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  1. ooo cameocat...a script from the fantasy appearance with Clay and micheals signature!!! cool...I would bid on that on Ebay if you ever need to part with it ...that is if I ever have the money...hee. I love that appearance!!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, where were you when I won this on eBay? I was surprised that I won it - I fully expected to get outbid. I scanned all the pages of it and posted at Clayversity. Here they are in my Photobucket album: AI3 Script
  2. I'm new to this thread, but I find the current topic fascinating! My rarer or unusual items include the MOAM cardboard store display stand (never used or assembled and still in the original box) and Michael Orland's script from the AI3 episode where Clay sang Fantasy, autographed by both Clay and Michael. I also have a few extra posters from both the 2004 and 2005 seasons at Meadowbrook in Gilford, NH, showing all the acts that performed there, including Clay.
  3. I do have some questions on which I'd like to know where FCA stands.................. Will original artwork or stylized drawing depicting Clay be allowed? What about freehand drawn silhouettes? These are areas that seems to be a bit gray with a lot of people. It would be good if someone could post a list of copywrited/trademarked terms, like Clay Aiken, claymate, cellcert, etc. I don't know them all and I don't know where to get them. Will you allow the use of just "Clay" or just "Aiken"?
  4. _______________________________________________________________ As a pin-aholic...I ask you to wait till after the Holidays!!! Just tonight on another board 6 new pins were discussed and will soon be up for sale. The Pin Fans are crying for MERCY..... cameocat, back me up here please!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh, absolutely - six new pins in two days - it is hard to keep up! There are those of us who really want to have as complete a collection as possible, including me, but financially it is hurting. By throwing pin after pin at us, it's becoming not so much fun as before. Especially
  5. Actually, now that I think about it, the $500 receiving limit is supposed to reset on the anniversary of the day of the month you opened your Personal Account. So, if you work it right, you could receive up to $1000 within in a calendar month. In other words, if you joined on the 15th of the month, your receiving limit gets reset on the 15th of every month. Here's a time frame scenario: Let's say you want to allow sales for up to $1000 for two weeks: Nov. 15th - your receiving limit is reset to $500 Nov. 15th-Dec 7th - nothing happens, you receive no money from sales Dec. 8th-14th - y
  6. I'm glad you found the tutorial helpful! Personal accounts with Paypal do have monthly receiving limit of $500.00. You should be okay so long as the total cost per pin is $5.00 or less (including shipping) for up to 100 pins. Any more than that, you will need to upgrade your account, or require people to pay via check or money order. This is all assuming you're not receiving any money for eBay auctions or other sales during that time frame. Regarding your design, I would just post your pictures in the "New Pins" thread in this forum and simply ask for feedback. I would also be explicit o
  7. Personally, I hate the rubber backs with a fiery passion, as they are simply not secure enough to hold the pins in place when I wear them. I've almost lost several pins because of them, which prompted me to go to a craft store and buy butterfly clutch replacements. As far a shipping goes, I realize it is a lot of extra work to individually wrap the pins before putting them in a padded envelope, especially for those sending out hundreds of them. However, I always bubble wrap my pins whenever I mail out a trade or sale, and wish everyone else would do the same.
  8. I've posted my first attempt at a pin design and selling tutorial for beginners. I would definitely like some feedback, specifically on these areas: 1. I posted everything in one post - does this seem okay, or should I break it up into separate posts? 2. I do have very definite opinions on the use of copywrited images and photographs, but I toned down my initial thoughts to try and reflect the prevailing views. Let me know if I've gone overboard or not, or if I should expand upon it. 3. I also have very definite opinions on selling pins for profit. I toned down my intial thoughts here
  9. So You Want to Design a Pin – A Tutorial Getting started Got an idea for a pin? Wonderful! This tutorial will offer you information and guidance on the process of designing, ordering, and selling your own pin design. Just remember, good preparation, organization, and communication will make the process much easier and more enjoyable for you. If you are minor, please partner with a responsible adult to supervise the process of selling your pins. This tutorial is meant to be used by you who are new to this process in hopes you can be better prepared and take advantage of lessons learned
  10. I got my DVD pins just fine, thank you!
  11. artquest, I just read several posts over in the Clackhouse's pin forum advising you to dump the defective pins. That is the only place I've seen that happening. I don't recognize any of those posters as well-known collectors, so I'm hoping you will listen more to the collectors here and at the Clayboard who want the pins. I'd hate to see the pins being thrown away.
  12. Beverly Amerine at snowbodypin @ yahoo.com (remove spaces)
  13. Definitely! I think you should go ahead with option 2 or 3 with your "mistakes" - I'd buy some.
  14. After I had responded to WhatWouldClayDo07 in the New Pin thread, she PM'ed me with a lot of questions about the process of getting some pins made. I told her it would take me some time to write something up for her, but that in the meantime she should read this thread because there is a lot of good information in it. A lot of people have learned things the hard way, and I would hate to see new designers make the same mistakes over again. In thinking about what I was going to say, I thought it might be better to simply write a tutorial for her that could be posted for all wannabe pin design
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