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  1. Just dropping by to say that I would be remiss to not say "Thankyou, dear hearts, for all the birthday wishes!" I reallly appreciate it, as there are so many people I have come to know and adore here. I've just been away from the boards, lately, and only go to the CH to see if there's any news. Well, as you all know- bubkes! That's Yiddish for nado, nothing! You all seem to be in the partying spirit , nevertheless , as you should be! On my b'day I was thinking about the past year, and one of my very best memories was the Christmas party at my house before the JNT. It was my joy and delight to have so many of the EHP over- what a blast. I understand you're in San Fran, my home area(although not right now) visiting La Couch! Voulez vous couchez avec moi, ce soir? Last week, I saw the magnificenty gifted Kenny Loggins in concert, and of course, he broke the audience up into sections to sing all the different harmonies for his great song "Celebrate Me Home". Wish y'all had been there- we were all up and dancing to "Footloose" and his other great hits. What a honey! Love and kisses to all of you! :F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss: :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  2. Couch, I'm sending prayers your way for your mom. She will be fine, I just know it! Holiday greetings to all the lovely folks here! We went to see The Nutcracker last nite to enjoy that holiday spirit. Sadly, American Ballet Theater ain't what it used to be! There was one part where the land of flowers turned pornographic to this dirty mind. The flowers were all slowly inflated to mimic time lapse photography- I swear, they all looked like genitalia. Maybe I was thinking of Mr. Happy on his last rendition of All is Swell, I mean Well! Hugs to all!
  3. Muski said: "I'm NOT so much wishing he'd do his 'funny, fun, witty, goofy' Clay thang this concert. I DO think he could have infused the show with more liveliness in general and his charm in particular without compromising his intention of presenting a professional, 'heart'felt show that emphasizes the 'true' meaning of the season. The thing that was missing for me in this show was 'fun'---and I'm not talking about fart jokes, etc. It's almost as if he created this show in reaction to previous excess at the other end of the spectrum. Neither extreme is the most effective, IMO. * Unfortunately, the nature of the stories and to a large degree the LENGTH of them, didn't help balance the overall timbre of the production. I'm a sucker for touching stories as much as the next person; I'm puzzled, though, at how the scales are skewed so much toward the truly sad and devastating side of things in the stories being selected. I can be uplifted by tales of hope and faith in many ways without death and destruction being the ashes from which they spring. Sorry, but sometimes a downer is just a downer." These were my precise reactions to the DC show . I don't really feel the need to see another show, but I'm taking a friend who's life has been total hell this year and needs to see Clay. Muski, in regard to the "devastating" stories, I find them an interesting insight into Clay. They resonated with HIM after all. My guess is that young Clayton has had more than his share of devastating losses in his early life already- LTS showed us that. The goofy, Xmas disaster stories where everyone is laughing at the end makes me think of a longing on his part, as well. Yes, he wanted to touch the audience, but I think his own emotional story had a great deal, on an unconscious level to do with those choices. Just my opinion.
  4. Hey Chach! You know I'm gonna be in Williamsport! Anyone else? Come on! It's a beautiful theater, fab acoustics, and it's the home of the Little League Hall of Fame! It just doesn't happen to be near anything on the planet! But "come on , down! The Price is Right!" I felt the way you did CG, after the DC show. I'm a movement oriented person and Clay just looked so "trapped " on that little square to me...... And he did look like the guy in his prom picture that night! I also appreciate what ansa had to say- she has wonderful perspective on things- can I be your "grasshopper"? Musically, it's a stunner. If I met Clay, I would ask him if he likes any classical music at all. I have an agenda. I'd love to hear him sing Gounod's "Ave Maria", Clay style. I'd be officially dead after that. That's all I've got. Hugs to you all :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  5. Gibby, how about Babs Fur? Now that has some possibilities!
  6. chach, it's "I say, do you know your balls are hanging beneath the old cane chair?" NO, but if you hum a few bars , I might be able to play it! It's the punchline to a joke I told the other night...... Lovin' the pornstar names. If you were born on a route or hiway, just skip up to the next street you lived on!
  7. LadyJ, I think "Rural Candy" would be a mighty fine pornstar name for you! Be proud! You ladies were so supportive and wise last night, I love you all. I have now given in to my baser instincts (Sis Kandre should be proud) and this was born at 3 a.m. So I give you: DIVA’S LAST ASS DITCH ATTEMPT AT A “SEGWAY” PIECE FOR CLAY AIKEN’S CHRISTMAS SHOW “Well,” I was thinking with great anticipation, “at least I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS from college early this year as a surprise!” I had GOOD NEWS- I’d passed my exams with flying colors! Thinking that ALL IS WELL, I rang the SILVER BELLS of our beloved door chimes- no one answered- not even a mouse, heh. I tiptoed into the foyer . It was too horrible- I SAW MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS- and way more! I knew it wasn’t going to be a SILENT NIGHT- I wanted out of there, fast! Disillusioned, confused (okay, so I’m naïve) I ran back out into the WINTER WONDERLAND on this (O)HOLY NIGHT. I hitched a SLEIGH RIDE with one of the neighbor’s kids, still in shock. I told them about Mom’s infidelity to which they warily replied, “WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!” Getting off at the busstop, I despairingly cried out, “WHERE IS MY CHRISTMAS?” I didn’t come home to see someone’s CHESTNUTS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE , if you catch my drift. I mean , who needs to walk in on their parents (so it WAS Dad) doing THE CHRISTMAS WALTZ , so to speak? I just couldn’t witness another MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH that kind of LOVE, you know? So call me Holden Caulfield, yeah I’m bitter. Bitterly , I returned to my empty dorm and surmised ,”Well, HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS without me!” I wasn’t going to even try to ask them WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEW YEAR’S EVE either! Jeez louise…… So I spent the holidays at school this year and just called in MY GROWNUP CHRISTMAS LIST. I mean, someone had to act like an adult around here, y’know? I’m too traumatized- so much for THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS being THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! I told the campus shrink that if I ever hear Mom yelling , “O COME , O COME EMMANUEL” one more time, it’s too soon for me. He adroitly suggested that I JINGLE some BELLS very loudly as a warning beforing entering next time. Nah, I’m staying put here at State College- I don’t want to go back home to my LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM, and that’s that! I’m excited about my new psychology term paper anyway- it’s about dealing with loss and the grieving process. Hmmm, something by a Clayton Kubler Ross called “On Death and Dying and Fruitcakes”. Sounds interesting, eh?
  8. Spider Solitaire? Musta missed that one. (not yet in bed, and i ain't got no clayjammas). I do have my Zombie Horde tee, though. Is that some guy you dated, couchie? It sounds like that porn star name game, you know- your first pet + the street you grew up on. I would be Sasha Fleetwood. Oy. And just for merriiee: "PLease Sir , I wish to join the few." "Sorry, there are far too many!" eta: Thankyou jazzgirl, and I think you nailed it.
  9. I love you guys. That is my greatest gift from all of this. Girl power! I've been getting very insightful theories from you and at the CH- all good ones. I, too wrote from the heart, fully expecting not to get picked, I mean the HOlocaust, you know? But the man has me by the short hairs and I, too got greedy for face time after reading the reports. And that is the most disgusting sentence I have ever written!!! I will let you ponder that awful image as I get ready for bed! Next time: Jamma Party!
  10. This is a great discussion- heart sharing. Good points all. DivaHub just poked his head in and said," Being a creative artist is tough, always putting yourself out there." (something I've done for years) "But", he added, "look at someone like van Gogh who got zilch appreciation by the official art world at the time. His stuff only got recognized after he died." And , yes, couchie, I often do a sanity check when it comes to Clay- he definitely has a hold on me. Boy, do I hate to admit that! A therapist friend of mine who has many famous clients told me of the burden they feel because when they share of themselves, their fans feel compelled to tell them their stories. And here, Clay actually solicits them! So, I will not judge those who participated and feel hurt about not getting picked. But Jenna and ansa, you are right. I'd like to hope he read my story, and knowing that - hey- that IS kinda kewl when you think about it. And if I ever meet him , maybe I'll get to tell him about some cool stuff that I did for HIM that even HE doesn't know about. If the timing is right. And if I don't get that chance, I'm still happy I was able to help- just because he has enriched MY life so much with wonderful women and wild adventures and creative inspiration.
  11. Thankyou for understanding, couchie- it makes me feel better. :F_05BL17blowkiss: Now if only you could have been here, too!
  12. I appreciate the acknowledgement from those for those of us who hit "Submit". It did take courage because I don't take rejection well. Chalk it up to my past. Yet , I was inspired to share. I just wish I had known from the get-go what Clay was looking for, but the rules kept changing. It's painful for me (don't laugh) to not get picked, like it is not getting a part in a show, because I've shared something from deep within in the audition. WinkyDink wisely said today that what we are really getting is a deeper glimpse into Clay as revealed by his choice of stories. Well said. And that we have no control over, but it still hurts! Don't laugh at me , Sis Kandre, now! I think it hurts because he has shared much of himself with us and it makes us want to be known to him as well. And what better way to meet than through mutual creativity! And what keldanker said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. So forgive me if I wallow a bit today. I honor the stories read last night, but they didn't do much for me- but they did for Clay, I guess. I'm also having a bit of post-party depression after having such fabulous and juicy company Saturday night. We laughed so hard, the stories were delicious , we shared and sang and swooned and hugged and then started all over again. All you eHP gals who came to my house- you're the best- and I'm feeling a little sad and lonely today.
  13. Hey, guys, where was the party after the show, gang? After having such a blast with you all, cha cha and i were soooo looking forward to seeing you all again! So we went to the hotel to 1331 and left shortly thereafter. And the secret ain't no big whoop!!!! It was such a joy to see you all anyway!!!! :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  14. Okay, I give, where is Scarlett's jazzy Kzoo medley to be found? Thanks in advance! It's showtime today! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe!