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  1. I guess I am not sure I would have him sign one of my photos. If it was a fan club M&G and I was only allowed one thing, I would take something like the pingpong ball or the SNL wristband for him to sign. If I had a Stub Hub, I would probably have him sign the above items in addition to my LTS book. I already have my favorite photo signed by him and I am not sure I could pick a different one from all the remaining photos. I dont have a very visable Clay shrine in my place. Almost all my Clay stuff is in a tub under my bed, even the signed clingle and photos. I dont hang up Clay stuff/photos on my walls. Never really have. I have one MOAM display ad up next to my desktop computer, a Clay bobble-head out in my living room (in amoungst the really cool old warner brother character bobble heads I collect), and a few magnets on my fridge. Other than that, its all put away safely in the Clay-tub. Having Clay sign another photo that will be stored away out of sight isnt really useful, but that is my anal-retentive, over-analytical engineer brain talking. I may just turn into a 12 year old fangirly if I ever really did get a M&G. If I ever did get to meet him, I would try to be more focused on the visuals and details of the M&G and soaking in as much of the memory as possible into my swiss cheese of a brain.
  2. I'm like Skatejoy where I used to get everything, but all that has subsided in the past year. I have some of the MOAM store displays and ad pages from some of his early singles. I have several things signed by Clay including TITN single, People Pg 50, and my Raleigh AI2 in the spotlight photo. Granted I have never met Clay myself so I had to rely on friends and luck for the items I have signed. I do have a very cool CBS Clay fan card that was handed out to those who went to the CBS Early show taping 2 summers back. It was a pretty small studio, so I am guessing there were only about 100-150 of those cards handed out. I also have some very nice Clay stamps that I think lapeapod made for the TWoP gang way back when. My most prized Clay possession is the SNL wristband from Clay's SNL show. I have a friend who works for NBC at 30 Rock Center and she got me into the dress rehersal. Even though the NBC folks took back the paper tickets we were given, we got wristbands as a replacement. It is worth nothing, but it still hangs lovingly from my computer monitor at home. But the most bizzare Clay item I have is ping pong ball from the Big E concert in 2004. This was the last of the Solo Tour concerts and they had a bucket dump ping pong balls on Danny during his guitar solo. We were 3rd row center for that show and somehow I ended up with a ping pong ball. If I ever get a Stub Hub, I think I will take that for Clay to sign. *g* I too have AI3 Fantasy script envy. That was one of the rare performances that I watched over and over again. I loved that happy defiant Clay. Good times.... good times! And I am still trying to locate some Jerome DNA so I can brew up a mini-Jerome clone for SkateJoy for her next birthday. I think it would go well with the Jerome pillowcase, picture frame, charm bracelet, and T-shirt. *g* Also .... I was told by a BAF contact that there would be another ebay auction in the near future. No date given, but keep an eye out for it.
  3. The "Where I Belong" discussion is facinating. I have only once lived in one place more than 5 years. We moved around a lot when I was young and in my current job I will be moving every 3-5 years. Living the semi-gypsy lifestyle has become a habit. I always struggle with the question, "where are you from?". Does that mean where you were born? (S. Carolina), where you grew up? (Missouri & Ohio), where your folks live? (Georgia), where you last lived? (Seattle), or where you currently live (NYC). See the dilema? Where am I from? Where do I belong? My default answer is "all over the place". I guess home for me is not necessarily a specific location, but home is family & friends. I dont necessariliy belong in one location, but whereever my family and friends are. Does that make sense? Have a great holiday everyone!!
  4. A small early Xmas present for y'all. Rhode Island JNT2 Photos Some Highlights: In the Snow! Beautiful closeup Just a pinch! Socks! Pulling out Tommy's tie Holding onto the Mic! Awww... Dont be sad Clay! DSIAFCD Glory Note! Yes, I am in Charge! Good News Other JNT2 Concert Photos New York - Friday New York - Sunday I am headed out for a week of fun in the snow with family at Yellowstone NP. Pray we dont get eaten by wolves! Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
  5. Work has been a bit slow today, so I am catching up on some of my photos. NYC Sunday Show Photos NYC Friday Show Photos Enjoy!
  6. I got a photo of last nights socks just for you Bottlecap. But you willhave to wait for the photo, as I am about to put on the puffy parka, head outside, grab the sled and team of dogs and try to make my way to Providence, RI. Have a fun day!
  7. Oh lord, I can hardly wait until Christmas to see what Skate got me. Sorry I havent been around much y'all, but real life caught up with me in a big way this past few weeks. I hosted the ever-cool SkateJoy, ShelleyC, and DiamondJake at my place last weekend for the NYC shows. We had a fun time and laughed ourselves silly. I am a bit behind Skate in getting photos posted, but I finally got my Friday Night NYC concert photos posted. Have at 'em. NOTE: Please dont post any photos on the OFC site.
  8. Sorry I haven't been around lately, but I have been doing a lot of business and personal travel recently. I just got back from a week in LA! I am going to several of the concerts in and around NYC. I think I am now going to 5 total. Lets just hope the NO FLASH rule is still going well by the time they hit the NE. I have some really good seats and I finally got my brand spankin' new digital SLR that I would like to try it out at one or more of the concerts. EE! And boy howdy did I find Clay's lengthy blog on the photo policy kind of hot! It is nice that he recognizes that photos and videos are so important to the online community so he is gonna allow it.
  9. Hey, I am more than willing to pass him along to those next to me in the pit IF he wants to stage dive/crowd surf a bit at the RI concert. I will try to nab you a button or pocket Bottlecap, but me personally.... I want to rub my hands in his hair. Hee. More than likely, however, I would probably get knocked out by the Aiken as he stage dived into the pit, cause I would have my camera up to my eye and not be able to catch him. Though, it would be a cool photo of Clay in mid-air diving toward me into the pit. *g*
  10. OMG! BWAHAHAHWH! Sooo, I have a pit seat in RI. Who do I have to bribe to get Clay to actually do this there? Bottlecap, you crack me up. Somehow I think I am gonna be so disappointed in the concert if there are no penguins.
  11. Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly! (ok, we sooo need a penguin emoticon now!) SkateJoy, why were there people dressed like penguins at this event? Was it a Linux thing? Pedro would be so proud to know what he has created in Clay fandom.
  12. Ahhh....MOAM. I was in Seattle two years ago on a business trip, so I went to the Seattle MOAM release party instead of the NY one. Got my three CDs at midnight and listened on the way back to my hotel. I guess couchie, ldyjocelyn and I all share a brain on this. I LOVED Perfect Day and am still surprised to this day they didnt make that a 2nd or third single from the album. But the live version never measured up. I always thought if they quickened up the pace of that song a bit, it would have been kickass at conert. Loved NMSS & RTM on the promosquad clips, but they did disapoint a little on the CD. I think the bridge on both songs is the best part of the song by far. MOAM is still one of my favs just cause the lyrics are so meaningful to me. Plus I was at the infamous WB IT concert where the crowd sang this to Clay....beautiful moment. It is hard to believe that we are two years removed from the MOAM release. It has been an amazing journey wathing Clay's career unfold before our eyes.
  13. I used to work layout for my HS year book and college newspaper. We often flipped pictures for layout flow purposes and text purposes like Skate indicates. You usually want photos of people to be looking in the direction you want the reader to look. You dont want a photo on the right edge of a page with a person looking out to the right.... kinda leads a reader right off the page. I have also seen our dear Clay fan wallpaper experts flip photos for similar purposes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Stephen Colbert. Cant wait to catch his new show.
  14. Back away from the Larry! He is sooo mine! I have had a Larry crush since the mid-80s. I have a thing for drummer as well. Thanks to DJ's warning phone call, ShelleyC, Skate, DJ and I were able to get some great tickets for two of the NYC shows. Awesome!
  15. So, after 20 minutes waiting for the NYC pre-sale to show up on TM, we find out it was postponed till tomorrow. Brilliant! Trying to buy tickets at work is like a covert operation. Anyone out there want to help Shelley, Skate, DJ2001 and I search for NYC tix tomorrow? PM me. I think we will need all the help we can get. Bottlecap, I love your "what if" post below. We are indeed lucky that he not only took Diane's advice and tried out for AI, but when he was rejected in Charlotte, went onto Atlanta to try again. I am greatful to have been along on this crazy ride from the beginning cause I have had the time of my life.