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  1. I think I may be the guest! Am rooming with Lotus this time, so would like to be at the breakfast. Hi FromClaygary! This is Alison from Edmonton.
  2. Some of you saw this a few days ago on the TV Guide channel. I don't get that so I searched You Tube for it. Here is the Susan Boyle Story in 5 parts, about 9 mins each, in very good quality. I really enjoyed it and loved seeing her sing, especially with Elaine Page. Here are the links if you are interested: 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FReN6CkT3_g 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVBc5l53wZE 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A1p16hRLWQ 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51VgVzuv2Fk 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2L38nP1hwI
  3. Hi, I don't really post here but I get the alerts in email about new discussions and wanted to weigh in on this one. I bought Susan's cd too and I like it a lot. I wouldn't actually skip any tracks but Daydream Believer doesn't really do it for me, maybe because I never much liked it in the first place, but How Great Thou Art really shines for me. What I love about Susan is that she LOVES to sing. Reminds me of our singer man. She has a joy in her singing. I know she is still nervous about singing on TV but hopefully that will pass. I have great hopes she will come here to Edmonton and sing at our Winspear Centre, but perhaps she is already too big for that based on sales. Paul Potts, the operatic British winner has been here twice and sold out (not to me though) so I was hopeful about Susan. I would love to go see Susan. I think her sales and the demographic have probably been a big shock to the record companies. The great ignored, that's us. Well, we have obviously stood up to be counted! Just like we did when Clay's cd came out but obviously they got it wrong then, perhaps now they will get it right. I bought my first record when I was 8, got my first tape recorder at 11 and I am 58 now and have never outgrown buying and recording. There are plenty of people like me who don't want crotch grabbing male and female skanky hos who for the most part can't sing. We want quality. Clay is pure quality. Susan is quality too. I really hope that Susan's success will be helpful to Clay, perhaps radio will take more notice of us, and our Buying Power now!
  4. Sorry this is over, it was great to see pics every day. Thanks very much! The winner is beautiful, both the photo and the subject!
  5. I just want to say thank you, I am enjoying this contest very much. Today the first one made me go thud and then oh no when I saw what it was up against! Have to go with number 2, such a moment, such a very real photo of Clay. One of my permanent favourites.
  6. My goodness, where was no. 1 taken? I don't remember seeing that one before, it took my breath away!
  7. This is too tough! I loved the whole look in no.2 and I love the top one but I think I like the spikes more....
  8. Hi got this one in email and thought I could be of a bit of help here. I too am going to Minneapolis in December but I'm coming in from W Canada where it will probably be even colder. You should bring boots which will take socks, or comfy runners, something to keep your feet warm. Hopefully it will just be chilly and not slushy underfoot. Layering is the big thing for cold weather. Bring a fleece vest or sweatshirt to put on under your coat and bring a waterproof coat if you can. And BRING GLOVES. Very very important. Nothing worse than hanging around after a concet with your fingers freezing off! If the forecast is below -5C then bring something for your head too, or a coat with a hood if you plan on standing around for hours wating for the touch line. Cold ears are painful. If you can get to SFO I would take the nonstop. I am flying on NW and although they have had some problems recently cancelling lots of flights due to their staff flying their allotted hours too early in the month, they are rectifying that by taking on many more pilots and trying really hard to improve their on time perfomance. US Air are ok, providing you check in very early to make sure you get on. I wouldn't worry too much about them, they are a budget airline but so are many. I'm a travel agent in Canada so that's why I know a bit about the airlines. Make sure your footwear has a bit of grip to it for outside. Don't want to fall down on some ice and get all banged up when Clay may be coming around the corner! Hope this helps. Alison
  9. Just popped in here to say: OMG Clay is sooo hot in that photo shoot! Can I be locked up for saying that? He is 6 months younger than my daughter, arrrghh. Can't wait for the tour to begin and more clack! I am member 87, I should have signed up more slowly ... ah well, no meet and greet so far either.... living in hope. So what IS the significance of 88 and 393? Sounds like months and years. He was 10 in 88 and 15 in March 93.....thinking....
  10. Hi, I am justanotherClayfan everywhere, because that's what I am! I live in what I fondly, or not so fondly, call outer Not Clayland now, Western Canada, so I couldn't vote during AI2. But I watched every week. I was on vacation in Mexico, trying desperately to find somewhere to watch the final, but failed. I was going to try to hold off until I got home and could watch my tape but finally gave in and looked up who won on the internet at the hotel. I simply could not believe it. It felt like a kick in the stomach. It wasn't until later that I went looking for other fans on the internet and my main base is the Yahoo group Aiken Breakin Broads, which is a fun group of ladies for sure. Lots of us are meeting up for the Indy concert. I also hang out a bit at the Clayboard and get most of my news from there. The Clayboard pin thread has been great! Also read at the Clackhouse quite often, but not a member there. I work as a travel agent which has enabled me to travel quite a bit to see Clay, first in Seattle at the Jingle Bell Bash, then the IT in Raleigh. I saw 5 of the NAT shows, 2 JNTs and am planning 3 JBTs. Everyone at work and elsewhere thinks I am loony and treat me with kindness. My husband just sighs and hopes I am not spending toooo much money. Have to admit, I do think I have gone overboard on the pin thing!