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How the Heck are We All Gonna Get Along? With Clay, Naturally!

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GA and AZ have gone blue!

just leaves NC, Clay won’t like it when they get picked on ~ if by some miracle they go blue too. The only state Clay predicted wrong out of 50 states was Texas, which was kind of crazy in the first place 🤪

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Proof there were always people like Trump in the world..

informing myself on this Stop the Steal movement, guess it was started by Roger Stone 4 yrs ago and got picked up again by the misinformers. Because Stone is the Pilar of truth and light. ya know 🙄 This grassroots crap based on lies is what scares me. When asked by a CNN reporter a Lady said they would only have to count Biden’s because those r the ones they stopped counting at midnite *help*

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Ah yes Good ol Billy..

we used to watch him religiously when we had HBO

IMO He is always right and tells it like it is..  Can be obnoxious and a bit rough, like when he said that even Clay’s baby knew he was gay...🤣

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I run hot and cold on Maher.  Sometimes I totally disagree with him, and thinks he's too coarse and not really funny.  Other times, he's spot on the mark.  I think this one leans toward my second feelings for the most part, although it does get kind of tiring thinking that we as Democrats are the ones that need to change.  Unfortunately, the 45 followers (the cult of personality) certainly aren't going to change, and it does end up falling on Democrats.  Sigh.

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I so agree with you ..

I am also so sick though of the demos always apologizing and doing the “right” thing, like Maher said.  A good example is Senator  Franken from my state, right away resigning his position.. I was so angry b/c he was such a great politician 😡 I guess he just needed to act like Trump and play it off. (He pretended to do a boobie grab when he was a comedian.. even Clay did a boobie grab, bet they didn’t bring that pic up during his congressional run! 😂)

My own daughter was in that camp where she hated Trump, but was having a hard time supporting Biden. I explained to her that for the first time ever her own little daughters could always know a women in a high power.. this is just the beginning  now her girls could have a chance to see there  r no limits for them..  She went up and voted.  

Right after kamala’s acceptance speech ( which was sooo awesome) my kid called me up and thanked me~ yessss 😁 sometimes they just need a kick in the bootie 


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Word of the day is ‘quockerwodger’ (19th century): a wooden puppet whose limbs jerk at the whim of the puppet master and, by extension, a politician whose strings of action are pulled by somebody else.

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I watched 60 Minutes....soooo miss having a president who is compassionate, smart and can talk in complete sentences.

I'm surprised Clay hasn't tweeted in a couple of days...

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ldy, do you have any football fans in your household?  

Monday night football! Vikings vs Bears - - hopefully we can battle this one out peacefully?! 😂 

..unlike over in DC.. why would u even walk around down there after dark? Unless u enjoy getting smacked in the head w a lead pipe. 🤷‍♀️

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Mik, my husband is Vikings fan, but he's suffered so much heartbreak from them over the years, that he's not a huge fan anymore.  He gets too upset watching them anymore.  Having said that, I'm NOT a Bears fan at all!  HAHA.

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