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  1. Thanks for the contest -- I looked forward to it every day. Clay is wonderful to look at -- at any time -- but being able to see and compare pics was a real treat.
  2. Love #2, lion's mane hair, crooked smile.....but that long drink of water in #1 owns me. ;-)
  3. Never understood the photogs having people pose on the bathroom floor either. Of course, it's Clay -- so he looks good down there. *g* However #1 -- well there are no words.
  4. Boy to man -- love both -- but have to vote for that man in charge -- #2.
  5. OH NO! both in turtlenecks! no fair! what to do what to do what to do......let me go look again.......love 'em both....... ......both profiles.......yikes........*sigh*.......going with #1 but my choice is for both. Can't we have a "tie" button???? *g*
  6. So hard to pick! But the night he came back to Am.Idol and sang Solitaire -- he blew me away! I love #1 but Solitaire makes me vote #2.
  7. Love his smile but had to go with #2 -- a man on a mission. *gah*
  8. Purdy, purdy man -- he was "on" that night. #2 for me. I love his smile in #1 though.
  9. How can one choose? *sigh* I love them both. His hands and facial expression are so Clay in the first pic -- and then there is all that emotion on his face and knowing why -- I had to go with #2 only because of the love shown to Clay that night. I wasn't there but could feel it through the camera lens from our great clack dealers. I can't imagine how he must have felt. love the contest -- thanks --
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