoping he takes a certain someone as his date. :26:
  11. Thank you guys so much. Now I'll prolly have to do it all over again since I deleted all my rough drafts.