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  1. Okay, I'm re-introducing myself. I've been a lazy butthead and even though I've been on this board, technically, since day one, I've barely ever posted because I have been so busy at work that I couldn't squeeze another board into my daily routine. However, now I'd like to try. So "hi" to those of you who don't know me. I am ShelleyC. I live in Toronto and up till now, I have mostly just posted at the CH and Best of Clay (which is a small board that you may not have heard of)... I just went a couple of weeks ago to the upstate NY three-fer (Syracuse, Canandaigua & Chautauqua)... it was awesome! I love him! What more can I say? It might take me a while to jump into the conversation on the main thread because I'm not exactly sure what the "tone" of the board is yet and what the conversation is that's currently going on... so I may lurk for a while first.
  2. I have two Syracuse tickets for sale - Orchestra row H (which is row 14 in that venue), just right of the center... I won't charge you for postage (and I'll do Xpresspost which is 3-4 days to get to the US or 1-2 days in Canada since the concert is so close) and I won't charge the ticket fees... the tickets were $100 each. Also, if you just want to buy one ticket, I would be willing to sell them separately. These are the best tickets available right now in Syracuse - you won't get better ones buying them directly from the Symphony website and there are none on Ebay. Paypal only, please! Or, if you are Canadian, a bank transfer will work too. Since I am rarely on this board to check PMs, please e-mail me if you are interested at:
  3. Yeah, he did sound sort of verklempt during the cast/crew/band intros, didn't he? That was a great concert! Talk about leaving on a high note! I'm off to bed now... had fun tonight!
  4. I bet Clay will be having a word with Clique, though, if there wasn't supposed to be a M&G and they forced him to do one because of their screw-up... I'm glad those people got their M&G, but I'm sure there was a reason for not having one... I bet Clay isn't too impressed right now! ;-)
  5. Wow. I'm so glad I tuned in for the last cellcert... it was so worth it!
  6. What is going on? He's singing something else... WAYDNYE? Oh cool! I love that song... He's dancing with someone... an audience member or a crew or cast person?
  7. Hee. He said that Kelly brought Angela to IT and now Kelly can't have Angela back... Angela and Quiana hugged Clay.
  8. What did Clay say to make everyone laugh during his intro to Quiana?
  9. GAH!!!!!! I want to marry those low notes he did!
  10. *calls assistant and tells them to have the private jet ready in a few hours* Can everyone be packed soon? ;-) Clay is singing beautifully tonight... gah!
  11. What do you mean? As in taking his picture or as in lifting up her shirt? LOL
  12. I would rather stick hot broken sporks in my eyeballs than watch Ryan Seacrest... but have fun, bottlecap!
  13. mmm. IF I was kissing CLay...that would be the last thing on my mind...just saying.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True. I never thought I'd live to see the day that I was jealous of a giraffe
  14. So I was wondering, if I french kissed Clay right after he got tongued by a giraffe, would that make me one degree of separation away from having french kissed a giraffe? LOL
  15. That's what I thought... I doubt he can leave to go back to Raleigh (or wherever) right away - are planes scheduled that late? I bet they're having a big cast & crew wrap party and they want to get down to it as soon as the show's over...
  16. Hee. I'm just trying to eat everything I got for Christmas really fast so it won't be in my house anymore... then I am doing an herbal detox cleanse next week... I've switched to Moravian Black Walnut Cookies... mmmmm. Any hijinks during the dancing? couchie - I don't mind Ethel one bit... I think she's fun.
  17. Marmite (called Vegemite in Australia) is a disgusting beef bouillon flavoured spread... people put it on toast in England and Australia like people use peanut butter here... It's just not good. On topic, the cellcert is so clear!
  18. Completely off-topic... I am eating the most disgusting snack right now that my sister bought me for Christmas from some "British store" in BC... it's called "Twiglets" - they are marmite flavoured puffed wheat sticks... yuck! Yay, the concert is starting! Wow, the cellcert is really clear!
  19. Oh whoops... From cellcert: There is no M&G today, but lyndolphin at CH got an e-mail today from OFC that she won a M&G... she showed it to Mary and she said that it was a screw-up because there is no M&G today, but that they're going to try to arrange something, but there's no guarantee...
  20. The CH cellstream just went all wonky and started buffering over and over on me... has it started? Should I re-connect? Love the report about William Joseph... heeee! ETA - nevermind, I just got the cellcert... EATA - who is doing the CH cellcert?
  21. I'm gonna join you all tonight... I know it's last concert and my first time joining you here... but better late than never! I'm excited! And a little verklempt that it's all over... BTW, how come CV is only broadcasting the 2nd half?