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Clay Aiken TimeLine 2020

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Clay Aiken Timeline for 2020. ldyj will try her darndest to keep this list up-to-date. If you see anything missing/incorrect, please PM ldyjocelyn!

  • January 16 -- Clay wins Best Actor in a Musical for his role in Grease last year.  This was from Broadway World in the Pittsburgh regional area.
  • February 10 -- USA Today publishes an opinion piece written by Clay entitled Clay Aiken on 2020 Primary: Why I'm Changing My Vote from Joe Biden to Amy Klobuchar. He's been very vocal about his support of Biden in the past, so this comes to a surprise to many.
  • February 25 -- Politicon announces that Clay will be the host of a weekly podcast on iHeart Radio called "How the Heck are We Gonna Get Along?"  The first episode is scheduled to appear on Thursday, March 5.
  • February 27 — Clay introduces Amy Klobuchar at a rally in Raleigh. 
  • February 29 -- Continuing with his support of Amy, he spends the day firing up volunteers canvassing for her in Raleigh.
  • March 2 -- Amy Klobuchar suspends her campaign, throwing her support to Joe Biden.
  • March 5 -- The first episode of "How the Heck are We Gonna Get Along" is available.  It's titled "Who Doesn't Like the Invisible Man," with guests Lauren Chen (Blaze TV), John Iadarola ("The Damage Report") and Matthew Sheffield ("The Theory of Change").
  • March 12 -- Second episode of the podcast, titled "Now Wash Your Hands."  Guests are Rick Wilson (political consultant), Jena Friedman (comedienne), Joel Stein (humorist and journalist) and Wayne Dupree (conservative blogger).
  • March 16 -- Due to the COVID-19 pandemic (and restrictions because of it), the National Inclusion Project announces that the April 18 Founder's Gala is postponed.
  • March 19 -- "How the Heck are We Gonna Get Along" airs it's third episode, "This is Actually a Wolf."  Clay hosts from Raleigh, while guests are across the country, with no live audience (there were audience members for the previous two episodes).  Guests are Adam Carolla (podcaster), Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA); Nayyera Haq (former Senior Director in the White House); and Joel Pollak (senior editor-at-large at Breitbart).
  • March 22 -- A Facebook Live event, with Clay answering questions from fans.
  • March 25 -- The fourth episode of HTHAWGGA (easier to writing it out now!) is entitled "Push Old People Into a Pit." It's a feisty episode.  Guests are Cenk Unger (host of "The Young Turks"), Jim Norton (comedian and host of "Jim Norton & Sam Roberts" on Sirius XM), Scottie Nell Hughes (host of "News Views Hughes") and Toure (host of "The Toure Show"). 
  • March 31 -- Two radio interviews promoting HTHAWGGA, WHO Radio in Des Moines, IA, and 1370, WSPD.
  • April 1 -- More publicity via radio for the podcast.  Today's stations are WMT (the Morning Show there) and 104.7 WONK FM.  Also, an email goes out to all Gala attendees -- the National Inclusion Project Gala (originally scheduled for April 18) has been cancelled.
  • April 2 -- HTHAWGGA has it's fifth episode, called "Who's the Weirdo?"  Guests are Aida Rodriguez (comedian), Anna Paulina (Air Force veteran and Congressional candidate in Florida); Antonia Okafor (director of outreach of Gun Owners of America); and Sally Kohn (author, The Opposite of Hate).
  • April 9 -- The sixth episode of HTHAWGGA airs.  It's titled "Cash Me Outside," with guests Shermichael Singleton (political consultant), Antonia Okafor (director of outreach of Gun Owners of America), Tim Black (host of the Tim Black Show), and Kurt Bardella (creator and publisher of Morning Hangover).  Also, the Pittsburgh CLO (where Clay did "Grease" last year) holds "CLOse Ups," an interview show with Clay and Lara Hayhurst. Clay mentions that the role he'd like to reprise someday would be "Man in Chair" from The Drowsy Chaperone.  
  • April 16 -- HTHAWGGA has it's seventh episode.  Guests for "Karaoke is Dead" are Glenn Jacobs (mayor of Knox County, TN, and also known as Kane from the World Wrestling Federation); Elisha Krause (host and contributor to The Daily Wire); Elie Mystal (justice correspondent for The Nation magazine); and Sam Seder (host of The Majority Report).
  • April 18 -- Clay announces via Twitter and Instagram that he's returning to the Pittsburgh CLO in 2021.  The role?  Man in Chair from The Drowsy Chaperone!  The dates are July 6-11, 2021.
  • April 23 -- The eighth episode of HTHAWGGA is entitled "A Number of Political Operatives."  Guests are Michael Steele (former Republican National Committee and political analyst); Amy Holmes (co-host of PBS's In Principle show); Emma Vigeland (producer for the Young Turks); and Dr. Jason Johnson (professor at Morgan State University and political analyst).
  • April 30 -- "Picking a Talking Point Off the Floor" is the 9th episode of HTHAWGGA.  Guests include Christopher Hahn (host of "The Aggressive Progressive" podcast); Kaya Jones (singer and Trump campaign advisory board member); Guy Benson (political editor of Townhall); and Noel Casler (stand-up comedian).
  • May 6 -- Clay makes an appearance on "The Adam Carolla Podcast."  Early in the show, Adam reads a bit from his book, and talks about Clay glowingly: says he should be President someday!  Clay then comes on later; much of the discussion is on the coronavirus/COVID-19.  Toward the end, Adam's computer freezes and Clay basically takes over the show!
  • May 7 -- HTHAWGGA survives to its 10th episode!  It's called "Turtle on a Fence Post."  Guests are Phil Rosenthal (Emmy award creator of "Everybody Loves Raymond"); Robert Davi (actor and singer); Brooke Thomas (TV Broadcaster and host on "The Young Turks"); and Mike Murphy (GOP strategist and co-director of USC's Center for the Political Future).
  • May 8 -- Clay continues to give Zoom a workout, with an appearance on "The Damage Report with Iadarola."  He talks about the HTHAWGGA podcast, trying to bridge the gap between conservatives and liberals.
  • May 14 -- Up to episode 11 of HTHAWGGA, and it's a "spirited one" (according to Clay)!  It's called "Don’t mention the deep state, I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it."  Guests include Harmeet Dhillon (lawyer and co-chair of Women for Trump); Malcolm Nance (US Counter Terrorism Intelligence Expert), Richard Painter (former chief White House ethics lawyer); and Barbara McQuaid (professor of law, University of Michigan).
  • May 21 -- The next episode of HTHAWGGA is titled...."Shut the Fuck Up."  Really.  Guests are Anthony Atamanuik (comedian and actor, famous for impersonating Donald Trump); Joy Villa (host of "The Joy Villa Show"); Carrie Sheffield (White House correspondent for Just the News); and Stephanie Miller (host of "The Stephanie Miller Show").
  • May 26 -- Clay makes an appearance on "The Agressive Progressive" podcast, hosted by Christopher Hahn.
  • May 28 -- Clay was supposed to host the "Triangle Rising Stars" event in Raleigh.  It's the 10th annual event, held at the DPAC in Raleigh. Due to COVID-19, however, the ceremony was postponed.
  • May 29 — Lucky episode 13 of HTHAWGGA, titled simply, “Twitter.”  Guests include Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks); Bill Burton (former Special Advisor to President Obama); Joe Walsh (former Congressman (R-IL)); and Joel Pollak (Editor-At-Large and in-house counsel for Breitbart News).  Clay also makes an appearance on “Stephanie Miller’s Happy Hour” podcast.
  • June 4 -- "Minnesota Goddamn" is the title of episode 14 of HTHAWGGA.  A familiar lineup of guests:  Michael Steele (former RNC Chairman), Toure (host of "The Toure Show"), Amy Holmes (co-host of PBS's "In Principle"), and political strategist Shermichael Singleton.
  • June 11 -- A different take for episode 15 of HTHAWGGA.  it's titled "F(ix) the Police," with only guests who lean left.  They are John Fugelsang (host of "Tell Me Everything" on SiriusXM); and Tim Black (host of "Tim Black TV.")
  • June 19 -- To be fair and balanced, this week of HTHAWGGA features only right-leaning guests.  Episode 16 is titled "Nothing," with guests Joy Villa (Recording artist and Fox News contributor) and Wayne Dupree (host of the "Wayne Dupree Podcast").
  • June 25 -- Back to "regular form" this week, with three contributors to HTHAWGGA.  The 17th episode is called "Five Dollar Words."  Guests are Henry Olsen (author of The Working Class Republican), Elie Mystal (justice correspondent for The Nation) and Ben Domenech (publisher of The Federalist).
  • July 2 -- HTHAWGGA's 18th episode has a long title:  "From Russia with Trump -- Voting Rights, The Corruption of Our Two Party System, and Rejecting Social Media Politics."  Guests include Aida Rodriguez (comedian and actress); John Orloff ( writer of HBO's Band of Brothers); and Sonnie Johnson (host of the podcast "Did She Say That?").
  • July 9 -- Only one guest on this week's HTHAWGGA, and it's a good one:  Rev. William Barber.  He is the architect of the Moral Monday movement, and "the closest thing we have to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in our midst" (Dr. Cornell West) and recipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant.  The topics include race, poverty, and if America is willing to meet the challenges facing us now.
  • July 16 -- HTHAWGGA makes it to 20 episodes!  The title of the episode is said by Clay right off the bat:  "What the Fuck is Going On?!"  Guests are Sally Kohn (comedian and author of The Opposite of Hate); Tara Setmayer (senior advisor to The Lincoln Project); and Emily Jashinsky (cultural editor of "The Federalist).
  • July 24 -- "Trump is the Biggest Dick EVER" is the title of the 21st episode of HTHAWGGA.  It's another singular guest episode, with David Frum (speechwriter and special assistant to George W. Bush, and senior editor of The Atlantic).  Fancy that -- a Republican and a Democrat having an actual conversation!
  • July 30 -- 22nd episode of HTHAWGGA.  Said in your best "Brady Bunch" voice, the title of the episode is "Russia, Russia, Russia."  Guests are David Corn (author, Russian Roulette), and Anne Applebaum (author, Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism).
  • August 6 -- Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (18th Congressional District in Texas, including Houston) is the only guest on HTHAWGGA.  Interestingly....no title to this episode!
  • August 7 -- A virtual event titled "Out for Biden" is held, with Clay as part of a distinguished group of guests supporting Joe Biden for President.
  • August 8 -- Clay appears on "The Mo'Kelly Show" (KFI AM Radio, LA), talking about HTHAWGGA, and other political issues.
  • August 13 -- There's a comedic bent to the 24th episode of HTHAWGGA.  The guest is Nish Kumar, British comedian and host of "Hello America!" (Quibbi streaming).  There's comparisons of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, and talk of Brexit.
  • August 20 -- HTHAWGGA makes it to episode 25!  Clay's guest is Hogan Gidley (White House Deputy Press Secretary and National Press Secretary to the Trump Campaign).  Equal time for conservatives...
  • August 27 -- Paul Begala (Democratic strategist and counselor to President Bill Clinton) is the guest for HTHAWGGA.  The title of the episode is also the title of Mr. Begala's book:  You're Fired: The Perfect Guide to Beating Donald Trump.
  • September 3 -- QAnon is the theme for the 27th episode of HTHAWGGA.  Guests are Brandy Zadrozny (investigative and features reporter for NBC News) and Oliver Darcy (senior media reporter on CNN).  Both guests have expertise in the rise of conspiracy theories.
  • September 10 -- The 28th episode of HTHAWGGA throws it back to the conservatives, with an episode titled "Abuse and Power."  The guest is Carter Page (former foreign policy advisor for the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign).
  • September 17 -- Two guests for HTHAWGGA this week:  John Heilemann and Jennifer Palmieri.  They co-host "The Circus:  Inside the Craziest Political Campaign on Earth" on Showtime.  The topic is running a campaign during COVID-19, among other topics.
  • September 24 -- 30 episodes!  YAY!  The guest for this week's HTHAWGGA is Brian Stelter, chief media correspondent for CNN Worldwide, and author of Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth. 
  • October 1 -- An old friend, former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele, joins HTHAWGGA.  Michael and Clay dissect the first Presidential "debate" (if you could call it that), in an episode titled "Trump Skewers Himself."
  • October 7 -- A shift in the day of the week for the release of HTHAWGGA!  The 32nd episode of the podcast is titled "Tomi Lahren and Joe Biden's Purse" with the guest being Ms. Lahren.  She has been interviewed by Clay in the past at Politicon -- and they finally found another conservative who is willing to be on the show.
  • October 14 -- Jessica Taylor (Senate and Governor editor for "The Cook Political Report" is the guest for HTHAWGGA.  The focus on the episode is the US Senate races and the chances for the Democrats regaining the majority there.
  • October 15 -- An "October surprise!"  Clay tries to master almost every live streaming platform (Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube, Periscope and Twitter) simultaneously and mostly succeeds.  He answers questions and sings a little of "Moon River."   
  • October 21 -- HTHAWGGA is counting down to the election, with an episode on two swing states, North Carolina and Arizona.  The guests are Kate Kenski (professor of communication, government and politics at the University of Arizona) and Chris Cooper (Department Head of the department of political science and public affairs at Western Carolina University).
  • October 28 -- Clare Malone from FiveThirtyEight talks with Clay in the 35th episode of HTHAWGGA.  This episode focuses on polling -- is it accurate anymore in this day and age?
  • November 5 — Hey, a new episode of HTHAWGGA, only two days late because of the uncertainty of the election.  Clay’s guest  is Democratic strategist Robert Shrum.
  • November 11 -- On Veteran's Day, Clay's guest is Anna Paulina Luna, a Purple Heart recipient who also ran for Congress in Florida as a Republican.  Topics include the shared experiences of running, the election results and the future of the Republican party.
  • November 17 -- In this tweet, Clay hints that a song, not put on A Thousand Different Ways, has been discovered and could be released.  In this tweet, it is discovered that it's been given to the National Inclusion Project.
  • November 18 -- The Project tweets back, with the hashtag #holidaysurprise, milking the wait for all its worth.  Tweet from the Project.
  • November 20 -- The episode of HTHAWGGA finally appears.  Clay's guest this week is one of the first guests of the podcast back at the beginning of the show, John Iadarola from "The Young Turks" podcast. 
  • November 24 -- The National Inclusion Project announces it's year-end "Send a Kid to Camp" push.  If the Project raises $35,000 by the end of the year, the previously mentioned unreleased song will be released!  Let's make this happen!
  • November 25 -- On the day before Thanksgiving, HTHAWGGA has a special episode called "Ask Clay Anything."  Over 1 hour of Clay answering questions that have been sent to him through the podcast, with him talking about a variety of political issues from the past year.  Very cool episode!
  • December 3 -- Clay is joined by Al Hunt, journalist at Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal for this week's episode of HTHAWGGA.  It is the 40th episode of the podcast.
  • December 9 -- "Never Trump" conservative Bill Kristol (editor of The Bulwark and media commentator) talks to Clay in this week's episode of HTHAWGGA.  Where will Never Trump conservatives go now, after the election of Joe Biden?
  • December 15 -- Clay and Ruben appear on The View to sing.  This is becoming an annual tradition for them!  In the segment, they join a virtual choir of students to surprise their inspiring choral director, Rachel Niewiada, singing "Silent Night" and "Joy to the World."
  • December 16 -- HTHAWGGA hosts Dr. Michael Eric Dyson (sociology professor at Georgetown University and author of several books) to discuss the nature of 2020 and how it will affect race relations for years to come.
  • December 22 -- Lauren Chen (YouTuber and Blaze TV personality) is the guest for HTHAWGGA.  Topics include tech censorship and free speech.
  • December 27 -- the National Inclusion Project reaches the $35,000 goal!  Therefore, the song, Clay's cover of "What About Love" (originally by the rock group Heart) is released to donors.  Woohoo!!!
  • December 31 -- Clay ends the year with two things.  First, HTHAWGGA has its 44th episode, a year-end special titled “A Year of Trying to Get Along.”  This is a review of the podcast for the year, with some special hopeful words at the end from Clay.  In the evening, Clay surprises fans/followers with a song, “All Year Long,” on all his major live stream platforms.  Happy New Year!
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